2019 – Overview of Key Events and Core Themes

What is in store for us in 2019? 

What opportunities and challenges do the planets indicate?

2019 is a Universal 3 Year, what does this imply?

Jupiter is in its own sign – Sagittarius – how can you harness its expansive energy?

Saturn and Pluto will be closely aligned all year and conjunct the Moon’s South Node, what does this indicate for us all?

Chiron begins an 8-year transit through Aries on February 18th. How will this impact our perspectives on health, wellness, healing and medicine?

Uranus enters Taurus on March 6 and begins a 7-year cycle. How will it revolutionize our values and priorities and the economy in general?

Mars will be conjunct Uranus at the 29th degree of Aries on February 14th. What are the implications of this and how will this energy be expressed?

Jupiter in Sagittarius will form a hard square aspect to Neptune in Pisces.

There will be 5 Eclipses in 2019, 3 Solar and 2 Lunar and 3 of these will be in Capricorn, 1 in Cancer and 1 in Leo. When do these occur and what changes do they suggest?

Now, here is a brief look at the turn of the New Year.

At the exact stroke of midnight 2019 begins, the planetary line-up is interesting, profound, powerful and rather challenging too. Sun and Saturn and Pluto and the Lunar South Node forming two close couplets in Capricorn, the waning Moon in Scorpio just a day behind conjunction with Venus also in Scorpio, Mars at the critical 29th degree of Pisces, the last degree of the Zodiac, and conjunct Chiron and Neptune in tow, Mercury and Jupiter in Sagittarius and Uranus the only planet still retrograde in Aries constitutes this complex array. 


At the exact moment of midnight to begin the year, The Moon and Venus were in Scorpio and Mars was at 29 Pisces. Beyond all the excitement and euphoria, what this suggests is that 2019 will be about getting out of denial and entering a process of making deliberate, effective and meaningful changes in our thinking and behavior patterns.

In many respects, 2019 will prove to be a preparation year from 2020 when a new 20-year Jupiter/Saturn cycle begins based on a conjunction in Aquarius. Positively, this supports us to approach the year as one of preparing as much as achieving. Understanding the planetary cycles and their evolutionary significance and purpose can prove illuminating, fascinating and practically helpful as well. This knowledge supports a more pro-active as opposed to reactive perspective and approach.

2019 Eclipses

Two eclipse seasons are the norm and this is true of 2019. This first starts early when on January 5th a Partial Solar Eclipse at 15 Capricorn 25 serves to activate new initiatives. Then on January 20th, the day the Sun enters Aquarius, there will be a Lunar Eclipse with a Super Moon status at 0 Leo 52. Lunar Eclipses have a way of revealing what has been previously hidden, especially in our relationships, if changes are destined. The second eclipse season occurs in July when on July 2 at 10 Cancer 38, a Total Solar Eclipse will take place and will trigger the changes destined to occur in our lives. Then on July 16 a partial Lunar Eclipse at 24 Capricorn 04 will bring important changes to light that had been brewing at subconscious levels.

Among other things, this indicates that there will be a Solar and a Lunar Eclipse both in Capricorn within 9-degrees of each other, yet also a little over 6-months apart. Thus, those with planets especially in the 2nd and 3rd decants of Capricorn or 10 to 29 degrees especially, but also of Aries, Cancer and Libra will be activated quite strongly before the summer, let alone year, is out! These should not be interpreted as negative, per se, but they do indicate probable changes so it will be wise to be flexible, cooperative and even pro-active if you have planets or angles in this range of degrees and signs.

With two eclipses in Capricorn, an Earth Element sign, the influence will be upon the economy and major institutions or organizations, large companies and industries altogether. We should expect that there will be a lot of shaking and quaking in these areas and perhaps both literally as well, as in the form of earthquakes. The presence of Pluto makes these especially powerful. In this regard 2019 will not be average at all, in fact, it stands to be epic, yet not entirely in the ways we would have it.

Epic in this regard implies major changes and challenges to the status quo coming from hidden places, such as within the earth. Secrets could also be flushed to the surface. Paragons of power both in terms of individual leadership and long-standing and otherwise seemingly well-established organizations of power may fall or at least undergo major change and transformation. Of course, when this happens others often rise to replace them, but not all the time or right away. In this regard, 2019 may prove difficult economically as well for many. In all of these regards, this last year of the 2nd decade of the 3rd Millennium is likely to prove historic and, in some regards, quite challenging for us all.

Briefly, upon reflection, 2018 was a challenging year a lot of retrograde activity pushing ‘us’ to redefine and revision our lives. Number 2 is symbolic of the Moon indicating this ‘reflective process.’

  • The year of 2 = The High Priestess is about being firm on both feet yet highly receptive to guidance and inspiration.

  • Justice asked us to make balanced choices through intuitive awareness.     

  • 11 is about self-reflection and creative thinking and ‘pro-creative’ activities.

  • 11 also represents a theme of cleaning-up in preparation for the new.

  • 11 can be compared to a couple ‘making a baby’ and with the reality and implications of it, clearing the way for it.

  • This includes seeing a bigger picture (Aeon 20) with a more balanced perspective on our life and reality.


2019 The Tarot Constellation of the Empress (= Venus)

The planets that guide us are Venus (love ‘of’ creative ‘self’-expression) Neptune (illusion or illumination) and Saturn (discipline, societal rules and larger global realities).

  • Year of expressions of art and beauty via spontaneous and authentic creative imagination. (CHILD)

  • Breaking Old Patterns, integrating new modes of expression and approach to adapt to the changing times and to feel more empowered.


We can say Saturn is the ANCHOR factor as he is the Major Arcana 21 in The Empress Constellation.

  • Saturn will be in Capricorn all year and spiritually supporting us 
    to live our Sacred Purpose.

    • But he is also the planet of limitation, restriction, blocks and delays
      if we are only focused on the physical/material world.

    • The Sacred Totem for Saturn, especially in Capricorn, 
      is The Unicorn.

    • This mystical creature only makes itself known to those 
      who believe in magic.


Neptune is symbolic of creative imagination.

The better Tarot decks show a man hanging upside down  with his leg draped around a tree branch 
and a smile on his face = seeing the world anew, from new angles and the result is new self-concepts and approaches.

Negatively, Neptune lives in no man’s land and perpetuates the illusion.

In Jan, June, and Nov, Saturn in Capricorn (Sacred Purpose) will sextile (easy opportunities) Neptune in Pisces (mystical connections). Positively, inspires opportunities to manifest our greatest imaginings and free ourselves.

Neptune in Pisces (illusion or enlightened awareness) will square (motivation for change) Jupiter in Sagittarius (dogmatic thinking or Spiritual Consciousness) three times in 2019.

  • The dates for the exact squares are Jan 13, June 16, and Sept 21.

  • This is a Fourth Quarter Square activates a deep sense of social responsibility.

  • Yet, a struggle with outer realities producing inhibition often because ones desires are antagonistic to social norms and expectations.

    • To overcome this we must assert our authenticity, rights and boundaries, purposeful direction, discipline. Perseverance is a keyword.


Short 2019 Horoscope

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Seeing a bigger and a deeper perspective on reality, that aligns with your personal needs and core sense of security, will take a center stage in 2019. With Mars in your sign as of New Year’s Day, literally, you will feel determined to get an early start. This includes exploring new territory both within and without. Important changes in your social status are featured.


Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

Changes in or simply an activation of your core philosophy will become evident as 2019 gets underway. While you will reserve considerable creative license, you are likely to seek out allies, who are sure to include people of means and influence. You will be required to undergo a process of learning and, in some cases, of unlearning. Either way, you will be a force.


Gemini (May 21 – Jun 21)

Breaking with tradition is likely to be true for you and in more ways than one. Clearing the old to make way for the new will be a central theme. Creating a new sense of security is literally linked to your whole state of health. Whether physical, mental, emotional or habitual, this year will amount to various modes of cleansing and you are wise to participate consciously.


Cancer (Jun 22 – Jul 22)

You can’t please all the people and you are increasingly more aware of this and less interested in trying. Yet, knowing which relationships are important and focusing to nurture them, above all others, will take center stage. Nurturing a deeper and more wholesome sense of faith and confidence is linked directly to the quality of your lifestyle.


Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 23)

Creative opportunities are steadily rising. You may have to take a few risks to succeed, however. These can include confronting fears of failure or rejection. This is not the year to play it safe or be too comfortable or resist change. Discipline is a keyword for everyone and for you includes knowing how, where and when to make key investments to build for your future.


Virgo (Aug 24 – Sep 22)

2019 for you includes answering the call. It includes rendering new modes of service to humanity. Incorporating your gifts and talents is the key to make your contributions truly meaningful both to you and others. In doing so, your confidence levels will rise. Practicality is a keyword so focus on what can prove useful to others and make a difference.


Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

New levels of responsibility in the world are having the effect of shaking things up close to home, and perhaps the other way around too. Expect to have more places to go, people to see, errands to run and responsibilities. The good news is that you are a born manager and tend to perform better as the challenge increases. Just remember, that sincere diplomacy works much better than dictatorship.


Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Changes in habitual modes of perception have and continue to get shaken and this trend will continue in 2019. Learning, unlearning and re-learning are all featured. Flexibility regarding what you deem important and to be priorities may prove necessary. You know the joke: ‘if you want to make God laugh, tell her your plans.’


Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Risk, expansive and increase are keywords for you in 2019. Negatively, your financial flow could take a hit or two. Changes in your lifestyle are also consequentially likely. Positively, these changes could amount to more, not less. In either case, you will be challenged to adapt and this will include knowing when to hold, fold, walk and run.


Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Who and how you are will undergo another level of change this year. You will be pushed to think more about the realities, needs, and concerns of significant others. Circumstances will push you to have more faith in yourself, others and the world in general, and this could prove quite challenging at times. Anticipate changes and look to the future.


Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 19)

The time has come to bring it down to earth. Some of your dreams will undergo revision and this may be true of some of what you deem to be reality, as well. Positively, your social network is increasing, if not literally perhaps at least virtually. Circumstances will also push you to make some major moves again perhaps literally or figuratively, before summer.


Pisces (Feb 20 – Mar 20)

Changes linked to your social network will become evident early in the year. These are linked to the scope and quality and ability to communicate and network with others. Jupiter in Sagittarius will help you to take risks in your public and professional life. Of course, you have to be willing to do the work required. In many respects, this is a follow through on existing momentums.

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