Jupiter Knows - The Plan

Jupiter has an 11.86-year cycle so spends almost exactly a year in each sign – how “just” for the planet of law and justice. However, as is true of most planets, least of all Neptune, due to elliptical orbits, the duration in certain signs is longer than others. BIG Jupiter, larger than all the planets put together, is also symbolic of themes of largess, expansion, increase, and so on… Jupiter also inspires risk and faith and is the planet that says, so to speak, ‘follow me and I will lead you to the treasure’. This is generally true, however, the biggest challenge with Jupiter is excess.

It is a beautiful thing just how much the great red spot storm on Jupiter actually looks like an eye! Jupiter’s eye storm, I will refer to it this way from now on, is itself four times the size of Earth! So, discussions of size can only be conceptual because it transcends what anyone can actually, truly, experientially know. The rapid axial rotation turns the planet on its axis completing a rotation is close to exactly 1o hours! So the great storm like an all knowing eye looking to the Sun on one end of the spectrum and sweeping all the way out to Pluto on the other end, casts a solar systemic 360 degree ‘visual’ sweep, like a celestial lighthouse. As it completes each revolution on its axis, it is as if each cycle reverberates with a cosmic mantra repeating “I know, I know” What it ‘knows’, and I say this in a more cosmological, metaphysical sense than the literal astronomical, what it knows is “The Plan”.

The Plan is, basically, the evolution and expression of life and consciousness symbolized by the Sun on one end, the Solar Lord and Logos, and Pluto the planet of evolutionary transformation or death and rebirth, at the other end of the spectrum. All the other planets play vital roles in this cosmology, this ‘astro-psychology’ (this is a modern term but the concept of it is very ancient) and Jupiter’s role is vital in that it symbolizes the higher mind and the very idea of the evolution of consciousness. Put another way, Jupiter is the cosmic organ of our beliefs. What we believe and how we believe has everything to do with our perceptions and values and actions, all of which constitute our philosophy of life. Of course, beliefs are not the only factor regarding these. Incidentally, for there to be a Plan, there must be a ‘planner’, designer or whatever similar such term you deem suitable, or a consciousness that is actively engaged in the plan and the intricate and infinite processes of its expression.

From this understanding, it may be easier to accept that perceiving the Solar System as one whole entity is more than a metaphor. In other words, all of life in general and our Solar System in particular, is not simply a conglomeration of parts. Nor are we or any other aspect of life. For example, when we say, ‘what goes around comes around’ most people ‘believe’ this to be true in both the literal sense, pertaining to cycles, and the metaphysical sense, which refers to the underlying or innate laws of existence and life. Think about the word for another moment…, laws. How can there be laws in a random, arbitrary universe. It is simply an illogical notion yet one perpetuated by mainstream science to this day. Remarkable!

How and why we know that oneness is truth and the notions of parts miraculously working in intrinsic, intimate unison both includes and goes beyond logical reasoning; it is also indicative of intuition, a function of higher mind. As Albert Einstein’s famous quote asserts, “Imagination is greater than knowledge”. The lower minded approach of dissecting the parts as a means of understanding the whole does have its place, right alongside embracing the whole to better understand the parts. This implies a balanced mind approach and the one keeps the other in check, or more precisely, balance. Astrology exists as a testimony to this and upholds this balance in everyday practice. It reminds us that we are nature and not simply in it; we are one with it all!

While we each busily live our lives it is at least as true that our life is living us. This is the nature of reality and the reality of nature. Just think and imagine how much your automatic nervous system, your subconscious and your DNA are operative at every moment of your life. If you ‘think’ that everything you choose and do and are stems from your conscious mind, think again! Nature is alive as a whole and has or contains intelligence and expresses an intelligence that is so infinitely and majestically wondrous, incredible, awe-inspiring and we can even say miraculous, that it can perhaps best be described as and is generally referred to as God. Unfortunately, that word and any other that endeavors to approximate it as with reference to specific deities such as Jesus, Allah, Buddha, and Krishna and so on… is often loaded with cultural conditioning. So, by saying it, we can begin to transcend biases such as these.

This is, has been and continues to be the message of all awakened minds. The ‘reason’ these thinkers, visionaries, seers and enlightened beings in general come to be regarded as mystics, is again because  the nature of reality and the reality of nature invariably unknowable and ultimately mystical. Regarding existence or the universe to be unconscious and arbitrary, a random conglomeration of parts is simply the most ridiculous notion ever conceived and yet is the perspective held by the bulk of mainstream academia.

Despite the beauty, infinite complexity and majesty of life, the so-called intellectual leaders of our time have effectively reduced it by projection of a very limited notion and that is what is so ugly about the mechanistic paradigm, which has assumed a position of operating as the sole truth and with unquestioned authority which it does more by might that right. This can, ironically, be understood as the ‘lower mind’ of Jupiter which reduces perception of reality to logic alone.

In its whole and greater function, Jupiter symbolizes the functioning of the higher mind. It can be understood as a weave of all of our perceptual and conceptual faculties. When all of these are involved in our interpretation of existence, we return to the deep knowing that life is on purpose and this grand purpose can be described as a grand ‘plan’.

Among other considerations of this truth is that it also refers to the fact that each and every person, you, are alive on purpose and that your life is a meaningful expression of this larger purpose and plan. Remarkably, the insights that I can provide you with Astrology can shed profound light upon this purpose. When you are experience this revelation of purpose, you will realize that it is true because it will resonate so deeply within you and at that moment, I will remind you here and now, you can reflect back upon this article and come to realize yourself as a small yet very significant expression of this larger plan, that your life contains a plan within the greater plan. This can simply be understood as your destiny.

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