At the Core of Astrology

At the core of the art and science of Astrology is the fact that all life is spiritual and that humans certainly are spiritual beings. This fact, by the way is not bound by secular religion. By way of a model, we can say that we are and all life is an expression of spirit. The spirit or divine spark expresses itself, in turn, as soul.


As spiritual beings with souls (which is actually a case of souls with bodies or incarnated souls) we are reincarnated. As reincarnating beings we are subject to the Laws of Karma. In a simple translation Karma means cause and effect…which transcends the physical, time-space continuum, just as we do. This simple model is another way of saying that we are evolving by virtue of the fact that we are born in a body in the natural world otherwise referred to as the dimensions of physicality.

The majority of the world recognizes this fact and have done so for millennia. However, the material sciences of the west decided that this cannot be proven and so is not true. Such logic is unfortunate, but perhaps a part of the plan. This decision or shall I say denial is one of the major denials of the western world and goes along with the fact that the bible was created over the course of a couple of centuries from 300 to about 500 A.D. at the Council of Nicea, along with a host of other spiritual truths. The reasons for the decisions of this council are complicated and threatening to many people’s beliefs and this is not a place for such a discussion. Suffice to say that it was perhaps socially and certainly politically expedient in that it secured a hierarchy with a Pope at the top and the Kings in rank below. The key here is to understand that reincarnation was erased from the sacred teachings of western civilization.

As a tool, an Astrology chart measures evolutionary process with exquisite and erudite accuracy. There is free will, however, which I refer to as the Chaos Factor, and although prediction is very possible in Astrology, it is actually not its most important quality. In fact, to a more spiritually inclined Astrologer, it may be said to be one of the lower applications. A deeper evaluation of one’s spiritual responsibilities as an evolving being is perhaps the highest form of Astrology. This includes an evaluation of the union of character and destiny. In other words, it is not the events of our life that are so important, it is the quality of being in which we meet the events. Seeing the events of our journey as opportunities for growth, whether they are deemed positive or negative is the key.

When looking at a person’s Birth Chart, time is spent determining the core life qualities, and lessons. The goal is to help people be more aware of the deeper meaning and purpose of their life experiences and expressions. This type of approach is done to increase the intelligence and wisdom of our choices. Sometimes, these are even contrary to “common sense” which may be common but which is not necessarily good sense. Such discernments are personal and the role of the Astrologer is to support each person at whatever level of awareness and consciousness they are operating. Above all, Spiritual Astrology is a guide from one soul to another in order to assist in the evolutionary journey.

It should also be understood that our physical and material life is the means of our evolution. In this regard, they actually can be understood to be spiritual. The very notion of dividing the material from the spiritual is a global, cross-cultural problem. When they are regarding as more intrinsic to each other, our material and spiritual life become fused. In this way, our choices and action take on a whole new light and quality. The realization is that what and how we do what we do does have karmic implications. The common core understanding of the idea of karma is ‘what goes around comes around’. This is true. In this regard, there is what can be described as positive and negative karma. As well, it is sometimes compared to cause and effect.

While cause and effect may be understood as a feature of karma, it does not accurately address the deeper implications At worst, it reveals a mere process of physics and materiality. Karma is a Sanskrit term which is very complex but can essentially be understood as ‘causes and effects that transcend time and space’. This opens a whole other level of perspective on existence or life on the ‘inner planes or dimensions’ which I will not go into here. Suffice to say, that we are souls incarnate are involved in a deep, complex and beautiful process of evolution. This process or journey, as it is often called, refers to the evolution of the soul. Astrology is a tool that can deeply interpret this process and, perhaps more importantly, help you translate it into the choices, actions and expressions of your physical, material life. In this way, it is very practical and spiritual simultaneously.

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