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Make Informed and Timely Decisions,

Balancing Practical Needs, and Spiritual Destiny.

"Your ability to help me understand what is going on in our lives without judgment and with compassion at a higher perspective is everything I needed. This was like having years of therapy but the healing I need came in one session with you. I was distraught and confused for a long time and after your reading, I woke up this morning with a sense of peace and clarity that I’ve haven’t had until now."

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  • Meditation by the Sea


    Understand yourself, better, your destiny and life purpose.

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    Wondering what your best direction is, and need 

    inspiration and guidance?

  • Engaged Couple Holding Hands


    Are you a good match?

    Need help seeing through conflicts and confusion?

  • Family at a Beach


    Want to better understand family members and dynamics?

  • Fall Foliage


    Make informed decisions for navigating change with better understanding.

  • Electional Astrology - 1.jpg

    When Matters

    When is the best time to start, launch, move, sign, buy, sell...?


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