Horoscope for the Week:
November 15, 2019

Tip of the Week:

The annual Scorpio cycle now enters its last quarter. Ever a deep cycle, it serves to prepare us for rebirth and this often includes an inner retreat and a stripping away of layers that have served their time and purpose. These layers can be paralleled with the 4 Elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire to include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers.


The spiritual layers can be the most difficult to identify. Basically, they constitute our subconscious and soul; what moves from our inner core. So, this inward pull and reach are hardly negative or macabre. Rather, it can be described as deep and sacred and, yes, esoteric, too. Esoteric is a word that refers to inner dimensions and what exists within, yet is hidden from our empirical senses which are designed for navigating the outer world.

Tip of the Month - November 2019

Halloween goes into overtime. Here in Montreal, due to bad weather, cities all around the region actually chose to ‘postpone’ Halloween to November 1st, which is All Saint’s Day according to Christian tradition. The Moon was Void-of-Course all day and Mercury was retrograde, so the synchronicity is quite apt indeed. Both of these situations represent poor days for launching projects or signing contracts… The Scorpio New Moon in late October hosted a Mercury/Venus conjunction in Scorpio. Altogether, it seeded a particularly exuberant and passionate cycle, it also contained some complexities linked to the celestial lovers, Venus and Mars, in each other's ruling sign – a role reversal. Despite the ‘mutual reception’, these are traditionally regarded as difficult sign placements or at least complex. This could prove extra interesting. Romantic relationships represent the main stage. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio adds intrigue to the plot...

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