Astrology – Karma, Destiny & Reincarnation

​Reincarnation is the means of the human soul to evolve in the earth school. The paradox is that we do and do not die. The body dies but not the mind, initially. But it too is eventually discarded in the inner plane's journey. The soul is not the mind. Then we reincarnate and our mind learns to express through the new genetics and environment. As well, imprints from our previous life and especially how we left the world are 're-embodied'.

Echoes and signatures of past lives can be traced in your Natal Chart. More importantly, the karmic signature both in terms of strengths and challenges can be clearly outlined. These are the driving force of our dharma or destiny. Most people are quite oblivious to the ability that astrology has to see these. These are measurable and astrology is much more precise than psychic impressions because the science reveals the deeper implications and purpose of it.

But, people like the mind-reading, as impressive as it can be, and the glamour of psychic impressions, even though it is usually astral reflections, while astrology accesses the 'Causal Plane', the dimension of archetypes and where the soul records are 'stored'. The psychics who are older and advanced souls can access this level, but they are the fewer and even then not with the same degree of precision as with the tool.

Because we are given free will, the universe seems quite unattached to whether or not we are aware of our karmas and destiny. Yet we are concerned at a soul level, at least, but also on a personality level, perhaps especially, because this is where we experience pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow... Our subconscious can be understood as the voice of our soul and it tends to torment us into action with internal pressure, guilt, insecurity, lack of peace, restlessness, depression, frustration and so on... Commonly, people reach for substances to deflect attention from this communication process. This only makes them stronger, louder...

The spiritual path is about listening and acting upon this inner guidance. Meditation, yoga, prayer, ritual, chanting and so on..., are spiritual tools, but do not make a person spiritual by doing them, per se. The ability to hear, listen and take action is the true measurement of spirituality. The rest is susceptible to glamour and spiritual ego. Positively, the heart activation that such practices often produce is certainly a central goal and blessing. It produces a deep state of presence, discernment humility, gratitude, empathy, compassion and the ability to see beauty everyone and in everyone. These are not merely ethical states of mind, they are the essence of our true humanity.

This is also where Astrology comes to the fore. It provides a means of reading the archetypal signatures of karma and destiny. While prediction is a feature of the art and science of astrology, over-emphasis on it is the domain of ego-centric interests. Sensation and hype from prediction and prophesy abound. Yet, they can serve to distract us from our true soul path and purpose. Time does unfold as cycles because it is measured as the orbiting of planets and the moon and the spin of the earth on its axis... Beyond these is the reality of timelessness and time is not a dimension. Yet, each dimension contains its own form of time.

Modern science is empirical and due to the limitations of its paradigms, it does not understand or appreciate this deeper truth. It is wonderful for helping us live in the physical dimension. However, since science, or more specifically, scientists, have taken big liberties and assuming that they know what is 'the truth' and since these truths are merely empirical, we have essentially talked and taught and are teaching ourselves out of understanding or our deeper spiritual nature. The fear of corruption and control of the Roman Catholic Church has been replaced with fear and control of the modern mainstream scientific paradigm. Consciously or subconsciously, most people know this to be true.

So we are born with a destiny and with karma and they are measurable. Further, we do and do not die and there is and is not reincarnation. The soul reincarnates but the ego does not. Yet, because your mind does not die when your body dies, you still have your personality and even the etheric double of your body when you die. Then you, we go through the inner plane's process.

This is a beautiful truth and understanding and every great spiritual teacher and teaching in human history reveals it. Moreover, Astrology provides its own ability to prove this truth. You will know it is true when, by way of insights shared with you, you come to the clear realization that they specifically are able to recognize you and, more importantly, reveal the essential and core themes of your destiny and where you are now in your evolutionary journey as a soul incarnate.

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