One Powerful Insight Can Positively Turn Your Life Around

Regarding this title, I am specifically referring to 'one powerful insight...' about you. Yet, in the course of any Reading, there are usually several powerful insights, at least, that I will share with you about your nature, personality, strengths, challenges, destiny themes, career, relationships, timing and more...

When this conviction of penetrating insight includes various other insights about you especially, that serve to support and empower you, then an upward spiral is activated. An upward spiral is based on a deep sense of affirmation and reinforced by inspiration and personal power.

When the insights shared speaks to something you know is true, like an event in your life at a specific age or a relationship experience or an aspect of your personality that you know to be true, then it ‘really hits home, it strikes a deep chord within you.

In fact, pretty much every session. The reason this is the case is because that is how powerful astrology can be. It can be powerful this way when the person who is interpreting it has a deep understanding of it and how it works - a mastery of it.

"Best, most accurate and most useful reading I’ve had in a very very long time, so thank you very much! Kindest regards." Kay

I have been a passionate and committed student of astrology since my teen years. As would be the case, it came to me naturally. I was attracted to astrology because it is my destiny to be. During my very first reading with an Astrologer, she asked me if I ever considered becoming a professional Astrologer. This question was asked of me about 10 years after I began studying it and the pace steadily increased up to that point and even more so since.

I invite you to discover just how powerful a reading with me can be. I especially encourage you to opt for a Life Destiny Reading. In this Reading I look at who you are, where you are coming from in terms of core motivations along with a brief look at your formative years, where you are going to referring to the main features of your destiny, where you are now in your life and what is next for the coming weeks, months and years.

This broad-base Reading approach will establish a firm foundation and, while you can build upon it with subsequent readings, it is designed to provide deep and relevant insights about you, inspire confidence and activate a clear and grounded state of certainty and personal power that will literally last a lifetime.

Yet, there are also many other types of questions you can ask to be even more specific about. These are listed under Readings on the main menu bar and the articles in this section serve to elaborate on each of them.

Contact Michael today to get deeper insights with an Astrology Reading or Life Coaching Package.



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