Horoscope for July 2020

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Horoscope for July 2020


Tip of the Month: 

July 2020 is destined to be a very pivotal month. Over the course of July, due in part to 6 major planets retrograde as the month begins, we will see many popular theories overturned, and much of the clutter on the airwaves, that has been the source of much confusion, cleared, or at least the process will be initiated.


Mars in Aries, Saturn retrograde in Capricorn, a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on the evening of July 4th, Chiron retrograde, and Mars forming a conjunction with it, a second New Moon in Cancer on July 20th, and Jupiter and Neptune sharing a harmonious exchange, altogether contribute to indications that July will be an epic, high voltage month.

Mars is 'in honor' in Aries, as it is the sign that Mars rules. This honor is that of a soldier and, due to the honor principle, a very capable soldier, as in a special unit and well-trained agent. That it represents the militant aspect, as with Mars and martial arts and so on…, we can expect to see a whole new level of action and events stemming from this. The notion that the police will ‘step down’ is quite unlikely. In fact, they and other military branches and units and more likely to ‘step-up’.


Probably, in light of the riots in the U.S.A. especially that peaked in June, and the antagonists of which remain… hopeful, the police will present themselves at a whole new level of expression. This will not likely occur all at once, but will steadily emerge, and the violent rioting will be recognized as having instigated a whole new attitude of the police especially, in the U.S.A. and the influence could well extend to other countries too. Positively, a whole new ideal and standard of integrity will arise, such as the police emerge as peace officers first, and law enforcement officers only as necessary.


As for Saturn re-entering Capricorn, due to having turned retrograde back in early May, well, it is likely to amount to yet another wave of overbearing government authority. Some will assert that it is, and has been necessary. Yet, many are recognizing the governments the world over are sending out many mixed and confusing messages. Caught between a stone and a hard place, as the cliché goes, is a very apt description for Saturn in Capricorn, especially while retrograde which it will be until late September.


This specifically refers to safety protocols linked to COVID-19 and the implications of shutting down the economy and all the casualty that stems from that. So, it is a very tough call and there is no easy way out. If governments assert their authority to shut down, people will rebel and if they don’t, people will complain. In short, there is no clear consensus among the populations.


Meanwhile, in the background is the unfolding reality of Saturn having formed a conjunction with Pluto on January 12th, an event that occurs about every 35 years and synchronizes with large-scale economic reform. Well, that is exactly what we are experiencing, and can continue to expect. As serious as COVID-19 is, the real story or, at least the real outcome, will be an economic reset. Are you ready?


This is a loaded question because it is hard to know how to prepare. Positively, this reform stands to bring about a more equal distribution of wealth. Yet, this will take time to become fully established and it is that interim period… Yet, Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius on December 21st stands to usher this in quickly and as if suddenly. The real reason is because it will not occur as a reaction, but as a strategic plan that has probably been brewing behind the scenes for many years, decades even.


So, July 2020 will prove pivotal and will largely manifest as a clean-up month, I strongly suspect. This does not mean the demonstrators and rioting will go away quickly, but it will be addressed probably quite convincingly by the end of the month. What will replace it is another question. Yet, as important as these demonstrations and social revolutionary movements are, what will likely no longer be tolerated is the mischief and delinquent behavior that has seized its opportunity in the wake of it.


How we individually will respond to these very significant and pivotal events are both a matter of personal destiny, choice and the immediate realities of our social circumstances. All of these realities are a feature of doing Astrology well. Centering in your own personal power includes increased self-awareness and a deeper appreciation of your destiny. With this knowledge, vague and wishful thinking can be cleared away and in their place, you can experience a whole new level of clarity and confidence to be centered and empowered to live in your truth as an evolving soul alive in these times and, thereby, know better how to navigate the complex outer social, political and economic weather and terrain... and I am here to help you to do just that.


Aries (Mar 21- Apr 19)

You have entered a cycle that can be described as fixing, healing, and clearing the clutter. Whether your focus will be directed at your home environment or you yourself, or both, is the question.


Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Doing work behind the scenes, which could be called ‘inner work’, is contributing to seeing through otherwise emotionally obscured bias. Consequently, you will become increasingly open to discussion.


Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

A concentrated focus early in July, perhaps on health and family welfare will turn to creative expressions as the month progresses. Meanwhile, measurable feelings of defiant determination to win will also rise.


Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

You have probably been taking some pioneering initiatives of late and your focus has been sharp. Yet, you may also feel more open and willing to reconsider previously held convictions. Expect reactions from others to be mixed.


Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22)

Although your network is expanding, you also feel more introverted these days. Positively, you are getting a lot done behind the scenes. Beyond productivity, your progress may include perceptual breakthroughs.


Virgo (Aug 23 - Sep  22)

Opening your mind to new methods, strategies and tools will prove important this month. Although the pace will not be fast, your ambitions will be high supporting your resolve to do the work.


Libra (Sep 23 - Oct  22)

Changes in your public and professional life that began in later June will become increasingly clear this month. You want more variety and freedom. Various associations may, however, prove confrontational.


Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

You have arrived at an important turning point. Deciphering your next direction may not be apparent right now. At worst, you could even feel a little lost. Keep an open mind and slow down.


Sagittarius (Nov  22 - Dec 21)

Seeing the beauty in others and situations of late have been easier. Yet, you may also be looking beneath the surface. As the month progresses, your perspectives will likely change, perhaps even producing a reversal.


Capricorn (Dec  22 - Jan 19)

Keeping the peace has felt important, but also challenging. Circumstances are pushing you to give more than you may want. Yet, exercising empathy this way and at this time will bring rewards.


Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

A creative mood has been steadily rising. Some of this is getting channeled into paying more attention to your health. This focus will continue but will shift towards month end to emphasize social engagements.


Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

A casually playful mood is lingering and this will actually extend through to September. You will want to and will be able to focus more as the month progresses. Balancing work and play is especially important now.


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