Horoscopes for the Years 2017, 2018 and 2019

The Value of this article is that it will provide you with an overview of core themes and cycles for each sign for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019, supporting you to recognize cyclic rhythms and trends of your destiny.

Overview for the Year – 2017


A Universal 1-Year, 2017 will initiate a new 9-year cycle during which we can expect many new beginnings with massive social and global implications. Three significant astrological events will take place featuring Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn, the 3 main power signs of the Zodiac: 


The Lunar Nodes which comprise an 18-month cycle will shift from service oriented Virgo and Pisces to dramatic and revolutionary Leo and Aquarius on May 9. On October 10 Jupiter will exit diplomatic, broadminded Libra and enter psychologically deep and secretive Scorpio. On December 20 Saturn will finally release its hold on Sagittarius completing a long 3-year cycle and will enter Capricorn, its own sign which hints at increased governmental authority. 


When we look back in history, it will be recognized that 2017 was a special year which initiated a while new cycle and phase of history. Among other things, it is the year that Donald Trump officially took office.

Overview for the Year 2018

Over the course of 2018, significant astrological cycles will unfold and new ones will begin that will activate measurable changes for us all. Jupiter in powerful Scorpio as of October 2017 and Saturn in its own powerful sign of Capricorn as of late December 2017 will lead the charge. They will introduce new leaders on the world stage stimulating new social policies and important economic trends.

In mid-April, the maverick planet Chiron will enter bold and pioneering Aries inspiring us all to be more pro-active regarding authentic self-actualization. Then, in mid-May, mover-and-shaker Uranus will make its debut in Taurus plowing ahead with the finesse of a bulldozer to begin what will amount to an 8-year cycle due to it turning retrograde and re-entering Aries all winter. Finally, late in the year in early November, shortly prior to Jupiter’s entry into visionary, philosophical and adventurous Sagittarius, its own sign, the Moon’s Nodes will leave the Leo/Aquarius sign axis and enter into that of Cancer and Capricorn, which are Cardinal signs and which symbolize fresh starts and bold new initiatives. With Mars in Aquarius between mid-May and November it too will play a major role this year so extra emphasis will be brought to it.

When added, the numbers in 2018 = 11 the meaning of which includes clearing the old to make way for the new. 11 is the primary Master Number in Numerology and it is a very creative number yet can also prove very tricky to handle. The key is to be creative and negotiable. 2017 was a Universal 1-Year marking the start of a new 9-year cycle and was like a rocket launching. 2018 will be as when the rocket must break through the atmosphere, so get ready the many dramatic trends initiated in 2017 will likely escalate.

Overview for the Year – 2019

2019 will take off early in a rather dramatically due to the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 6th and the Lunar Eclipse two weeks later under a Super Full Moon. This tempo will remain high to mid-February then quiet down due to a strong Pisces influence. In April the momentum will rise steadily through May, plateau, then peak again in July calming a bit in mid-August through September.

Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune all year, and Mars in Aries (Jan 1 – Feb 14) are each in the sign they rule placing each in a status of honor. When there is more than one planet in honor, they tend to compete for attention possibly disrupting clear decisions and focused action. Giving each their due is the key.

Mars in Aries will activate 2019 like a gunshot conjunct Uranus at critical 29 Aries in early to mid-February will prove revolutionary and momentous. January 6 and 20 host a Solar and Lunar Eclipse, in Capricorn and Leo, respectively activating new strides of leadership.  Neptune in Pisces is calling us all to seek peace, listen within and commune with your soul. Saturn in Capricorn encourages patient diligence to advance your personal power. Jupiter in Sagittarius says see a bigger picture, take a few risks and have faith in the grand plan.

Jupiter Square Neptune, each in their own ruling signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, respectively, will give rise to a whole new round of debates about ethics and truth, religion and humanism, philosophy and spirituality. Not all of these conflicts suggested by this hard aspect will be fought with civility. Yet, while violence is not a certainty, it is very likely, unfortunately.

While each year should be regarded as its own whole, 2019 can be understood as the launch pad for decade three of the new millennium. 2020 added equals 4 - symbolic of foundations, stability, momentum and speed, as with the principle of 4 legged animals - will prove to be an extra powerful and momentous and 2019 will be the lead-up to it. 



Aries 2017

In 2016 you began to expand your social horizons and this trend will continue. For a variety of reasons 2017 stands to feature a series of breakthroughs for you. These will likely occur toward the end of the year. You will have to contend with Mercury retrograde early on which could be the source of some professional stresses. Mars in Pisces in January could contribute to getting off to a slow start. However, these minor setbacks will pale in light of a growing drive to succeed beginning in February. By June you will begin to reveal to the world a new phase of what makes you special. Indications of auspicious returns begin in November. Build your momentum and confidence in 2017; you will need it in 2018.

Aries 2018

You have arrived at a very important juncture symbolic of major new beginnings. In some respects it will feel like a culmination, having reached the peak, perhaps arduously. This feat of achievement comes with its own set of sobering responsibilities. Amidst the possible elation, circumstances are pushing you to be focused and disciplined. Positively, you feel the power, your ambitions are running high, and you feel confident to push for the next level. Yet, you may be unclear about your direction and your priorities. Before 2018 ends, your focus will turn away from public accolade to what makes you feel happy, comfortable and secure, but which could include adventure. Mars in Aquarius this summer will trigger a revolutionary push. Jupiter in Scorpio could bring many returns and quite possibly inheritances. Saturn in Capricorn represents that discipline factor hinted at above but could leave you feeling more mature and solid than ever. Chiron in Aries will lead you to heal old, worn out modes of expression. Uranus in Taurus will prompt you to question your priorities especially regarding how you trade your talents and skills for moulah because if you can’t have fun spending it or have the time, what’s it good for?

Aries 2019

In 2019 you will contend with feeling pulled in a variety of directions. Changes in your career and social status are likely. Deciphering who you feel you truly are and what you genuinely need and want is highlighted. Woven into this mix will be a call to adventure which probably includes travel. Tackling ‘renovation projects’ early in the year will turn to financial matters linked to big plans and ambitions by mid-summer, latest. Exploring new territory in your relationship will activate personal transformation. Maverick modes of self-expression will be increasingly clear and will include a process of becoming a better, healthier you. 



Taurus 2017

A steady rate of deep changes characterized the past couple of years - a process of letting go of the past - and these will continue in 2017. Call it a metamorphosis. At best, you are in the final stages of a process of liberation. Your confidence levels may still be lower than you like, challenging you to get extra clear on your priorities and to acknowledge your successes and progress. Manifesting your dreams, especially in terms of security and especially that of family will increase by summer. Your own health as it relates to your family’s overall welfare is the hidden element that you are wise to recognize and address. Increases are likely in October.

Taurus 2018

2017 represented the completion of a long and powerful metamorphosis of some kind. Already you have begun to break through and feel inspired to expand your horizons. This will involve a variety of interests and intellectual pursuits. By summer you will be on a dynamic and revolutionary roll, especially if you have cleared accumulated toxins and emotional baggage. If you are in doubt of this, you are wise to clear them now before Chiron enters Aries in April. You could get serious about a new course of study and you will likely feel disciplined enough to follow through successfully. If you have already learned and earned your credentials, you will push to turn them into professional achievement. Mars in Aquarius will lead you to reveal yet another feather or two of individuality. Jupiter in Scorpio will activate an expansion of your social network but could include the end or at least a deep change in who you relate with and how. Saturn in Capricorn will guide you to take your studies more seriously for the sake of future ambitions. Chiron in Aries will guide you to rummage through your subconscious and lead you to do some deep clearing of old baggage possibly linked to emotionally anchored perceptual distortions that no longer serve.  Uranus in Taurus over this next 8 years will obviously bring about measurable changes in your overall mode of self-expression and could quite possibly reveal some real genius that has been waiting for this time to shine.

Taurus 2019

Returns for past efforts will continue in 2019. New levels of leadership are featured. An important learning curve that began in late 2017 is destined to continue. Access to leadership wisdom is important and requires receptive mind and willingness to learn. You may, however, have to confront any lingering inner demons such as self-doubt, lack of clarity, or indecisiveness…. This includes thinking, planning and acting with the long-term clearly in mind. Expect to take revolutionary measures. You will aim to balance your ideals amidst the pressures of material realities.  



Gemini 2017 

To whom and to what do you feel most committed is a question on your mind as 2017 begins. Cultivating your arts and crafts skills is one likely answer. Philosophical perspectives are lingering and your creative abilities may be recognized as among them as you reach for new levels of subtlety. Both may be interpreted as features of a steadily emerging mode of spirituality emphasizing co-creation. You will become more social again by mid-spring especially. You may even experience a sudden surge to travel afar and also be inspired to be original and inventive, especially between May and October. Generally, a year spiked with fulfillment but pay more attention to your health. 

Gemini 2018

Looking back, 2017 was probably quite pleasant, upbeat and adventurous for you. You learned the importance of accepting things as they are. Now the tide is changing, is going out again. This began in October. Circumstances are already pushing you to be more faithful and forgiving and this trend will continue in 2018. You will also enter a new phase of change destined to transform you deeply. The result of this process could be you feeling better than ever, more refined, lighter, and freer. Prior notions and orientations to security, both material and emotional, will be replaced by new interpretations. These trends will continue beyond 2018 but they have already begun. Mars in Aquarius will inspire you to travel and defy any who suggest you do not. Jupiter in Scorpio represents a time when it will be important to pay closer attention to your health and that of your lifestyle requiring you to ‘cut out’ certain habits lest they do you in. Saturn in Capricorn indicates a deep metamorphic process that will change you quite a lot. With awareness you will come away more refined, if a little whiter. Chiron in Aries will lead you to healing actions especially among friends.  Uranus in Taurus will turn on the lights in the basement of your mind to reveal unknown treasures stored down there.

Gemini 2019

A steady flow of inner change that began in 2017 will continue in 2019. You will assert some revolutionary measures early in the year setting the stage to be acknowledged, heard and heeded. This is destined to manifest in your entire mode of perception and priorities. Incorporating a cleaner diet is ideal and likely.  You will also experience challenges to be more aware of and responsible for your projections. These will require you to make sincere efforts for the sake of self-honesty. The time has come to move forward and to not hold on to the past. Creating opportunities to increase your social network is featured. 


Cancer 2017

A good deal of your focus will center on your home in 2017. While this does include family members, the emphasis is on your actual living space, a continuation from last year. The overall pace has probably been quite busy and this will continue through to spring.  You may have to contend with a series of unexpected changes by early March especially connected with your social and professional status. By June you will know the outcome. The good news is that these are likely to lean in your favor, but it may not seem like it at first. The learning curve gets steep in late June into July but you are happy for it. August is playful, September you are back to work. Save bigger projects at home for October.

Cancer 2018

New commitments, alliances, and allegiances will emerge over the course of 2018. This will likely prove true especially closer to the end of the year but the momentum will build throughout. You will be the one to take the initiative to initiate new leads. Financial interests and concerns are prime motivations. Making key investments is also featured and these may have already begun. With these assertions comes a new level of responsibility and commitment. At worst, the choices you make could leave you wondering who you are and what constitutes your sense of purpose, so keep it in mind as you maneuver to advance your position. Mars in Aquarius will activate your ambitions and these could come with a revolutionary twist. Jupiter in Scorpio says ‘yee ha, let’s re-invent a wheel or two and turn a profit.’ Saturn in Capricorn will show you where you need to be committed and with whom. Chiron in Aries may cause you to question your role in the world, perhaps especially linked to your career.  Uranus in Taurus will add to your inventiveness and will inspire creative interests and investments.

Cancer (2019

2019 will manifest as a rather complex year for you. In some respects, this is already underway. Positively, this includes an assertive drive to express yourself authentically, yet you are challenged to do so as diplomatically as you can. Commitment on relationship fronts is featured, but doing so on your own terms is already in motion. Feeling as confident as you would like could be a challenge. This aspiration will push you to be more self-aware and empowered. A progressive pace is likely early in the year characterized by an assertive stride to get to the bottom of things. A maverick lead in your public and professional life is ideal or could manifest as a rebel without a cause. 



Leo 2017

Hopefully, you enjoy multitasking and are able to focus on a variety of fronts as 2017 will require it, especially this winter and late summer. The shift of gears perhaps especially in your profession has already begun. By mid-May, you will feel extra determined so focus on any ground work prior. Late July through August stands to be dynamic and productive. However, April into May could prove slow and/or include some minor setbacks, at worst, posing a challenge to your confidence levels. Stick to hands-on activities and trust that your energy levels will rise in May and include a rebellious determination to restore the balance. From mid-October, your faith and confidence begin to rise to new levels.  

Leo 2018

In 2017 both inspirations and perhaps some measure of necessity pushed you to take pioneering leads to enter new territory. This destiny theme will continue throughout 2018. Positively, your confidence levels have begun to rise. Yet, you are also now realizing that your workload has perhaps increased as well. This includes a rather steep learning curve that also requires both investment and the paying of dues, financial or otherwise. By mid-spring, you will experience the next wave of changes which will occur in your public and professional life and there are good indications that these will prove financially advantageous. Adventure and something of a vision quest are also featured. Mars in Aquarius will lead you to shake things up on relationship fronts, personal, professional and otherwise. Jupiter in Scorpio will instill a whole new level of confidence and could support you to laugh more often and louder too. Saturn in Capricorn will encourage you to enter an important learning curve so let yourself be green. Chiron in Aries will activate a quest and perhaps trigger a deeper rooted wanderlust with the intention of scratching old itches that just won’t quit.  Uranus in Taurus bring about measurable changes in your public and professional life and won’t just ask that you comply.

Leo 2019

In 2019 you will be pulled inward and this will require surrender in preparation for a rebirth of some kind. This may include purging limiting self-concepts or self-deceptions and delusions about what constitutes security. The flip side is that this presents a powerful creative wellspring for you. Yet, you must be willing to do your diligence to learn and/or be trained. Focus to pay attention to the details. Get ready to do more inner work than you have for some time. This drive will be accompanied by a rebellious determination. Changes in your public and professional life could even manifest as notoriety.


Virgo 2017 

A direct confrontation with the fears that stand in the way of your dreams was big in 2016 and will continue in 2017. The balancing act is between your ambitions to make money yet in a manner that feels purposeful and meets with your creative aspirations. In some respects, the entire process can be recognized as a spiritual one, a fulfillment of destiny. Dependency on others and escapist tendencies may be an issue especially very early in the year. But your motivation levels should rise steadily and measurably with each new month. If ever you needed a plan, now is it, and better yet if it is longer-term like 3-5 years. Get ready to be busier with improved time management.

Virgo 2018

Some promising cycles already underway and some to begin in 2018 will contribute to circumstances flowing in your favor. The real boon may well prove to be financial. If you have fallen behind or are in debt, this could be the year when you catch-up and perhaps even advance your position. It may take the better part of the year, however, so start early, set your intentions and outline a plan of action that covers each month, for example. In the shorter term, you are and have been in a cycle that is destined to dissolve old attitudes, self-concepts, and approaches and so on... that have served their time. Let go of reactions to control and protect what was. Cooperate with the process. Mars in Aquarius put you to work to bring about major changes in your daily routine, your body and probably your working life too. Jupiter in Scorpio says be willing to diversify but be careful not to scatter your focus. Saturn in Capricorn will help you lay the foundation of a whole new level of power. Chiron in Aries will push you to dig deep to purge whatever needs to go and there might be quite a lot or at least in some in each category: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  Uranus in Taurus will activate a powerful, creative cycle that will include flower and fragrances and perhaps a new found delight in bird watching... whatever ‘bird’ means to you.

Virgo 2019

If ever there was a time to expand your vision of yourself and the world and in the world, this is it. Although a steady process of patient and diligent efforts are required, which include a definite learning curve process, your confidences are beginning to rise and this trend is destined to continue. You ambitions spurred will include a larger workload requiring you to dig deep and break with tradition and/or through limiting habits. You will focus to cultivate your talents in terms of practical applications.  An important healing process of your personal power includes awakening to a clear realization of what it is. 



Libra 2017

The urge to take new initiatives to broaden your horizons prevails as 2017 begins. An active quest for knowledge, leads and inspiration is a core feature. The challenge includes building upon new foundations somehow. Your attitude and interpretations are as important as practical measures regarding a well-rounded quality of success. During the latter half of 2016, it may have been difficult to gain traction. As 2017 begins you feel more grounded. Yet, it may take until June before the next effective stage officially begins. Use this time to intuitively receive and practically plan. Place the goal of better health high on your list and activate that momentum early. November brings big returns.

Libra 2018

You have arrived at an important juncture. It will include facing your fears to lay claim to latent talents and hidden gifts of self-expression. This process will challenge you to become vulnerable. Honesty is the best policy in this regard. Why hide the fact that you have insecurities? When they are acknowledged and brought out into the light of conscious awareness their power is diminished and then, by way of deliberate action, you can vanquish them altogether. This process may take many months, so the sooner you begin the better. The silver lining is that you will receive inspirations to design your course and be inventive. Mars in Aquarius will activate new creative interests. Jupiter in Scorpio you earned it! Saturn in Capricorn will guide you to face your fears and lay claim to your power, but will require that you take new leads and directions or assume new positions of leadership. Chiron in Aries will encourage you to focus on healing your most intimate relationships, perhaps especially the one you have with yourself. Uranus in Taurus will awaken many new interests and passions.

Libra 2019

Laying claim to new levels and positions of power, authority and duty is already underway and will continue in 2019. These are likely to challenge you at core levels, however, and push you to face your fears to lay claim to hidden gifts and talents. Expect to be busier than you have been for some time. This trend too, has already begun. Positively, this can amount to promotions and graduations to new levels of power and authority yet could shake things up on relationship fronts. It could also manifest as new streams of income. You will likely meet new people and go places you have not before.




Scorpio 2017 

In 2016 you summoned to step forward and out and to share your gifts, perhaps altruistically. While this call seems to require certain sacrifices, you also want to feel genuinely inspired. In addition to various outer efforts, doing inner work is also required and will deepen in 2017. It may be described as a soul-searching quest to decipher what you truly want to achieve and why. The entire process may feel like all you do is work and pay one due after another. What form these took and are taking now probably includes will, courage and discipline as well as time and money. This momentum will continue throughout 2017 yet should bring the first successive set of waves of returns by mid-spring.

Scorpio 2018

Jupiter in your sign is already activating leaps of faith. Outer circumstances beyond your control are likely playing a big role. You will likely begin new courses of study which may take several years to complete. Before summer begins, major changes on relationship fronts will become apparent. These will have a direct effect on your core beliefs and the philosophies that you live by for the sake of feeling secure. The state and quality of your health and that of your lifestyle, in general, will also come up for review by mid-spring. It may prove wise to take action now and get a check-up, at least, to contribute to offsetting any unnecessary negative accumulations. Affirm: healthy is powerful and beautiful! Mars in Aquarius will stir things up close to home and perhaps manifest as renovations, but could also produce a new you. Jupiter in Scorpio implies expansion and increase but just make sure it is your interests and financial status and not your waistline. Saturn in Capricorn will make you study harder, but patiently in terms of results as well. Chiron in Aries indicates a very real healing process which could amount to a complete transformation of how you present yourself to the world.  Uranus in Taurus will manifest as the status quo getting shaken-up on relationship fronts.

Scorpio 2019

Awakening to and realizing what constitutes your deep sense of individuality includes breaking free of limiting perspectives, assumptions and narrow opinions of yourself, others and life in general. Expect to engage your imagination in a steady process of co-creation and unique design. Taking calculated risks early in the year will activate your confidences to take several more.  Your ambitions are running high so you will not be too bothered by the required effort. However, you may be challenged to decide between the high road and the low, more than usual. Changes on relationship fronts are likely. 



Sagittarius 2017

Looking back a few years, so much has changed. What a few years ago was a veritable nightmare has by now become promising new territory, literally, psychologically and spiritually too. Yet, it may be that you are still searching for your best direction, what constitutes a path with heart at this stage of your journey. This will require a continued increase in your social outreach. Yet joining clubs and other interest groups will probably bring you much more than merely socializing. In fact, doing so could prove costly in many ways. Your willingness to humbly listen, learn and participate in activities that serve a higher purpose will bring rewards. Anticipate important initiatives in May.

Sagittarius 2018

In 2018 you will be challenged to get more disciplined. This may include paying your dues somehow, such as tuition or membership fees… Changes in your usual rhythm and daily routine will also become increasingly apparent. You will yearn for stability and predictability. Positively, there are indications that you could achieve higher levels of health and fitness, so consider beginning now to associate pleasure to what will contribute to it, and pain to what will not. Measurable changes will occur late in the year linked to risk and increase, yet will require you to leave worn-out traditions and attitudes behind. Mars in Aquarius synchronize with an increase in your energy levels and even make bring out the feisty fighter in you so make sure you direct it positively because while the universe does not judge it does teach by consequences. Jupiter in Scorpio will push you to dig deep to lay claim to deep reserves of faith perhaps even demanding that you ‘let go and let God’. Saturn in Capricorn requires that you ‘ay your dues’. Take a moment or a few to consider what this implies if not interpreted literally. Chiron in Aries represents a time of healing linked to your ability and desire to create and procreate.  Uranus in Taurus manifest as significant changes in your lifestyle and will demand that you take your health more seriously.

Sagittarius 2019

An important cycle of change and transformation will require you to let go of control, stubborn or resistant attitudes and attachments. You will feel pushed to integrate new and better patterns in your usual approach. Get ready to explore new territory and to embark upon a renewed sense of self-discovery.  Learning new skills and developing your talents is also highlighted. This implies making key investments. Over all, your energy levels will rise steadily and your drive and determination will follow later in the year. 2019 will manifest as a cycle of expansion and increase and of boldly going where you have not been before. 



Capricorn 2017

 2017 will prove to be a very significant year for you. Generally, you are undergoing a complex balancing act of expanding professionally and replacing old relationship attitudes and behavior patterns with better ones. The process of doing so, or not, will contribute significantly to the outcome, which will take the entire year to achieve. Yet, the need for change will increase in May. Whatever momentum is established by the end of the year will accelerate in 2018. Deciphering what the proverbial writing on the wall reads and deciding if you want to edit or re-write it altogether, is a central theme. Aim to balance a spirit of surrender with conscious cooperation.

Capricorn 2018

2018 stands to be a power year for you. Many factors are lining up to be in your favor. These will unfold progressively over the course of the year involving pivotal new beginnings on family and relationship fronts. Some of these positive factors have already begun, but may not be interpreted that way. Saturn entering your own sign can prove heavy and depressing. Knowing your direction will prove extra important; otherwise, you could embark on a wayward path, perhaps linked to poor choices in friendships. So, consider making deliberate efforts to associate with leaders, movers, and shakers who positively challenge you to new levels of achievement. Mars in Aquarius will instigate a revolutionary impulse regarding what you want and need. Jupiter in Scorpio will manifest as changes on friendship fronts and could find you entering an entirely new circle of friends. Saturn in Capricorn implies a whole new level of discipline and determination, yet you may have to work harder to decipher your best direction. Chiron in Aries will prompt a soul searching journey and it soul is the operative word here.  Uranus in Taurus will serve to activate your higher mind which could also manifest as a tug of war with your lower nature: aka base ego drives.

Capricorn 2019

Becoming more aware of and focused upon your most important relationships will become increasingly important in 2019. This can be understood as a call to cultivate greater empathy, both for you and others. This implies learning to be more understanding and to become more empathetic. Circumstances will push you to dig deeper into your hidden reserves of faith, perhaps than you have for a long time. The key to this process will be to humbly acknowledge that you may not know yourself as much as you once thought. This could prove to awaken you to new gifts and skills and/or lead you to improve upon existing ones. 




Aquarius 2017

Invitations and inspirations to get more into the game somehow began in late 2016 and will continue throughout 2017. These have come on the heels of returns which began in 2015. Yet, the need to make yet more changes began to grow steadily in 2016. These include a growing determination to take new leads and your drive to do so will increase steadily, especially beginning in May. A new quality of leadership is implied and does require an important learning curve. Answering this call is important lest you find yourself having to wait for a few years longer. It may take until mid-February before your ambitions rise and your focus sharpens. Your income could increase by year’s end.


Aquarius 2018

Many changes are in store for you in 2018. These will amount to important turning points and new beginnings. This will be true in terms of your lifestyle and even where you live. Expect to make major moves, both literal and figurative, this spring. Already, changes in your public and professional life are underway. These may seem like a mixed blessing at times. Plan to persevere faithfully into a relative unknown despite uncertainties. However, backup support is also indicated. As the year progresses, circumstances will push you to be more grounded and stable amidst a steady flow of measurable changes. Mars in Aquarius will activate new assertions and modes of expression that will require will and determination. Jupiter in Scorpio will inspire expansion and taking calculated risk in your career. Saturn in Capricorn push you to lay claim to your hidden powers and resources. Chiron in Aries will lead you to be more responsible for everything in your life. Uranus in Taurus is prompting major moves both inside and out.

Aquarius 2019

The time has come to show-up more fully in various respects. This can be understood as bringing your dreams and ideals down to earth. Your challenge will be to be even more available for whatever is required of you.  As you learn to adapt to a steady flow of changing circumstances, you will access your personal power and purpose. Expanded social and/or a deepened philosophical perspective will make you more aware of fairness and justice.  Deep changes close to home could manifest as a literal move to a new location. Exciting new cultural experiences, meeting people and making new friends are also featured.



Pisces 2017

2017 will prove to be very important for you. Deciphering what constitutes ‘the work’ and doing it is extra important. Circumstances will push you to be progressive, grounded and realistic all year. This will likely include and require the support and assistance of and cooperation with other key players. Deciphering who these are early in the year is ideal as you will feel inspired to assert a strong initiative right away. The bigger returns for your efforts may not come quickly so you will be challenged to persevere. It is said that one key measure taken every day will bring success so make that your resolve. Fortunately, there are good indications that your focus will be strong, clear and sharp.

Pisces 2018

The cycles appear to be turning your way in 2018. Already you may notice that you are more confident regardless of what is happening in your life. Starting even before the year is out, returns for prior efforts will begin rolling in and these will continue throughout 2018. Circumstances have directed you to be more sober and realistic regarding what is required of you to achieve your goals. Changes in your attitude, priorities, and approaches will become increasingly evident by mid-spring and could include a healing process. Financial responsibilities could figure prominently. As the year progresses, your confidence levels should increase inspiring new creative interests. Mars in Aquarius is leading you to face your fears head on and to claim your power despite them. Jupiter in Scorpio is activating a broader vision of possibility. Saturn in Capricorn is revealing returns for past efforts, for better and/or worse. Chiron in Aries will move you to heal your attitude towards money and possessions.  Uranus in Taurus is awakening new modes of perception and interpretation regarding how to share your wares and talents with the world.

Pisces 2019

A creative cycle has already begun and will continue throughout 2019. It is important that you identify and lay claim to what makes you special. The time has come to put it out there more fully. This will require calculated risks and increased effort linked to working more closely with others. A key factor in your success will be to mind your own business, literally. You will feel inspired to share your ideas visions more fully with others. Focusing to cultivate new perspectives and approaches, perhaps especially in terms of your ability to stimulate new and or larger streams of income, includes cultivating professional relationships. 


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