Astrology: The Laws of Energy & The Psychology of Balance

How can learning about the laws of energy bring more balance into your life?  


Understanding the basic laws of energy is a golden key to understanding our own psychology and to learning to flow, attune and cooperate more consciously with life and thereby sustain and perpetuate a state of balance.


Astrology is founded upon these laws and principles with are natural aspects of life.

Modern physics has come to recognize that life and the manifest universe in general is ultimately energy. This energy manifests in a myriad of forms. Basically these forms include heat, gas, liquid and solids. This model is actually ancient and comprises the foundations of a perennial philosophy as well. So, despite the fact that the Periodic Table, for example, hosts a much longer list than the primary basic elements, these can be classified into the four basic groups: Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

That this energy cannot ultimately die but can and does change form touches upon ancient mystical and spiritual realizations, otherwise called “Laws of Nature”. Woven into the understandings of empirical science is the not so empirical reality of the soul, other dimensions and reincarnation. In the endeavor to better understand nature, science has artificially separated and categorized into various departments what is actually a whole and synthesized reality. Among the casualties, science has effectively taken the soul or the psyche out of psychology. From a wider perspective, the fact the energies of existence are also expressions of an inherent consciousness intrinsically woven into life has also been overlooked by the ‘divide and categorize’ model of science.

Dividing life into subject categories like chemistry, biology, physics, geology and subsequently psychology and sociology and so on has produced mixed results. At best, it has helped us to isolate respective features and parts of reality. At worst, it has overlooked the fundamental principle that the ‘whole is greater than the sum of the parts’. By reducing reality into parts and categories, the essence of that which has been studied has been overlooked. Yet, life in its natural expression does not express itself in parts and when we reduce it to parts we also lose touch with its and our own essence.

Astrology is ancient system of understanding life. It focuses not solely on the natural elements and not solely on the life forms experiencing nature, as in human beings, but the intrinsic relationship between the natural world which is apparently out there and the nature of experience and perceptual reality we individually and collectively experience. Woven into this realization is an essential wholeness or subjectivity.

The model of Astrology which is based on the equal division of a circle and which also symbolizes a cycle and a sphere, contains within it an erudite, simple and yet profound philosophy of life. This philosophy is based upon the fundamental realities within nature and within human nature which is but one of many expressions of existence as it naturally is. This philosophy also shares close correspondences with both the spiritual and psychological realities of life.

The model is simple and thus the wisdom gleaned from it simple as well. In a world that has become and continues to become increasingly complex, it is refreshing to know that we can return to simplicity again and regain what has been lost by an excessively specialized endeavor to understand our world and how to find harmony, balance, health and fulfillment within it. Because Astrology is based on these laws and principles it can provide deep, clear, practical and authentic insights, answers, and solutions to the questions and challenges of life.

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