Awakening with Astrology is Available, Yet Requires Commitment

The deep and genuine ability to truly receive the insights available from astrology include a certain degree of initiation. This implies a level of awakening to one’s soul nature and at least some amount of social deconditioning. Until and unless this occurs, it may be said that a person’s ability to understand the insights offered cannot penetrate the social conditioning filter, in short, the ego.

Gaining a deep and full understanding of the Natal Chart alone would require several sessions. This is especially true if the many minor points are considered such as the Fixed Stars asteroids, dwarf planets, centaurs and hypothetical planets are included. Yet, especially the focus would ideally include the New Moon Before Birth.

What this invariably suggests is that a process of gaining insight from the Natal Chart initially, and subsequently from all the various predictive techniques available requires a process and, moreover, a sincere and dedicated process. This process of awakening supports conscious inner and outer alignment and thereby serves to activate authenticity; not merely authenticity of the socially conditioned ego, but authenticity of the deeper soul nature, destiny and purpose for this incarnation.

The objective here is so that one’s deeper destiny, which includes living fully, happily, healthily and successfully, which includes individual self-actualization. The finer details of this which can be understood as the deeper spiritual takeaway and which reveals the evolution of the soul includes the overcoming of weaknesses, accurately identifying and learning lessons and orientation towards personal self-mastery. Self-Mastery is actually a fundamental key to understanding the evolutionary journey. There are many kinds of mastery and our evolutionary journey requires that we achieve all of them. This is why doing so requires many incarnations.

When these deeper spiritual principles are clearly understood, the results can be integrated and expressed through the ego for both inner and outer success. In this regard, one moves from ego-centric attitudes and perceptions to those of a soul-centered and awakened being. Within the context of this level of awareness is accelerated and refined progress along one’s personal evolutionary path and the increased possibility of rendering more meaningful contributions to others. Doing so is not just nice or ethical, it is a golden key to happiness, health and true success.

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