There are many types of Questions you can ask.

Like modern computers, Astrology contains many 'built-in apps'. Combined with a wide array of interpretation techniques, I can provide you with relevant insight, guidance, and answers for many aspects of your life.



These range from relationships to life changes and timing, career, and education strategies and future directions, general forecasting for time spans from 1-month to 1-year to 5-years, and other practical questions such as when to sign or launch, is it a good time to start a business and, what kind - solo, partnership or larger teams, or real estate questions such as when to buy and sell. Then there are the 'where' and 'when' questions about relocation, whether it is your home or business, otherwise called astrocartography.


I can also help you to understand your deeper evolutionary needs and also meet practical financial goals by providing you with deep insights to help you pinpoint your purpose and these can include insights about karmic patterns and past life influences that are often linked to health and relationships dynamics and more...

When you book either a 30, 60 or 90-minute reading, many areas of interest can be addressed. The menu below is designed to support you to know what you can ask.


The time amount and therefore the cost of readings for the types of questions listed below are based on an approximate 30-minutes ($50 +GST) per question.

Natal Chart

Gaining knowledge about your nature, strengths, challenges, core life purpose and destiny provides a solid foundation for all future inquiry.


People commonly assume that they know who they are. Yet, we are complex beings and we each possess more potential and blind spots in our self awareness than is commonly realized.


Your Natal Chart is the foundation upon which all subsequent questions are based.  This step is important because questions regarding cycles, events, and timing (Transits, Progressions, and Returns), and so on, stem from it.  It provides you with key insights into your core nature, strengths, challenges, life purpose and evolutionary needs. This knowledge supports greater clarity regarding your decision-making process based on other questions (such as outlined below), by providing valuable contextual knowledge. 

Deciphering Your Time of Birth

While it is not strictly necessary to know your time of birth to gain valuable insight and guidance from astrology, it does serve to sharpen the picture and this can make a big difference.


Spending a bit of time to at least come closer to your probable time of birth is interesting and can prove helpful. That it can be done at all is also a reminder that you do indeed have a destiny and that your character, future directions and the timing of key turns and events are core features of it.


Pursuing a meaningful career brings many rewards. 


A Reading focused on helping you choose a meaningful career path and your style of approach and the timing of changes can save you a lot of time, energy and money and, in addition to peace of mind, support a genuine sense of purpose and passion for

your life. 



Pinpoint Your Unique Life Purpose

Pursuing a specific life path is a feature of every person's destiny. For some, the path is straight and narrow while for others winding and undulating and both are meaningful.


There are many types of people, lessons and life rhythms and, therefore, styles of approach in life. Sometimes we ourselves do not understand this very well while at other times it is other people in our life who project their conditioned beliefs and interpretations upon us. Sadly, this often leads to misunderstandings and conflicts. If it is your life that is more varied this way, you may suffer from low self-esteem, confusion, depression, loneliness, addiction and other such negative reactions. Coming to understand the deeper purpose behind this life path as opposed to seeking assistance that does not have the tools to see deeply into a wide array of lifestyle rhythms and patterns can possibly make matters worse.


With the tools of Astrology and Numerology, I  can help you understand what constitutes details regarding your life purpose and evolutionary need, beyond career or parenthood, for example. This may manifest as many job changes as well so gaining insight into the timing of these can help a lot too.


When to Sign and Launch

Recognizing that there are better and worse times to launch something major or when to sign legally binding documents is ancient and instinctual. 


The signing or launch moment does have an influence and comes under the category of Electional Astrology.  There are many reasons we sign legal documents: marriage, business and partnership, buying a home, land or car..., adoptions, wills, rental or other lease agreements, divorce, and the launch of anything from a boat to a website to the official ribbon cutting of a new enterprise and the list goes on.


You in Love & Relationship Insight

A little extra relationship insight can help a lot.

The emphasis can be all about you and your destiny, needs, wants, style and karma linked to relationships. Sometimes all you need is some clarification of what constitutes your own relationship dynamics while at other times your focus will be regarding  the dynamics exist between you and/or what is going on currently. The focus could also be personal, familial or professional and so on... In any case, life is all about relationships and understanding relationships is a core feature of daily life.

Family Affair

Better understand your family members and your relationship dynamics and how to best support them.

Whether you are interested in a chart for a newborn or for your child or 5 or 35, better knowing who they are so you can supporting them to be more fully authentic or to achieve more relationship harmony, this focus is a common one.


As well, the focus may be directed towards better understanding your parents or siblings as well and the differences between you and the harmonies, flows and challenges both at core levels of linked to current situations and issues you may be experiencing.

Past Lives and Karmic Patterns

Gaining a deeper understanding of past life patterns can prove very

illuminating, liberating, empowering and healing.


Whether you are just curious or you would like to better understand your destiny or relationship dynamics with certain people or health challenges you are experiencing in this life, gaining a deeper glimpse of your past life is a profound experience and often produces immediate recognition.

Health is a Natural Area of Concern

Over the course of our lives we are all subject to the ups and downs, progressions and sudden turns linked to our health.

While it is not my place to diagnose, I can see indicators, patterns, trends and upcoming cycles for which I can provide insight regarding the deeper inter-related issues, karma, timing, areas likely to be influenced and strategic guidance  about how you can focus to engage these consciously.

Astrocartography - Relocation & Travel

Major moves are often stressful and it can help a lot to know when is the best time and save a lot of time, money and grief by knowing how well you align with a certain location or not.


In addition to the language, culture and climate and the longitude and latitude, every country state, province and city have their own 'character'. In fact, every locations has its own astrology chart too and how well you align with it can be measured. This is called Astrocartography and our relationship to location is more impactful than is commonly realized. This knowledge can help you target a specific location take a lot of stress away from 'entering the unknown'.


Life Changes and Timing

Transits, Progressions, Directions and Returns are Prediction Techniques to Measure the Destiny of Cycles, Trends and Events.


The reality of the steady flow and sometimes sudden turn of events we call change is one thing all people recognize. In addition to knowing what might occur and when, it is also valuable to gain insight regarding what areas of life are likely to be affected, their deeper meaning and purpose and how they can best be managed. 



12-Month Forecast

The future in probable, but it is not certain and, with awareness, we can make good use of our free will.


What is in store for you for the coming year? This question is often asked towards the end or at the beginning of the year or on or near your birthday. On the other hand, anytime can be a good time for the begin date of a 12-Month Forecast.


In addition to having a better sense of what will occur and when, such insight supports you to align and cooperate with the cycles of destiny. This can give you the advantage both personally and professionally.



Solar Return

The completion of a cycle of a planet with respect to the sign and degree it occupies in your Natal Chart produces a Return Chart.

Each year at a time within 24 hours of your birthday, the Sun Returns to the exact sign and degree it was when you were born. Yet, all the other planets have changed positions and this create a new chart. It does not dismiss your Natal Chart, but it does outline a new set of themes, lessons, opportunities and challenges for the year ahead.  Also, where you experience your Solar Return, in terms of location in the world does make a difference and can significantly change the dynamics of what you will experience. This is a little known and powerful secret that you may well be glad you learned. For an annual update on the year ahead, a Solar Return Reading is a great choice for your annual check-in.

Saturn Return

The deeper themes revealed by your Saturn Return chart play a vital

background role in your life that encompass decades, literally.

Saturn Return occurs every 28 to 29.5 years. This 1.5 year discrepancy is determined by whether you are destined to experience a single or a triple return. The triple return occurs when Saturn turns retrograde within the time period when it returns to the degree and sign it was when you were born. Many people assume that once Saturn has completed its return, that is the end of it but actually it is just the beginning as a closer examination of your Saturn Return chart(s) sheds valuable light upon cycles of destiny that will influence you for 3 decades! Whether or not you are experiencing your Saturn Return, you can gain insight into its deeper implications for long-term themes. After all, Saturn is not referred to as the karmic planet for nothing...

5-Year Plan

Having a plan for the future can support productivity and living more fully.


Gaining a big picture perspective on your life can help you to plan ahead and set realistic and strategic goals. It can prove very helpful, inspiring and empowering to align with the cycles of your destiny so you can realize your goals and dreams with effective strategic measures, poise and grace.



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