Jupiter is in Sagittarius, where it will remain for another year! This cycle officially began on November 8th 2018 and ends on December 2nd 2019.


This is something to celebrate. Because Jupiter has an 11.86-year cycle, so it spends about 1-year in each sign, but due to its elliptical orbit the amount of time it takes to transit through any given sign is slightly different. Because Jupiter is the ruling planet for Sagittarius, it is ‘honor’ in its own sign and this makes it extra special. As well, from the perspective of traditional astrology, Jupiter is regarded as the “Greater Benefic” and Venus is regarded as the “Lesser Benefic”. Benefic is the keyword, here and clearly denotes something positive and this can prove especially true when a planet is in honor.

The date and exact moment a planet enters a sign reveals its own significance. To understand it better, we look to chart as a whole to decipher the placement and condition of the remaining planets. This can be done for any ‘ingress’ (when a planet enters a new sign) and provides background layers of insight regarding the larger purpose and deeper implications of that event. In the case of Jupiter recently entering its own sign of Sagittarius it is especially noteworthy that it occurred less than 1-day after the New Moon in Scorpio. So, this already suggests that this ‘seed event’ contains within it a theme of transformation, of death and rebirth, the basic themes linked to the Scorpio archetype, which is also linked to sex and procreation, purging and purification, taxes, insurance, banks and all other institutions and ‘legal entities’ linked to collective reserves of money and wealth.

It is also noteworthy that The Scorpio New Moon occurred at the powerful 15th degree which is linked to the exact start of the last 1/8 of the cycle of the year which is symbolic of endings, completions, clearing and cleaning in preparation for the new linked to Winter Solstice. In short, the 15th degree is symbolic of death of the old to make way for the new and it thereby contains within it a prophetic theme.

While much can be written about any chart, I will briefly outline a few more significant highlights.


First, at that exact time, the Lunar North and South Nodes were at the 29th degree of Cancer and Capricorn, respectively. Furthermore, Uranus was also at the 29th-degree of Aries. In other words, Uranus was at the exact apex point of a T-Square which is a highly charged aspect in astrology and can be understood to carry a lot of weight, power and influence. Uranus' influence can simply be described as unpredictable and sudden. Add to this the 29th degree and at the apex of a T-Square and it can be imagined that the Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle will contain some powerful jolts catapulting us into the future and, with the Aries influence, boldly going where we have not gone before. That these signs are three of the four Cardinal Modality signs adds to this factor significantly because these signs are the most dynamic, expressive and forceful in astrology. Further, the 29th degree of any sign in Astrology represents a critical degree and is symbolic of themes of overcoming. Accurately, this represents a process requiring patience and determination and is invariably very challenging.

While there is much more to say about this ingress chart, the one other main factor I will point out is that the Moon in Scorpion was square Mars in Aquarius. This aspect can be understood as one of producing anger. Given the other factors above, it is very likely that it will finds its expression by violent means, but not necessarily.

Positively, Jupiter in Sagittarius inspires optimism, broad-mindedness, expanded vision, philosophical wisdom, moral and ethical principles, spiritual laws, metaphysics and the sincere quest for truth. On one hand, Jupiter in Sagittarius represents an earnest pursuit of truth, on the other, especially linked to what constitutes moral and ethical conduct.

It is, however, ever important to bear in mind that any planet in sign aspect can be expressed in its negative extreme. Regarding Jupiter in Sagittarius, that amounts to fanaticism and especially that of religious fundamentalism. This can be interpreted as saying: ‘the ends do not justify the means’. As well, ‘just because we can, does not therefore necessarily imply that we should’. This is where the re-emergence of sincere philosophical dialogue and debate come to the fore and these orientations are directly linked to Sagittarius.

The visionary wisdom of Sagittarius can be compared to the careful consideration of our choices based on their probably future repercussions.


On a personal level, this wisdom invites us to truly know who we are and why we are here; what constitutes the deeper implications of destiny. In our quite materialistic times, we have access to more stuff than ever before and yet in some ways people suffer from a lack of deeper purpose and a genuine connection with their destiny. This is where astrology can help a lot, but merely the prediction aspect, rather the sounding of our core nature and destiny.

Astrology, more than any other tool out there reveals the details of our destiny with remarkable accuracy. Taking the time and making the investment to have a seasoned professional to translate the insights indicated into a meaningful and purposeful life strategy that aligns with the realities of your outer life and society in general, is an example of this wisdom. And this is where some of the real challenge resides. On the other hand, this is what the deeper meaning and wisdom of the word: “co-creation” is all about.

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Jupiter in Sagittarius - The Visionary Philosopher


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