Life is All About Relationships

Whatever you are experiencing in any relationship in your life, personal, professional, familial or otherwise, I can provide valuable insights for greater personal and mutual self-awareness and understanding. The goal is simple: to support you and the people you are in relationships with to make clearer and more conscious choices to either create a mutually respectful, harmonious and productive relationship or perhaps to agree that it is best to take a break or move on from the relationship altogether.

The Relationship Reading Package includes 1-hour Readings for each of you and 1.5 hours together. That's 3.5 hours total for the usual cost of 3 hours. 

The 1.5-hour session together begins by examining your relationship dynamics - the mental, the emotional and physical chemistry you share. Next, we assess what constitutes the core features of your purpose together - the destiny of your relationship. Finally, we examine where the relationship itself is now in terms of the cycles of destiny.

Genetics, social conditioning, individual and shared karma and purpose, chemistry, compatibility, trust, respect, outer circumstances, timing, attitude, awareness, empathy, understanding, choice..., there are a lot of factors that exist and within and between you and the people you love and with whom you share relationships.

The reality of your life begins with mother and father, then our ‘parents’, biological, adopted or otherwise. Siblings, relatives, especially in our early formative years is where our core perceptions, beliefs, interpretations and attitudes are forged. Then  eventually, neighbors and friends, colleagues and business partners play increasingly important roles. In time, relationship with our significant others becomes a focal point of our life. We each experience a wide range of relationships in our life, not necessarily in order of experience and prioity.


Our scope of relationships also includes our home and where we live. I am referring to the location specifically and literally, because every country state/province and city has its own ‘character’.


Society in general and its customs, rules, laws and modes of government also represents important aspects of relationships we all experience. We can then refer to the environment and planet as a whole, as well. Perhaps you can even add to this list.


Within the context of this broad spectrum, it can be easy to overlook the fact that the primary and most important relationship of all is with you, your self, your own body, mind, heart, and soul, which implies the spiritual side of things. In fact, the relationship you have with you is 'the' focal point of your life' and can be understood as your first responsibility. Respecting this fact and respecting that the people in your life also experience life this way is an important step to creating more harmonious and successful relationships. Such a realization is commonly described as empathy and it begins your own self-regard. The scope and quality of acknowledgement and appreciation of this fact by you and those with whom you are in relationship, or lack thereof, is an important step towards creating more successful relationships. 


Upon reflection, therefore it quickly becomes apparent that life is all about relationships and they encompass the full spectrum of our experiences. In this respect, our relationships constitute the single most important focus of our lives.  Given the complexities of human nature coupled with the law of change occurring in every sector and at every level of society, it is the harmony and balance of our relationships that undergo all the drama and stress and where we must ever 'do the work'. 


The Relationship Reading Package is a great start to cultivate the harmony, health, and happiness we all yearn to experience. While some relationships may require additional time to really explore the deeper reaches and inter-personal dynamics, it will go a long way to creating awareness and momentum that you can work with right away.




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