Astrology, Birth Time, Rectification and Other Realizations

When making an appointment to have an Astrology Reading, the usual information that's required is: birth date, month, year, place and time. Sometimes it is assumed that knowing these with exactitude is essential to having a reading.

This is not true and in this article I will explain why and provide several key angles of perspective on this long-standing question.

It should be noted here at the outset that the time of birth is based on the first breath, which is a rather mystical moment. Even so, due to the holistic basis of Astrology, as profound and spiritual as is the exact moment of birth, the first independent breath, it is not essential to know it.

For a variety of reasons, obtaining the time you were born can pose a challenge. If this is the case, rest assured that I can provide you with a deep and relevant Reading without knowing your birth time.

Sometimes people who don’t know as much as they assume present themselves as knowing more than they do… This is quite true when it comes to opinions regarding knowing the exact time of birth for the sake of working with Astrology. This is most certainly NOT true. So, if you encounter such a person, quietly realize that they are speaking with false authority (and avoid entering into sales contracts with them… ;).

The main reason why the notion of needing to know the exact time of birth is because it is linked to making predictions.

While traditional Astrology was all about prediction, modern Astrology has evolved to encompass many more angles of interpretation, perspectives and approaches. Yet, it also remains true that the birth time is not needed to make predictions, either.

While it is true that it is not necessary to know your time of birth to gain valuable insight and guidance from astrology, it does provide a clearer picture and this can make a difference.

Yet, take a photo that does not have a fine pixelated image, even an old photo; you can still see what is in the picture very clearly, right? Yes! And the same is true of working with Astrology even when the time is not known. I should know because I have been doing it for successfully for over 25 years.

Still, trying to decipher the birth time is interesting and can prove very worthwhile and interesting, in and of itself. Doing so is technically referred to as Chart Rectification.

"My Reading with you went so much deeper than I imagined it would. It helped me to see and understand myself and many more aspects of human nature, and this has served to free me tremendously, releasing old beliefs no longer needed, so that I can be lighter, more aware and more receptive... In deep gratitude," Denise

Chart Rectification is a process that stands on its own in terms of value and importance. If you do not know your birth time, consider making the investment with a session that is dedicated to the process of deciphering it. Doing so provides many insights and is an educational process too! Deciphering the time of birth via a process of asking questions about key events in your life often does prove to be a fascinating and profound experience all its own.

The process itself provides many insights about you, your core nature, character, and destiny. Even when it is assumed to be known, it may be approximate due to the many factors at play leading up to and in those exact moments of the birthing process, thus sometimes a few minutes can be devoted to deciphering it.

In the process of ‘Rectifying’ your time of birth, it may also be satisfying to know that I employ other key techniques that can be used even when the time of birth is known. This provides its own "safety net" in terms of gaining meaningful, relevant, accurate and helpful insights. In fact, these techniques are sometimes used even when the time of birth is known because they do provide valuable, unique angles, all their own.

Among the list outlined below, I also use other tools such as Numerology, Chinese Astrology, Mayan Astrology and the Destiny Cards each of which stand on their own but which I also am knowledgeable about, experienced with and adept at using.

Here is a list of other perspectives and strategies I use along the way, whether the time of birth is known or not. Why I use them is based on the type of Reading I am going to provide based on the questions asked:

  • Cast a Solar Chart based purely on what your Sun Sign is with 0-degree House Cusps. This technique reveals the chart perspective used to write Horoscopes.

  • Place the degree of the Sun on the Ascendant and all House Cusps at that same degree. This technique is also a helpful step towards determining the degree of the Moon, which is linked to the time of birth.

  • Cast a Chart for the day of birth for 12-Noon Chart. This chart stands on its own, even when the birth time is known because it provides its own ‘fixed time perspective’. This chart will reveal with remarkable accuracy your approach to career and public life in general. You would be amazed! In fact, I use it even when I know the time of birth.

  • The same can be done with a 6 am, 6 pm and 12-midnight, as well. I will not go into the deepen reasons why here, but suffice to say that these are the ‘Cardinal Times’ of the day and hold their own intrinsic archetypal significance.

Yet another approach includes casting a chart based on the Ascendant and all the House Cusps having the same degree of any given planet. Only the Moon travels fast in a day so all the other planets, even the Sun and Mercury will be at the same degree even though there may be more or less minutes. This approach allows me to "see you" and provide insights accordingly based on the perspective of every planet in the chart! In other words, this approach offers a whole host of angles of perspective.

Although the above should be enough to help you realize that you do not need to know the time of birth, it is good to know it and you might be someone who really needs to know it, although technically, you don’t. If these don’t produce the desired result, you can try by contacting the hospital which, occasionally, will provide it for you if you ask politely.

Contacting Vital Statistics in the Capitol City of your state or province is the other approach. Occasionally people have worked with Psychics and pendulums and this work sometimes too, but not always. But, the time can be verified through the Chart Rectification process.

So, there you are. You know have quite a good perspective on whether or not you need to know your time of birth to have a Reading. You now know that you do not, at least not with me. So, birth time or not, I look forward to hearing from you and providing you with relevant insights, guidance and key-date timing of your destiny as well.

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