But you don't have to go it alone!

The main focus of my coaching is to help you achieve

both inner and outer success!

My coaching style and approach is unique because it includes the deep and relevant insights I can provide you with based on many years of practice and experience with Astrology and Numerology and Personal Growth Psychology.

I want to be very clear here at the outset that my focus in helping you is for the sake of real-life application.  While astrology alone can provide relevant, profound and valuable insights about who you are and what constitutes the finer details of your destiny and timing of growth cycles and turning points, my focus with coaching is to help you more fully translate these into your outer reality. This implies practical strategies supported by these insights for the sake of actual outcomes and real-time expressions.

I can be described as a destiny, career, spiritual and transformational coach all in one. The simple truth is that these apparently diverse perspectives are much more closely connected than it is commonly realized. In fact, they are intrinsic to each other, when your focus is to achieve authentic self-actualization as a feature of your success goals. The notion that financial success alone is all that matters ironically comes with a high price regarding our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health too. Financial and material realities do not necessarily equate to health, physical or otherwise or to genuine happiness and the evidence of this is apparent in the world. To this end, my focus is to help you to be authentic and get paid for it in the world.

There are 3 Packages to Choose From 

 I keep my rates affordable so that real people can afford my services and each package includes bonus time compared to the cost of shorter Reading sessions.

(All prices listed are CAD)

This package is ideal if you

have recently had a Reading with me, or you want to sample my coaching style, or you want to top-up another coaching package.

3.5 hours for $300. (+5%GST)


This package includes 6-hours of

1 on 1 coaching with me.

Whether or not you have already had a Reading with me, I will help you to get, clear, take action and follow through.

6 hours for $500. (+5%GST)

Life Destiny

You know that your goals will require more steps and time and you are also budget-minded. 3 bonus hours in light of the cost of shorter Reading sessions is attractive and realistic.

13 hours for $1000. (+5%GST)

Deep Dive

My main goal as a coach is to help you to achieve a whole state of health with a central focus upon guiding you to pursue a meaningful career focus that you enjoy and love and which also earns you an abundant lifestyle. This translates into the process of realizing your authentic purpose in a realistic way in the world. Knowing what constitutes the fulfillment of your destiny provides you with the transformational experience your heart truly desires.  Your abundance is a core feature of my focus to assist you and it includes living your truth and thereby entering 'your' flow. This is where the profound insights that I can access about you with the help of astrology are so valuable. 

My approach to coaching includes both personal and professional insight and guidance linked to timing that is aligned with the cycles of your destiny. The timing of these are often personal and not linked to social norms, which makes understanding them important in terms of you being in-tune with yourself. Your Birth Chart reveals these very well and understanding your Numerology helps a lot, as well. Together, these time-honored tools emphasize the wisdom of personal insight, timing, and strategy. My focus with them is to assess the probabilities so that you can more consciously orient your focus to realize your desired possibilities. 

The emphasis on Personal Growth Psychology, a form of practical spirituality, is a feature of the style of my approach which comes under the heading of Humanistic Astrology. It is a person-centered approach to astrology as opposed to the traditional, event-oriented and fatalistic approach which over-emphasizes prediction. While the prediction of probabilities is included, the emphasis is upon supporting you to make free will choices to realize the possibilities.

Over the years I have gathered a lot of knowledge, understanding, insight, and tools oriented to personal power, balance, and flow. The use of these is tailored to you, individually and specifically,  as opposed to purely generic, 'canned' or 'one-size-fits-all' wisdom. I also provide you with valuable tips, strategies and leads to other relevant resources according to your specific needs. 

After decades of research and experience with numerous spiritual practices and healing modalities, including a certification in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, my coaching also includes guidance on spiritual healing techniques. I will teach you what these are and how you can do them on your own. These emphasize the clearing of limiting beliefs, unwanted emotional baggage, old hurts, and resentments, negative conditioned programming and any other blockages that are unnecessary hinderances to your destiny and personal growth goals.

•    Self-awareness brings inspiration and confidence. 
•    Gaining insights about what constitutes your destiny brings understanding and timing.
•    Focusing to create a meaningful and purposeful life inspires strategy and determination.
•    Achieving inner and outer success includes inner peace, whole health, and happiness.


"Hi, Michael, I feel like I finally found my trigger
...or let's say the missing key to a lock that I had hidden all my life. 
Thank you so much, I respect you a lot." Janice



Contact Michael to Reserve Your FREE 15-Minute Discovery Call

Coaching with me includes 3 main areas of focus:


1. Deepened Self-Awareness including your cycles of destiny.

2. Success based on both self-actualization and realizing financial goals, and both realized through the process of fulfilling your dreams and deeper sense of purpose, which are often, but not always, linked to your career and business interests.

3. An authentic process of personal growth over time, strategically aligned with your daily choices and actions and taking into account your close personal relationships, as well.


Each of these 3 main focuses can stand on their own. As well, the rich array of questions to which I can provide insights, answers, and guidance for you, as outlined under Readings, offer a whole spectrum of relevance that can be and usually are interwoven into the whole spectrum of your life. 

Greater clarity of the above can be understood as follows: 

•    You know yourself and your business quite well, but there is always more to know and new angles to consider, due to lack of knowledge, clarity, focus, personal blind spots..., and the complexities of timing.

•    The process of realizing your dreams and achieving your goals and ambitions is more than a matter of outer success. It is about actualizing your authentic potential and life purposes, which constitute inner success. 


Together, these two levels of success are greater than the sum of the parts.

The process of achieving inner and outer success is one of personal growth and conscious self-transformation woven into your daily choices and actions.

This includes:

  1. Understanding yourself better as the individual you are and what constitutes the core features of your destined themes of personal growth and evolution.

  2. Clarifying your nature, aptitude, gifts, talents and your dreams for personal fulfillment.

  3. Clearly understanding your life lessons and challenges, limiting self-concepts and attitudes, so you can overcome them 

  4. Integrating new perspectives, interpretations, approaches, and strategies in both your personal lifestyle and close, personal relationships and your public and professional life.

Contact Michael to Reserve Your FREE 15-Minute Discovery Call

 Life Coaching with Michael

Guiding You to Make Wise Choices

and to Take Strategic Action

" Thank you, Michael...

For being such an amazing life coach. Your Readings are great and I am so glad I chose to hire you as a coach as well. You have helped me to take my business to the next level of success! I will be back in touch to do another round soon. Thanks again! "    

What You Can Expect


Supported by the powerful lenses of Astrology & Numerology,  you will feel deeply recognized which will help me

to help you to be recognized by others, specifically,

your clients. 

Creative Strategy

By way of dynamic dialogue, the focus will include an inspirational process of generating

practical ideas supported by realistic,

creative strategies.

Follow Through

I will provide you with consistent support 

to be centered and focused to follow through

to achieve your dreams, goals and ambitions

in-tune with the timing of your destined life cycles.

Contact Michael to Reserve

Your FREE 

15-Minute Discovery Call



Life Destiny Coaching Package

$500 (+ 5 % GST)

A Life Destiny Coaching Package consists of *6-hours* for the usual cost of 5 hours.

The 1-Hour Bonus is given to focus on your Natal Chart. This is then followed by mini coaching sessions ranging from 15 to 30 minutes, as feels necessary. The goal is to keep these short and to decipher the next steps.


(+ 5 % GST)


(+ 5 % GST)

Deep Dive Coaching Package

$1000 (+ 5 % GST)

A Deep Dive Coaching Package consists of *13-hours* for the usual cost of 10 Readings hours.

The 3-Hour Bonus affords even more time to provide a really deep analysis of your Natal Chart. Then you still

have a lot of time for us to dive deep into the coaching process and build an even more powerful momentum.

Light Coaching Package

$300 (+ 5 % GST)

The Light Coaching Package consists of *3.5 hours* 

This package is for those of you who have already had a Life Destiny Reading with me and/or as a top-up to the either the  Life Destiny Coaching or Deep Dive Coaching Packages. You can divide the time as you like,

for example into *seven 30-minute* coaching sessions.  


(Add 5% GST)

* Subscriber Discounts do Not Apply to Coaching Packages.


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