Astrology Understood as Particle and Wave

Most people generally appreciate that there is a technical and scientific side to astrology which largely includes solar system astronomy and celestial geometry. Within its deeper reaches, it also includes sacred geometry and spiritual science linked to soul, reincarnation, destiny, and karma.


The technical science part can certainly prove interesting and is certainly helpful when it comes to the ability to interpret charts deeply and accurately. But the real takeaway is linked to the spiritual science aspect. Yet, it should be noted, that astrology is usually focused on our worldly engagement. Ironically, astronomy is 'other worldly' and astrology is all about the practical themes of life with self-actualization as a central theme of focus among the more responsible practitioners.


There is also a particle and wave principle in Astrology. The particle is the focus at any given moment, like a snapshot. Birth moments, conjunctions, the entry of planets into new signs, the beginning of a season are all examples of main reasons why we look take special notice of any given moment. The wave principle is linked to cycles already underway. Expanding the metaphor, the ocean is ever active with many waves which would refer here to many active background cycles. The particle is like a photo of a wave. So, the chart above features a photo perspective and it can be tempting to think that the subject in question, emphasized by a specific moment in time, is static.

Of course, it is not static, it is dynamic. Life is all about movement and it can further be measured as a feature of time and contrary to popular notions such as the 'arrow of time', cycles are the true measurement of time because time is based on them. Think about the clock and the calendar. They are devices literally based on cycles. So, the notion of the ‘arrow of time’ can be understood to be a contradiction. We even hear statements like ’nature abhors and straight line’. This projection of our model of measurement reveals linearity.

When we examine the very principle of light manifesting as both a particle and a wave, we see something of a paradox: it is both, at the same time. So, we have to exercise non-linearity in any strict sense to do so. Astrology works very much this way. In practice it incorporates by fact and intuition. This is because the subject in question is a person and not and thing. As people, we cannot be summed up even with the largest list of component parts.

The whole is always greater than the sum of the parts. Because we are sentient beings, how we each embody the archetypes is unique. So, the human factor must be engaged to interpret how another human responds to their astrology. As a tool it works and very well at that. Yet, to work best it requires a relationship and a process. Here again, we get a glimpse of the notion of a particle and wave. The wave reveals on ongoing process.


For this reason, I have created a Life Coaching feature of my services so that I can help you to gain a much deeper understanding of your nature and destiny along with your free will, timing and the outer realities that you will invariably encounter.

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