Astro-weather is the term given to the overview of current planetary alignments and how these translate into the horoscope for any given period of time, be it 1-day or 1-year. To a practicing astrologer, the status of the planets at any given moment is called “Transits”. Yet, the main difference is that planetary transits are measured against one’s actual Birth Chart whereas the astro-weather refers to our Sun Sign alone.

In my other article, ‘How and Why Horoscopes Work’, I revealed the deeper metaphysical and spiritual realities behind horoscopes and how our Sun Sign alone can prove to be a strong enough anchor point for horoscopes to work. The article offers a summary of this deeper theme, enough to make a few key points. Many people think horoscopes do not work because, due to their reasoning, they ‘should not’ work. This reasoning is anchored in a materialistic perspective on reality, actually. Such a world view does not acknowledge the soul or other dimensions of reality, or it simply reveals that the connection between these deeper realities and astrology even exists.

After all, how and why horoscopes work is not ‘common’ sense, so it is not a simple matter that people should make these connections and that is why I am writing these articles. While they are not essential to daily, practical life, per se, they can serve to awaken you to a deeper understanding of the meaning and purpose of life, which is directly linked to you as a soul and to your destiny as a soul incarnate.

Once again, if horoscopes work at all, and they do, then it begs the question to seek the answer why, and consider the implications of that.

The short answer is that it reveals the fact that we live in a conscious universe.

The implications are nothing short of revolutionary and literally serve to undermine the entire paradigm of materialism. The reason this is so important is because it justifies a materialistic, mechanistic and linear view of existence and, thereby, one that is random and arbitrary. Upon deeper consideration, not only is it a false paradigm, in terms of deeper realities and higher truths, it is also a destructive and dangerous one. This is what George Lucas with his Star Wars epic and J.R.R. Tolkien in his Lord of the Rings masterpiece book series was referring to. Yes, the best fiction usually reveals gold linings of truth and wisdom.

It is quite a thing to understand that horoscopes do work at all and it can prove quite surprising that such an apparently simple and apparently trite means of gaining relevant and useful insights and guidance, often brushed aside by so-called ‘realists’, is the tip of a much deeper reality. This reality is one which holds important spiritual significance as well. This significance is linked to the realization that life itself is woven with meaning and purpose and these can be further understood as expressions of a divine intention. Sentimentality or worship are not required to appreciate this divine intention. In fact, the quality of your choices and actions and the fulfillment of your destiny is all that is required. Yet, we can also acknowledge it and in so doing activate a state of awe and reverence as well.

That said, upon deeper consideration of this reality, not feeling a sense of awe or reverence for the conscious, intelligent, creative, purposeful, intentional and loving source of life and existence is a form of ego-centrism and a symptom of a word we often see and hear these days; narcissism. There is more to say about this, but our collective basic spiritual goal is to be soul-centered and to ‘have’ an ego as opposed to ego-centered and wondering if we do have or are a soul at all.; herein lies ALL of the suffering in the world. Ironically, religious people can be very ego-centered which is clearly evident because it is the ego that is separative and exclusive…

It may sound a little intense and dramatic, but it is true. After all, horoscopes do actually ‘work’, which is to say they can provide relevant and helpful insight and guidance that is actually accurate enough to be useable.

So, the deeper implications of how and why they work and that they are relevant and can be used to support the practical needs and interests of our daily lives is the real value. Of course, horoscopes are not what astrology is ‘all about’ although some do not know there is more to it, believe it or not. Horoscopes are the tip of the iceberg serving to awaken people to the understanding that astrology is not simply ‘out there’, which is what astronomy is about; astrology is all about life here on earth. The goals we all share is to and live fully, healthily, happily and abundantly in the process also of living meaningfully and purposefully. These altogether constitute the core purpose of the very notion of destiny.

Like the actual weather, astro-weather reveals that there are many cycles and seasons of change. However, it should be noted that while the metaphor applies, the planetary alignments do not translate into the actual weather, per se. It does refer, however to moods, psychological activations and inner and outer events.

These, when understood accurately, are all expressions of purpose, destiny, fate and karmic returns both positive and negative. How we interpret and respond, or react, to these is our personal right and reality. The main point is that they can be more fully understood with the help of astrology, and numerology too. In doing so, we can quickly begin to see through the clouds of confusion and even rise above them to soar in the open blue skies.

The Moon can produce the strongest effects. Yet the outer weather does not easily translate into the astro-weather which is better understood as changing moods, mental and emotional states. It is our opportunity and responsibility to our own happiness and health to achieve this understanding.

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