How Changes in the Sun Change You

The content of this video offers some relevant insights regarding our relationship with the Sun. Although it is over 10 years old and the focus reaches even a few years earlier yet, it shares a timeless message. As well, while it primarily emphasizes our physical relationship with the Sun, it also touches upon the metaphysical or what can actually also be understood as the spiritual.


So, in this article, I will both emphasize this physical influence factor on the basis of its intrinsic reality, which brings us into a clearer appreciation of our intimate relationship with the physical Sun, and I will also bring emphasis to our intrinsic, spiritual relationship with the Sun. This focus will serve to elaborate upon the multi-dimensional reality of life, provide greater clarity about how and why astrology works, and also offer the basis of a healing, meditational practice by way of visualization serving to support you to merge the subtle layers of your multi-dimensional embodiment activating a fusion of the spiritual, solar light.









The spiritual aspect in the video is emphasized only indirectly as referring to the fact that we are constantly immersed in the Sun’s energy field. This intrinsic and intimate relationship can be interpreted as a form of communion revealing a state of union or non-separation. This is in fact the case regarding the Sun’s role in Astrology and specifically Tropical Astrology, the system we are all most familiar with. Also called Western Astrology, it is the only system of Astrology in the world that is ‘solar’ whereas all other systems are lunar. Of course, all systems of astrology invariably include both solar and lunar, but the anchor point is one or the other.

The use of the time-honored adage ‘As Above, So Below’, in the video is valid enough. However, it should be noted that this is what can be described as a stretch of it because of the deeper meaning of As Above, So Below can be understood to specifically refer to synchronicity. In other words, where the sun’s influence, intrinsic or not, refers to physics, synchronicity refers to metaphysics. Of course, there is a bridge between the two. In fact, each share in the same ultimate source yet should be understood to refer to different dimensional layers.

Physics refers to third-dimensional realities whereas synchronicity refers to the ‘Causal Dimension’ which should not be confused with ‘causality’ in science which is itself a feature of physics and the third or physical, material dimension. Although it is not commonly understood, the astral and the mental planes or dimensions are non-physical dimensions yet they remain dualistic which means that in these dimensions there exist shape and form and the perceptual experience of ‘other’ yet not in dense material frequency. Rather, these ‘subtle dimensional planes’ vibrate higher and are not dense as with the physical dimension, yet they are subject to energy frequency and so thereby still have force.


The Causal Dimension’ can be correctly understood as the highest reaches, frequencies or ‘layers’ of the Mental Plane. It can also be understood as the dimension of archetypes. These terms are in plural because all dimensional planes can be understood to be multi-layered. The Causal Dimension is, since ancient times in ancient Hindu texts, referred to as ‘the mind of God’. It is that dimensional plane where sound manifests as shape. Interestingly, therefore, archetypes can be understood as shapes. Yet, these shapes can be understood as having psychological implications or expressions as with thoughts or ideas, which can be further broken down as logic, intuition, and imagination primarily. In short, archetypes represent the blueprint of manifest existence in all its multi-layered expressions which includes animate life forms as well as inanimate forms and structures.

This explanation of dimensions serves to elaborate upon the deeper meaning of ‘As Above, So Below’ and to the principal of synchronicity as a means of understanding how Astrology works. If understood correctly, it is understood that it is based on metaphysical principles and thereby transcends physics, even though it also includes the influences of physics. This paradoxical fact is complex as is the case regarding a deeper understanding of metaphysics in general. Thus it should be understood that the synchronicities linked to Astrology are not anchored in physical influences of the Sun, Moon, and Planets, just as our physical bodies and our brain are not the sources of our mind, even though they are the ‘vehicles’ or the mechanisms of its expression in this dimension.  

Returning to the Sun specifically and to the comment in the video that the earth ‘breathes’, we can begin to gain a clearer understanding of what it means to be ‘made in the image of God’. In this regard, God is referring to nature. This provides an initial hint regarding the ‘holistic’ nature of existence which can most basically be understood as an expression of fractals.

It may be observed that the term fractal approximates the principle of ‘refraction’ as with the Sun’s light. Yet, again we see the same essential principle expressed differently according to their respective dimensional manifestation. Understanding that each mode of expression is a parallel principle of the same essential reality also serves to awaken the mind to perceive in a whole brain sense as opposed to the common modern tendency to solely seek logical perceptions subject to the causality principles of physics.

In terms of the spiritual aspect of our relationship with the Sun, the intrinsic, intimate communion we share, by becoming more fully aware of it, our free will and subsequently our conscious intentionality is engaged in a creative union. In this regard, we can meditate and focus upon the Sun such as to recognize that the physical reality of it ‘in the sky’ as it were is extended to its very essence in our Heart Chakra. In turn, with this state of communion and intention consciously activated in our physical core, it can be extended to further activate the conviction of the Solar Plexus Chakra and the focusing light ray of the Third Eye Chakra to effectively awaken to and also transmit this ‘light of awareness frequency and intention’ to every cell in our body which can be accurately understood as ‘mini suns’. In this regard, each of these aspects of our being, are literally and not just symbolic of, ‘fractals of the Sun’.

Video - Changes in the Sun Change You

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