Fulfill Your Destiny

The question of fate versus free will is a timeless classic. Some believe that we are bound to our destiny and there is little we can do except surrender willingly. On the other extreme there are those who believe that everything in life is a choice based on randomness, and that all of existence operates by chance. Both of these extreme positions are just that; extremes, and are essentially wrong.


Although it may seem to be a contradiction to some, free will is a feature of destiny.

Deciphering what constitutes your destiny becomes an important step towards realizing your purpose. It should be noted that destiny has multiple layers and aspects. At its root, destiny is directly associated with experiences, choices and actions, that lead to personal growth or evolution. This is true whether or not you are consciously aware of it.

As you come to know and understand what constitutes the various layers and aspects of your destiny and fate, and then make choices and take actions to fulfill them, you will invariably nurture a growing sense of purpose.

'Fate" is another word commonly associated with destiny. Fate can generally be described as the circumstances in our life, both inner and outer, that seem rather fixed. The term ‘outer’ refers to larger outer realities like the weather, the economy or the traffic, etc. The term, ‘inner’ is intended to refer to genetic and karmic patterns and other factors which can collectively be understood as our 'nature'. It is not that they are fixed absolutely, but they are significantly so, and the desire to have the power to alter these otherwise immutable influences is ancient and continues to this day.

It may be simply said that it is our Destiny to overcome Fate by wisely exercising our Free Will.

Learning how to use free will and co-create our life to alleviate the impact of fate is a core feature of the meaning of life or, in other words, is our personal and collective destiny. Yet, destiny is not simply about confronting fate, it is also about dreams, goals and aspirations which can be described as the processes of actualizing our potential.

Destiny implies the journey of our life that leads us to aspire to emphasize our strengths, gifts and talents to realize our dreams and goals.

Of course, upon the way we also encounter obstacles. Certainly some of these are due to social realities, yet they are also a reflection of our own limitations. Thus, making the most of our qualities to succeed implies using these to overcome our shortcomings, to become more balanced and integrated which is also to say 'to evolve'.

Some people are able and/or inclined to make more conscious and better use of free will than others. We all have it but we don’t all know how to use it to our fullest advantage, according to our relatively fixed circumstances. Yet, with awareness of who we are and what represents the finer details of our destiny, we can all make better use of our free will.

The following is a summary of the Destiny, Fate, and Free Will principle:

  • Our destiny is to exercise free will to contend with our fate.

  • Our fate is reflected in our inner and outer circumstance.


Inner circumstance is anchored in inherited karmic patterns reflected in our core nature, and inherited genetic patterns which reflect our soul plan.

Outer circumstance is also a reflection of our soul plan. The most powerful stage of which occurs from birth to adolescence, when outer players and realities are beyond the reach of our ability to respond with free will due to a lack of developed intuition, empathy, reason and logic. The result of this outer circumstance is described as our ‘conditioning’ and is where the implication of psychology and sociology converge.

The cultivation of free will is a lifelong process and is progressive. Newborn infants have it least yet the process of its development begins incrementally with our first independent breath.

Inner circumstance includes, yet transcends our genetic make-up. Our genetic code is a by-product of a long lineage and may be understood as core feature of the ‘world soul’. The deeper inner reason we are born to the parents we are, which constitute the basis of our genetic make-up, corresponds to our soul plan which is a reflection of our soul’s evolutionary need and choice.

Thus, free will is anchored in our soul. While its expression appears by the sole expression of our personality, the personality is most clearly understood to be an expression not simply of genetic and outer environmental factors, but of deeper levels of consciousness which can accurately be described as ones’ ‘core nature’.

Evidence of destiny is revealed in the Astrological Birth Chart. It also reveals and thereby proves that there are factors operative which transcend both genetics and the conditioning imprints of outer environmental circumstances.

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