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Get Valuable Insight and Guidance About Your Life.

Make Informed and Timely Decisions.


Understand yourself, better, your destiny and life purpose.


Are you a good match?

Need help seeing through conflicts and confusion?


Make informed decisions for navigating change with better understanding.


Wondering what your best direction is, and need 

inspiration and guidance?


Want to better understand family members and dynamics?

When Matters

When is the best time to start, launch, move, sign, buy, sell...?

A Powerful Synthesis of Astrology, Numerology & Life Coaching,

 Balancing Practical and Spiritual Needs & Dreams

Recent Testimonials

"I’ve been telling everyone they need a reading with you! Best, most accurate and most useful reading I’ve had in a very very long time.

So thank you very much!"  Kay


" Today's session has brought me peace. Having a perspective on my life situation has helped me begin to understand the direction my life is taking, the shape, all those hidden insights that were completely foreign and out of reach for me before you and I spoke today. 


I feel like you provided me with valuable information about myself that was right in front of me, or rather inside of me, but yet too distant to reach.

Thank you, Michael, you have lighted a path.

Hopefully, you will continue to guide me when necessary. " Pamela 

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Receive valuable

Insight, Answers, Affirmation, Inspiration, Guidance, Strategy...


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