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Purpose, passion, destiny; do these words have anything in common? Yes, indeed they do. In this respect, purpose begins with the understanding that life itself is ‘on purpose’ and you therefore, are meant to be here. Essentially, it is as simple as that.

The more complete answer is linked to deciphering the specifics of your purpose, which is what a core feature of my work as a Life Coach Astrologer is about. This is why the elaboration of my role and purpose in providing this service is best described as a Destiny Coach and Life Consultant.

In this article I will provide a general yet core answer to what it means to live your purpose.

Do You Really Know Yourself?

The simplest explanation is to clarify that your main purpose in life is to be you; fully who you are. As obvious as that sounds, it begs the question; who are you? Do you really know who you are? Most people will say that they do. Yet, if you went through a process of examining who you are in terms of a deeper and more thorough investigation of your personality, strengths, challenges, gifts and complexes, you would discover that there is indeed a good deal more to you than the usual set of self-concepts many people tend to live by.

The other keyword here is ‘fully’. It is up to you how much effort you want to put into being fully you, fully alive and present and authentic and on purpose and, thereby, to fulfill your destiny. But, if this is what you do want then you may well need help and this is where I can assist you.

Commonly, it is assumed that 'who you are' is determined by what you do in work or career. “He is a doctor” or “she is a mother” are common references. Obviously there is much more to a person than their occupational role. Admittedly, knowing better who you are and what constitutes your role can be and often is directly linked to your occupation. Yet, this focus emphasizes that it is an expression of your being, an aspect of the individual that you are, a means, but it is not the end, and not the ultimate reason for your life. You are a human being, not a human doing.

Since a lifetime is relatively short, wisdom would urge us to focus on the final takeaway.

While it is valid that outer realities prompt choices and actions which may well be deemed purposeful, once they are met or attended to, you can find yourself back to wondering if you have a purpose and what is it? You might think that you can start something new like a business or further your education, perhaps volunteer your time and the list goes on. This type of thinking generally implies an ego-centric perspective as opposed to a soul-centered perspective.

As valid as these choices and actions may be, if the focus does not include a notion of evolving though the process, then they may simply amount to be reactions, time-fillers, futile defenses, ‘enjoying what time I have left’.

The Spiritually Sleeping

As valid as the ego-personality is on its own ground, of itself it is oriented to survival and generally lacks any spiritual understanding or larger vision of the meaning and purpose of life. A purely ego-centric perspective often becomes self-serving, merely pleasure seeking, addictive, conservative, shallow, and escapist, and filled with gaps of confusion, and notions of living comfortably and avoiding pain and hardship until we die.

This is what many people do and it has been described as ‘spiritually sleeping’, or ‘spiritual sleepwalking’. It may be said that due to the steady rise in the popular notion that life is random and arbitrary, many people live without a sense of purpose of any kind at all. Instead, they are just going through the motions of their ego needs and wants.

The many zombie movies flooding the entertainment industry are probably a metaphor of this, grossly exaggerated a metaphor as it is.

Life is On Purpose

Life is not random or arbitrary as we are popularly led to believe. That life is on purpose implies something more, something deeper, and something that sees through the false and confusing notion that life is random, arbitrary, a fluke of nature, and so on as the mainstream of modern civilization has been misled to believe.

Thinking that life does not have any inherent meaning or purpose is the main reason so many people live without a sense of purpose or passion.

As well, when this deeper consideration is absent, our perceptions and interpretations and attitudes reveal emptiness, confusion, cynicism, despair, fear and other such negative states. This has also been described as perceiving life through lower minded perceptions which can also be described as purely ego-centric. The alternative, and what can be understood as the higher-minded perspective, holds that we are souls evolving through time and space.

While the soul itself is said to be unattached, when we as humans are awakened to the realization that we are souls, this can already activate a great sense of purpose. However, an initial challenge arises when it is recognized that many do not share this realization, and society as a whole does not give it a lot of credence, at least not at this time in history.

Yet, it remains that we are meant to be here, in the world and in the body and embracing of life in the physical and material. Embracing the world does not imply attachment to having a body or material possessions or status and prestige, yet we can still be respectful of all of these as the natural features of life that they are.

Further, the purpose of our life is not simply to transcend to another dimension, believe in a higher power, be good and obey and, thereby, gain entry in to heaven, as these constitute an essential lack of appreciation and respect for the physical manifestation of life. It has been said that such thinking amounts to a type of business deal: belief or blind faith, obedience and worship as trade for salvation.

Of course, it is a sign of self-righteous pride to make value judgments about what anyone else should think, do or believe or how they worship. When religious convictions are presented as acknowledgement, reverence and love for God, or divinity, and this is expressed as love and compassion and respectfully caring about and for others with humility then the drum beat of dogma ceases and the often aggressive attitudes and even violent actions committed too. For some, many in fact, this could be understood to be a very important purpose for their life.

It can be and has been said many times before: a core purpose in life for us all is to learn to be in the world, embracing and respectful of this manifest dimension, yet not of it.

This statement can be further elaborated to encourage that you are not attached to the world in such a degree that you become convinced that this is all there is. This leads to an overemphasis of the material aspects of life, from the body itself to material possessions leading to excess and imbalance. When you consider all the drive, ambition and motivation focused to acquire great wealth and the imbalances it may and probably often does produce, it may become clearer how this reveals ego-driven attitudes. Yet, that is what many and perhaps even most people believe and this is the source of our bondage to the physical world, as well.

While purpose extends to all areas of our lives, at least a good portion of the answer does include our work, our career and vocation and the important roles we play. All too often people are not interested in earning a living as much as they are focused on making a lot of money.

Yet, another basic common ideal is to come to a clear and strong consideration of what constitutes ‘ends’ and what are ‘means’. Often these are in reverse order. If you think about it, if you begin reading a book, are you immediately impatient to get to the end or are you happy to enjoy the journey? So, purpose can be understood to require thought, reflection and discernment.

Without this understanding that your very existence reveals 'purpose', your sense of purpose may be largely circumstantial and reactive or even non-existent.

This is not to say that you should look so deeply and thoroughly, but that you could, and in doing so you can discover or refine what constitutes your purpose in life. Elaborating upon the foundation of your life purpose which is to grow and evolve in consciousness and as a soul, you can decipher various roles and life goals. The more you investigate, the more you come to know not just that you want to become a doctor, for example, but why.

No one is going to force you and if your motivation is purely and largely because of the earning potential, then that is your business; but so too is the consequence of living according for the sake of mere material advantage at the expense of your authenticity.

Would you say that most people love the work they do?


Or, do many people spend a good 1/3 of their life tolerating, disliking and even hating their jobs?


I see this with my clients too often. What is the price of this for those who do not enjoy their work and for the people in their life, their family and friends? If happiness was weighed against money as having equal value, it is likely many people who change their careers.

In the process of embarking upon a deeper investigation of who you are, you would learn that your purpose is not narrowly defined, and this is true of your destiny as well. Regarding this deeper investigation into the individual person that you are, it does admittedly require focus, commitment, sincerity and courage too. Seeing your gifts and strengths can be frightening, actually because then you might feel pressured to do something about it. The same can be said about the more complex aspects of your psychology.

Further along in this process, you would likely gain a good deal of affirmation as well and deep affirmation is inspiring, empowering and valuable indeed.

This is so because most people, at least subconsciously, know that their life is purposeful and by a blend of instinct, reason and intuition, they find their path; what feels true and fulfilling.

Yet, this not the case for everyone nor is it as clear as it could be even by those who are actually living their purpose. If the process does evoke a good deal of affirmation regarding your chosen path, you would invariably discover many more subtle yet important aspects as well. These would activate you to greater objective self-awareness and this would contribute to greater achievements and success in your relationship with yourself and others.

If committed to the task of knowing who you are, beyond the scope of personality traits, attributes and complexities, you would come to realize that you are a soul, a spiritual being having human experiences. In light of the immense truth and value that this realization implies, your initial purpose (which is to be you) also invites a deeper investigation of who you are.

Thus, a core feature of your primary purpose in life is to realize that you are a living soul.

The implication of this reinforces the fact that life is on purpose and you are meant to be here. So, your purpose can begin with realizing that life is on purpose and that you thereby, have a purpose. Yet, the realization of this is not simply a case of common sense thinking. With this deeper understanding, a new attitude and determination arises and this includes the realization that as a living soul you are meant to grow and evolve in consciousness through experiences that serve to cultivate self-growth, self-improvement and refinement.

The areas of focus regarding this self-improvement and growth process can generally be summarized as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual cultivation. It is not that you 'should' make efforts in this regard. But in doing so, the benefits and fulfillment are yours (and other too), but directly yours and indirectly theirs. After all, there are many types of pain and suffering and no person is spared the experience of these.


As valid as it is to say that pain and suffering play vital roles in life, it can also be said that the roles they play is to push is into making choices and taking actions to at least minimize or reduce the pain and suffering.

Better yet, the natural goal is to be free of pain and suffering and to aspire to pleasure and joy in all the healthy ways that these can be experienced. I say health here, because if they are not healthy, the pleasure in one respect will be offset by pain in another, whether this is acknowledged consciously or subconsciously.

Without the notion that the purpose of life is to evolve and grow in consciousness, then the notion of having a purpose becomes shallow and self-serving, if it even exists at all.

What is it to evolve and grow in consciousness? Overcoming personal challenges, cultivating emotional maturity, developing skills and talents, raising a healthy family, making meaningful contributions to the world which benefits others and yourself, can also be understood to represent living with purpose.

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