Aquarius, Revolutions in Consciousness

Aquarius, the Water Bearer is often mistakenly interpreted as a water sign. Actually, it is an air sign. This is a clue to the paradoxical nature of this archetype the waters of Aquarius are the waters of consciousness and not the actual element of water. The reference to water for Aquarius is therefore metaphorical. Two wavy lines parallel, one above the other is the glyph. This symbol represents the fact that everything in creation ultimately vibrates basically due to the molecular activity. In addition to vibration and/or frequency, Aquarius may also be seen to symbolize electricity or electrical currents.


The protons and neutrons rapidly orbiting the nucleus of the atom suggest the fundamental electrical reality at the core of all manifestation and also reveal that creation is a binary code. Thanks to science, we can now prove such things. Further, such movements creating electrical charges and vibration currents occur at both micro and macro levels of existence.

Aquarius is symbolic of awareness and consciousness, vibration and frequency. It is generally deemed the metaphysical sign. The two parallel wavy lines of Aquarius are symbolic of these realities. That this symbol, along with all of the Astrological symbols, is at least 5000 years old is testimony to the cyclic nature of time. Assuming that the ancients were less wise, aware and intelligent than we are is a common assumption and is a mode of linear thinking akin to a flat earth consciousness. After all, if you flew a plane in the same direction and kept going you would arrive back where you started, completing a cycle.


The awareness of our forebears was different to be sure, but to think they were simply 5000 years less intelligent is simply a form of linear, reductionistic logic.

Above and beyond the science and technology of Aquarius, it’s most basic and important attribute is intuition. Intuition is akin to the sixth sense and is a superior faculty even to reason. Reason and logic continue to rule the day and are the source of blundering statements like, “I think therefore I am.” This leads people to the erroneous concept that they are their mind. The mind is programmable. As we awaken to the fact that, “I am therefore I think”, our intuition will reawaken us to our source, spirit. While many are not aware of it, there is a revolution in consciousness changing society at its very roots. In the simplest way of saying it, it is a Great Awakening.

Aquarius is the sign of humanitarianism and democracy.

Not surprisingly, these themes are foremost on the

airwaves these days. After all, we are now well into the

Age of Aquarius. An age last for 2160 years and this one

began at least 150 years ago. Aquarius governs science

and technology, inventiveness, communications and

revolution. These certainly are words that sum up much of the

current state of the world.




                                                                  Some believe that the Age of Aquarius has yet to begin, however                                                                          such opinions are out of touch with the reality of the times.                                                                                  Realizing the ideals of Aquarius remains a global challenge. With                                                                      transportation and communication rendering borders obsolete, we                                                            are truly on our way to realizing a more unified humanity, like it or not.                                                     Trusting in and working towards this end is the ideal of Aquarius.


“Aquarius" by the band The Fifth Dimension, has helped to bring the notion of the world age to popular consciousness. While the lyrics in the song should not be taken too closely to heart as they illustrate a very elementary understanding of Astrology the song's theme sure fits with our times. There is a lot of debate about when the age actually began. Some Astrologers maintain that the Age of Aquarius officially began in 1875 and some think it will not begin for another 700 years (not!) while a few others yet believe that its dawning was the dawning of the Renaissance in Europe as early is 1450! In any case, Since Aquarius governs over science and technology; we can safely say that it is well on its way.

When we have a New Moon in Aquarius, it tends to sow seeds of some unpredictable synchronicities. This is also true, perhaps especially so, when Uranus is involved. In its brightest light, it indicates a spiritual awakening or re-birth. More precisely, self-awareness and self mastery towards a transcendental consciousness is stirring in humanity. Excessive material thinking and ambition, however, is the perennial challenge. Not everyone will heed the call or perhaps qualify. Most basically, it may come down to making the choice internally to acknowledge the simple fact that we are spiritual beings having material human experiences; souls incarnate.


On more mundane levels, the dream of a promising, sustainable and wholesome future for ourselves and our descendants requires that we all begin to direct more focus and energy in that direction. If your question is: what can I do? The simple answer is something! We are each part of a solution or part of the problem, as the old saying goes. Anything that indicates an awareness of our inherent unity is a contribution. Genuine smiles, a contribution to your community or society, random acts of kindness are all examples of positive action.


On a final note, be careful of directing too much energy against anything. The metaphysical law is that energy flows where attention goes. Helping people be more aware of undesirables of any kind can be good. But directing too much negative energy towards something actually feeds it. Direct your energy to the positive and you will raise your won vibration in the process of supporting meaningful causes.

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