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It is assumed by many that much of life can be reduced to the notion of common sense. Ironically, this very fact conceals a major issue, one that is the source of more problems than is commonly realized.


Reducing life to simplistic solutions implies that it is more of a series of problems to solve than a journey with meaning and purpose to experience, learn and evolve through. In this article I will address this limiting, materialistic perspective, that the answers we seek are based on common sense for the sake of solving problems.

The term 'evolve' here is what people often mean when they say 'grow', as in to grow from our experiences. While the term 'mature' can also be used, it too falls short of a deeper meaning. On its own, the notion of maturing as opposed to evolving also contains within it a limited perspective on life, it silently suggests adapting to and living up to the responsibilities of life. As valid as this is on its own ground, if it occurs within the context of societal expectations and norms, alone, it runs the risk of dismissing the notion of an 'inner allegiance' to one's own conscience, the proverbial inner voice. In this regard, the notion of common sense alone, as a philosophy of life, is very limited.

Living life by common sense can be just that, common. Not only does this run the risk of a lack of depth, it neither includes a deeper or wider scope of vision. Thereby, nor does it inspire a deeper sense of purpose. Purely common sense thinking can lead to matter-of-fact thinking which actually reveals a lack of appreciation of, or empathy and respect for others, not to mention for one's very own life.

Astrology certainly can help us to navigate challenging practical waters and currents of life which can be listed under the heading of 'problems'. However, its deeper and higher contributions are to awaken and inspire us to live with greater awareness and vision of who we are as individuals and what constitutes the fuller details of our destiny. Specifically, this notion of vision contains within it a spiritual purpose. The term 'spiritual', here, does not simply equate with religious orientations. It more specifically refers to self-actualization which when recognized in its deeper sense implies some measure of a meaningful contribution that reflects expressions unique to our core nature and destiny.

What few people seem to recognize or understand is that Astrology has the power to reveal to us what exactly is our evolutionary need, otherwise known as our destiny. The common perception of Astrology is a limited and shallow recognition of the 12 Signs and to horoscopes. As valid as are horoscopes, on their own ground, and as remarkable as it is that they can work at all, a fact that hints at the holistic nature of existence, they fall short of the deeper beauty and wisdom that is to be found in a full embrace of how and why Astrology works. Yet, beyond such a lofty appreciation, we can gain the benefits simply by having a deep Reading, one that aims to reveal who you are and what constitutes the finer features and details of your destiny.

This capacity to reveal our deeper nature and destiny stands in contrast to the valid notion that with astrology we can make predictions about the future. As great as this aspect of astrology is, it is not as great as the fact that it can reveal at a deep level who you are, what constitutes your strengths, life lessons, evolutionary needs, deeper sense of purpose and choices and directions you can make and pursue to achieve authentic self-actualization. As valid as is the ability to make predictions and as helpful as doing so can be, when this becomes the sole focus on an astrologers approach or you, the clients interest, then the greater value of astrology is either simply overlooked and dismissed for the sake of shallow expediency. Inherent in Astrology is a philosophy of life, based on the evolution of the soul. Until we recognize that, it is not applied in its higher capacity and the creative, purposeful and meaningful aspects of life are not activated.

Some people have this knowing, naturally. This may be because they are more intuitive or were born with more awareness and so on. However, these may be understood to be the exception and not the rule for people in general. Not only does not everyone have such a clear sense of truly why they were born or what constitutes their authentic destiny or what might constitute meaningful and purposeful orientations in their life, they are the very few. And even when this is known, there are yet details and levels that will remain unclear and these will likely manifest as conflicts in their relationships.

When our focus in life is based on mere notions of common sense or upon achieving outer notions of success and material advantage, our life becomes externalized. Consequently, life in general becomes large and we become small. From here comparisons arise along with a whole host of other related personality issues and complexes. These can be basically understood as imbalances between our inner, authentic destiny and outer social norms and expectations. Some people are destined to do big and great things. That is their privilege, but it is also their responsibility and challenge. Yet, this does not make them better or mean their life path is more important, per se’.  At the most basic level, we all have a responsibility and challenge is to live our own life in an authentic and meaningful way. Comparison to who and how others are and what they are doing can, therefore, be understood to be ego-based and thereby lack any true and genuine value.

So, the next question is: how do we define meaningful? The answer is invariably a personal one. We may well share the same values and goals as others but few, if any, will share identical values and goals. In the practical scheme of life, we must manage our time and energy and money wisely. Implied in this is making wise choices. Regarding our money, this implies expenditures and investments. Fortunately, there is a lot to choose from in this day and age. One might even say too much. How many things do you suppose you have that you have purchased that you do not, have not and will not ever use or benefit from? Often, the answer is many things.

The main point is that life can quickly become reduced to common sense action that is all about solving problems, paying bills and fulfilling roles. Rising above this state is what is meant by living with greater awareness and vision towards genuine, personal and authentic self-actualization, as great and glorious or as simple and pure is each may be. A deep Astrology Reading can support you to awaken and inspire you to live with this greater sense of awareness and vision, which may also be defined as true wisdom.

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