3 Key Themes of Astrological Awareness

As 2020 gains momentum, and already we have passed through the first couple of main gates which have indeed synchronized with pivotal events for us all collectively and, in many cases, on personal levels as well, I thought I would provide an additional update.

In the video I created, providing an overview of the main themes in store for 2020 and which clarifies that it represents a new era of 200 years, let alone a new year and decade, I also bring attention to 3 key themes of awareness.

The first is that transits all on their own, when not applied to a birth chart, constitute prophesy, which uses Astrology to make forecasts, yet which does not constitute the actual practice OF Astrology. This fact is rarely discussed, but it should be. So, woven within this theme is an emphasis on the importance of the birth chart, which is the second main theme....

As the second theme, the application of the transits, or any other prediction technique, TO the birth chart is where 'real' Astrology begins. It should be noted that the transits are not the only technique used to predict the probabilities of the future, as there are many, yet the transits are the 'most popular'. This neither necessarily means the transits are the best in terms of the realities of your life, but they are usually the most sensational. Focusing solely on the transits which, metaphorically speaking, is like knowing the weather and the traffic, but without a clearer understanding of the location which determines the weather, or the deeper realities of the geography, culture and deeper realities of a region... In other words, the focus is upon events and is thereby not directed at a deeper understanding of you and your destiny.

The third theme discussed, therefore, is that of Horoscopes, which represent what may be understood as 'middle ground' because they neither are themselves based on any given 'person's' birth chart. Yet, they 'work' due to the fractal nature of existence, which is itself a feature of holism or the multi-dimensionality of existence. This is where the discussion gets really interesting and meaningful.

I have mentioned this previously, yet it is worth repeating because it, directly and indirectly, points to you and I, and all of us as souls incarnate, evolving through successive incarnations. While not everyone needs to know or understand this idea, one which I deem to be a fact, it serves to remind us of the intrinsic meaning and purpose of our lives.

Astrology clearly reveals this and Horoscopes pitch in by providing a 'taste sample' which while helpful, hardly constitutes the banquet table that a deep and sincere exploration of you, your core nature, outer personality, and destiny or deeper purpose and timing of your life.

In our rapidly changing and sometimes overwhelming, confusing, frustrating and painful world, it is helpful to be reminded that there is a rhyme and reason to it all, and while this can be understood generally and collectively, it especially hits home when it is revealed to you personally.

This is what a deep look at your own Astrology can and will reveal if you have it interpreted by someone who understands these deeper principles.

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