Benefits of Astrology in the Context of the Natal Chart

When I do a Natal Chart Reading, I endeavor to speak to your deeper nature and some of your core life lessons.  It’s basically a situation of context; everything going on now in terms of cycles can be seen in context and this is where the Natal Chart comes into focus. A deep sense of context gives you a deep orientation.  The value of this approach is that it provides a deep affirmation of your character, gifts, lessons and the experiences you have had to date.


As well, this foundational approach serves to connect you to yourself at a deep level so that you gain clarity about your destiny.  Because over the course of life we get turned around so many times we can get quite confused and insecure. Imagine in history a person lived somewhere but they never really knew the layout of the land from a wider angle.  It is a modern luxury for us to have a sense of where we live in context to the bigger picture – such as a map.  And an astrology chart is a map which provides this contextual, wide angle perspective and it can be very helpful.


In the sense of life being a journey, we’re seeking to get somewhere.  On a literal journey of crossing land, somebody giving us a map will make it much more helpful and smooth and fulfilling, versus running into dead ends, road blocks and so on. So when we think of life as a journey, we can think of it as more than simply a series of experiences arriving at a certain destination. The main idea here is that life is a journey that implies a process. It is not simply about arriving somewhere or the outcome, it is about the journey, the process as well.


Sometimes people regard astrology as simply a type of fortune-telling with hopes of receiving answers like what’s going to happen, what will be the outcome?  Due to the realities of free will, the danger of making hard predictions as in what exactly is going to happen is that it can produce an  auto-suggestion or of a black and white perspective, whereas in fact it is a co-creation. 


Again due to the virtues and realities of free will it is better to look to in astrology in terms of cycles and events that signify probabilities and possibilities. What this sort of insight, information and knowledge invites in its brightest light is a sense of clarity of who we are as individuals, where we are at in terms of our cycles, where we’re going to which indicates a destiny and purpose of evolved thought, emotion and awareness… and, what is next.  This type of knowledge provides a deep sense of clarity and therefore confidence.


One of the reasons I approach astrology the way I do initially when I meet somebody is so that I explain back to you aspects of yourself and where it’s affirmative, you get a sense of confidence that I can see you, and a clarification.  I call it a psychic massage.  When you get a massage you get back into your body – you feel your whole body again.  In a way, that’s what astrology does at that level. 


Often people will say “I know who I am” to which I sometimes teasingly reply: “well, I bet you don’t”. What I then explain is that we are rather complex beings and there is often much more to us than we are often aware about. Can you imagine never having seen yourself in a mirror?  It would be interesting to see yourself for the first time, wouldn’t it?  Astrology is kind of like that, as a map or a mirror or to be more accurate, it is also like a psychic x-ray machine which reveals many aspects of us that are normally hidden from our senses and usual mode of self-awareness.


The fact that Astrology works at all opens up a whole new world of consideration When I look at a chart, in addition to seeing your character and nature, I see you as an evolving being, as a soul incarnate. Woven within this perspective are the themes of karma and destiny.  This deeper understanding celebrates more than just a free will determination to succeed, as valuable as that is.  It provides the “rhyme and reason, time and season” perspective.  .  One might generally deem it a holistic psycho-spiritual world view.  It gives deeper meaning to what life is and why we’re here, and for a time gives us a different perspective than the normal perspectives of day to day reality.


So, ideally the goal is not just obtain predictions of the future. Ideally, you will first invest in a deeper sense of awareness and purpose of your core nature and destiny. Once this is established, then the current cycles and transits can be appreciated and met and their lessons and purpose understood and integrated in a larger sense of your whole life. With this deeper context of self-awareness and destiny themes, strengths and lessons, the predictive aspects of Astrology can be brought to light with a greater sense of their inherent purpose which supports and enables you to live with a larger vision of your life.


This thereby helps you to more consciously participate and co-create a life that is larger than your personality and your social involvements - it supports you to live in the light of your soul purpose and destiny.

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