Horoscope for the Week:
March 27, 2020

Tip of the Week:

On Saturday, March 22, 2020, Saturn entered the revolutionary and future-oriented sign of Aquarius (it was the 21st for most of North America). Saturn will remain in Aquarius until July 1st, when it will re-enter Capricorn, due to its retrograde cycle, where it will remain until December 17. Saturn will reach 1 Aquarius 57 by May 11 on which day it turns retrograde. Saturn will then retrograde back to 25 Capricorn 20 until September 28 when it will resume direct motion again. So, despite the retrograde back into its own ruling sign of Capricorn for 5.5 months, Saturn will officially enter Aquarius, the sign it co-rules on March 22, largely remaining there until March 7, 2023.


Saturn, the famously ringed planet is symbolic of karma, duty, discipline, limitations, restrictions, restraints, and responsibilities. This 'Saturn theme' is clearly playing a major role now, and will all year, culminating in a conjunction with Jupiter on Winter Solstice 2020.


The Aquarian influence indicates revolution and it is occurring on a global scale by the command of destiny.

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