Astrology, Prophesy and Nostradamus

Astrology includes the ability to make predictions and trend forecasts and it is also a tool for prophesy. While all of the above are quite intriguing notions, prophesy is especially tantalizing for our mortal imagination. It comes complete with a sense of religiosity and mysticism combined.


Yet, as exciting as it is, it is also a dangerous tool in some regards and while it does reveal the ability to measure cycles of change and thereby peer far into the future, it is also something of a blight on astrology. It is so because it presents possibilities as probabilities and even as certainties.

Reference here is to the notion of predetermination. This has long been and remains a major bone of contention by the scientific community, especially at the philosophical level and validly so. It is for this reason that Astrology is held suspect. However, it so happens that most astrologers would agree.  While prediction in astrology does include forecasts that incorporate probability linked to planetary cycles and their ‘influences’ responsible astrology and astrologers always proceed with the recognition that while the future is indeed probable, just as we see with the seasonal round, for example, in the widest sense, it is not certain.


This is where free-will enters the stage. Modern Astrology embraces the realization of free will and, in fact, it is encouraged. This is where modern Astrology has evolved beyond traditional astrology which we focused to emphasize probability and reduce possibility so that the emphasis of prediction was uppermost. Yet, beyond making predictions for individuals the notion of prophesy take on a much more feverish pitch of credulity. One of its main issues and this is also true of blanket predictions, is that both run the risk of becoming ‘self-fulfilling’ by virtue of focusing the mind upon the outcomes outlined and thereby engaging in a conscious and subconscious process of co-creation.

Michel De Nostradamus is famous for this form of prophesy. As intriguing and captivating a figure as Nostradamus is, the very notion of making prophetic predictions extending centuries into the future is also susceptible to corruption and to negative influences. Prophesy can indeed be used as a powerful means, as a weapon, to convince people driven by emotional and fear-based attitudes. History books are filled with both ‘leaders and heroes’ with attitudes born of un-examined idealism, proclamations of destiny and/or subconscious enmity born of opinions in which one takes a stand on a certain side with unwavering convictions. In extreme cases, disasters aligned with celestial events are dismissed and various subculture groups assume control of such disasters such as with acts of terrorism.

For example, the attitude might basically be as follows: ‘it is okay if a major disaster occurs, as long as my perceived enemies die, I am willing to die, as well.’ Of course, hidden within such attitudes are dark and desperate convictions such as the following: ‘it is also okay that others die too, even if they do not agree with my views, because after all they are ignorant and therefore deserve to die and or their death is simply an aspect of a divine plan or the ideals of a greater social order that they simply cannot appreciate’. Sadly, this mode of thinking is still alive in the world and it is evidenced by terrorist attacks usually caused by religious fundamentalist groups. Upon close examination, these are usually woven with political aspirations for social power and even global dominance.

Religious fanaticism is a good example, but it is likely that concealed within the deeper reaches of truth within such fanatical people and groups desire both revenge and power. Probably in every instance the acts of violence are always directly related to politics, the result of which is emotional attachment combined with ideals of a new social order’ that rationalizes and justifies violence as ‘necessary sacrifices’ because they will contribute to bringing about lasting peace and justice one and for all’, and other such fantasies and lack of true understanding of human nature.

This is also true of ambitious ‘realists’ who justify violence linked to social and political beliefs and economic ambitions not related to religious convictions. These can be understood to be criminals or members of corrupt syndicates and organized crime networks who intentionally hide and/or operate under cloaks of secrecy. Prophetic convictions stemming from these groups will always reveal hidden agendas, desires for power and control, or revenge vendettas on occasion, and always subjective reasoning revealing extreme hypocrisy and selfishness. In short, sociopathic thinking can be identified.

Sometimes these are held together by slanted ideals but invariably reveal ends rationalizing and justifying means for the sake of power, control and advantage. From a more educated and enlightened perspective, these will always reveal various degrees of mental and emotional imbalance and psychopathic illness manifesting as sociopathic attitudes, behavior and schemes.

The main point is that when astrology is used for the sake of prophesy it is usually used darkly. Astrology is a beautiful and powerful tool that can be and is used to help people become more self-aware and to make wise and conscious choices that supports them also do be true to their authentic nature. But, for the very reason that it is powerful and how and why it works represents a form of mysticism because it incorporates a metaphysical perspective and is not limited to physics alone, it also attracts people who use it for dark purposes. It is its very mystique that affords it power to sway the imagination of gullible and credulous people by any person or group who recognize this potential.

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