Astrology truly is the first life coaching tool since, by its very design, and application it helps you to make better choices and decisions.

The roots of Astrology reach back to the very cradle of civilization and it continues to be honored, celebrated and practiced the world over to this day. The reason is simple: because it works!


True there are different systems of astrology. Like languages, they can happily c0-exist and can even be used jointly. Yet, Western Astrology is the most progressive system of astrology in the world.


Beyond the traditional over-emphasis on prediction, Western Astrology honors the reality of free will and celebrates the co-creative process. Thereby, it continues to evolve to meet the needs and demands of our ever-changing and increasingly complex world.

Astrology is the Ancient Science that Measures

Probabilities & Possibilities

Modern Astrology and the Value of Life Coaching

Modern Astrology when practiced responsibly avoids the traditional notion of solely endeavoring to predict the future. Although profound insights can be provided regarding the probability of the outcome of future events based on the synchronistic expressions of your destiny, our modern understanding of and opportunities to make free will choices reveals that Astrology has evolved to adapt to this realization.


The modern or evolved approach to practicing astrology is about providing insights and guidance to support you to exercise your free will to co-create the possibilities in harmony with the probabilities of your destiny. This can be described as negotiating with destiny. In this way, your destiny, your desired outcome and the actual outer realities of your circumstances are acknowledged. For this reason, providing coaching in association with the insights of probability along with the guidance of possibility to help you realize and actualize your destiny in accordance with your needs, desires and ideals an excellent expression of this evolution.


So, in my work I can provide you with guidance and insight in the traditional sense with an annual or semi-annual check in to re-sound the deep reaches of your destiny and/or to address a wide spectrum of questions. As well, I can provide you with a more frequent series of shorter communications by way of coaching during which time I support you to identify, clarify and follow through to achieve your goals, address long-standing issues and/or navigate the terrain and duration of challenging transits. 

  • Are you experiencing major changes, feel lost, depressed...?

  • Are you seeking insights to better understand your life purpose?

  • Do you have important decisions to make but feel uncertain or stuck?

  • Do you want guidance and inspiration to fulfill your dreams and destiny? 

  • Would you like increased self-awareness to feel clearer, inspired and empowered?

  • Thinking to relocate, sell or invest and would like greater clarity about when and where?

  • Are you experiencing relationship dissatisfaction or conflict that you would like insights into?

  • Considering starting a business and need answers about timing or location and strategic guidance?

I can help you better understand you, your situation, the deeper themes at play, the turning points and time-frames involved. I can identify your potentials, purpose, and direction and provide a whole range of insight, guidance, and tools to help you to feel at ease and empowered to make better choices.  

In addition to answering the "what" and the "when"...
 I also address the "why".
This empowers you to understand the deeper purpose of your destiny, supporting you to make conscious, authentic, empowered choices.


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