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Join Michael for a 1-Day Workshop

at Pure Lotus Wellness Retreat in Kemptville

Sunday November 10, 2019

9am - 5pm EST  


Want an Intro? Join Michael for an enlightening Evening Talk:

"Astrology and the Intimate Sun, Moon, Earth Relationship"

at Pure Lotus Wellness Retreat

Friday November 8, 2019 ~ 7pm - 9pm


Package Pricing Special:

Evening Talk + 1-Day Workshop + 90-minute Reading = $250


Evening Talk + 1-Day Workshop + 60-minute Reading = $220

Do you feel like you're living out of tune or out of step with flow of life?

Are you aware of the hidden forces that are impacting your daily mood and energy level?

Now you can feel more empowered by learning how to live in tune with the ever-changing cycles of the Sun and Moon, and their powerful impact on your life. How?


By learning to following a Pocket Astrologer as your daily guide to navigate the ebb and flow of natural forces.

Benefits you will gain from this 1-day workshop:

  • Gain a solid foundation and working knowledge of the 'language code' and core principles of Astrology.

  • Learn to be more in-tune with the Sun and Moon, the ongoing natural daily, weekly and monthly rhythms and cycles.

  • Better understand your own regular rhythms as well as those of your family and friends.

  • Determine the best dates and times when to host special events.

  • Know when and when not to sign important documents or make expensive purchases, or launch key initiatives, or embark upon a journey, or…

  • Gain deepened self-awareness for personal growth based on the archetypal language of the soul that astrology is.

  • Cultivate greater harmony and deeper, more satisfying relationships.

  • Develop your powers of observation and balance your brain as you exercise both logic and intuition in the application of the calendar for daily, practical use.

"I found Michael’s class to be a very informative overview on how to read and interpret an astrological calendar and how I can use it in my daily life. It helps me be aware of potential moods and influences due to the positions of the moon and planets. I am now better able to plan my day as to whether it likely will be good for communication, physical activity, making an important purchase, gardening, and / or spiritual matters." Gerry

This 1-day works provides you with a solid foundation with practical application that both stands on its own, and provides the sure footing should you decide to take your studies further. 

You know that each day has its own mood and overall "feel", right? You experienced the collective heaviness, irritation, or light-hearted buoyancy and ease at work or when out for the evening. Some days everything just clicks, and other days, things are inexplicably tense, aggravating or depressing.

The fact is, much like the moon moves the tides, and how the full moon can create havoc for emergency rooms and police, the daily aspects that the moon makes does indeed impact us on both a personal, and collective level here on earth. How can it not? We're made of approximately 75% water, and are bombarded with celestial influences and magnetic pulls that are beyond our conscious awareness! 

The good news is now you can easily learn an ancient knowledge that you can immediately apply to your modern life, that will help you navigate the constantly changing "astrological weather" of the moon phases that are impacting daily events, subtlety or not.

You'll be empowered to know the "forecast" of the mood of the day, and be savvier to better plan for important occasions, such as dates, weddings, signing documents, purchases, parties, or just staying in for the night to avoid wasting money on trying to have fun, when's just not gonna happen.

This introduction to Astrology by way of learning to read a Pocket Astrologer, will not only fast-track your understanding of the basics of Astrology, (the "Astrological Alphabet,"), it will also teach you how to make practical use of it every day! An Astrology Calendar (or Pocket-Astrologer) is a stand-alone tool and may be all you ever need or want from actually learning astrology, and it establishes a solid foundation for future studies.

In addition to learning to identify the symbols for the planets, zodiac signs, and aspects, you will learn to apply your knowledge right away in your own life. You will also learn to decipher which lunar aspects are easy, flowing and creative as well as those that are much more challenging.

You’ll be aware of when you are likely to experience otherwise inexplicable emotional highs and lows and how to adapt and even overcome them.


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