How and Why Horoscopes Work

Answering the question of how and why horoscopes work is actually quite mystical. The simple answer is due to consciousness. Let me explain by telling you a little story about our world in our times.

Horoscopes are very popular the world over. Most people at least know their sign, which is their Sun Sign. Horoscopes are based on your Sun Sign. This specifically refers to Western Astrology which is based on the Sun’s light. Eastern or Vedic Astrology, for example, still works, according to its own rules and principles, but the Horoscope will not work the same because they are based on the light of the Sun and the season as opposed to the constellations of the Zodiac. In this regard, we can speak to Aries or Taurus, or Libra… ‘time’. So, horoscopes have come to refer to columns that represent each sign for any given period.

It should be noted, however, that traditionally, the term horoscope referred to the Natal or Birth Chart, also called the Radix chart in some circles all serving to differentiate the horoscope column from the Birth chart mandala which is based on the day, month, year, place and time of birth. (but the time of birth is not essential to render very relevant and accurate Readings), unless one is solely focused to make predictions and assume that is what astrology is all about, which it is not. It is not especially in Western Astrology, the Astrology of the Sun’s light, which has evolved to focus upon the true person, the authentic self, as opposed to regarding a person like a number and what will happen and when.

Traditionally, people turn to their Horoscope for entertainment. Often, they are disappointed and join the ranks of skeptics and critics who deem horoscopes and astrology in general as nonsense. When a horoscope proves accurate, however, it can come as a shock and a surprise, even to many astrologers. “A lucky hit or sheer coincidence” some will say. Yet, there is an inner logic, metaphysical as it is, that addresses how and why a Horoscope, which does not require anything but the month of your birth, can work.

When the Horoscope reveals accuracy on a consistent basis, people are startled, amazed and even dismayed because according to the current mainstream scientific paradigm, they should not. Some people take a step further and begin to re-question previous assumptions and biases linked to popular convictions and the foundations of their perspectives, the core premises of the paradigm.

Questioning popularly held views which literally constitute the fabric of collective perspectives on reality and existence itself, simply on the basis that a mere horoscope works, might seem a little extreme. However, it is this very ‘glitch in the matrix’ which can be enough to reveal that there is something amiss which produces a splinter in their mind which leads them down the rabbit hole to see just how far it goes.

When such a pursuit is taken, the first truth learned is that the linear, materialistic model of existence is limited, flat and simply wrong. The deeper truth is that the universe is, and all living creatures within it are, multi-dimensional. Holism is another term that serves to understand multi-dimensionality so we can also use the term holistic. Holism reveals a principle of wholes within wholes. For example, a cell is a whole unit of complex and intelligent life. Within the cell are smaller wholes each working in unison to the greater whole as is true of cells which co-exist and cooperate or function in unison with other cells to create more complex organs which combine to manifest as organisms and as various species. Then we can speak of whole creatures within whole environments all contained within a whole planet which is a feature of a whole solar system which is a member of billions upon billions more producing whole galaxies which also include billions if not trillions upon trillions which constitute the universe. Yet, all of the above all refer to outer manifestation and holism, when understood correctly, also refers to other or inner dimensions which are the inner layers or source of the outer manifestation, which begins with the smallest components.

Within this brief summary, which amounts to the vast universe itself, a core understanding includes that it all reveals an intrinsic intelligence. In turn, this intelligence is generally referred to as consciousness. Given the sublime and infinitely complex reality contained within the very notion of universal intelligence and the consciousness that supports it, it may be clearer to understand why it is referred to as divine. By the word divine what is implied is something paradoxical and not easily understood let alone explained but which is clearly very, very powerful and in many respects.

When we look at existence in all its infinite and intricate complexity and genius, we behold and experience the reality that can be basically described as conscious, intelligent, intentional, integral, purposeful, creative, cooperative and loving. Taking it a step further, or a step further back yet, if you like, it must be agreed that this powerful ‘source’, if you will, must be good largely because of what we experience and feel. While it is and has been described by many words, it is commonly regarded in the English language as GOD.

So, by going down the rabbit hole to better understand how and why simple horoscopes work, we arrive at a divine or spiritual perspective which implies purpose. We can also explain it with words such as logic, reason, instinct, intuition, and imagination. Further, these lead to what can be described as order, which is an extension of intention and purpose and this has traditionally been described as ‘The Plan’. That is why some spiritual philosophies regard God or the divine source as the Great Architect. Another word that can be used to describe The Plan is destiny. Destiny is the word that reveals an order within the intention and purpose. Yet, we can also endeavor to better understand destiny by referring back to the metaphorical concept of a Great Architect and, in doing so, we arrive of such notions of a blueprint the components of which can be described as archetypes.

Archetypes briefly understood begins with understanding the manifest universe can be described as the light that becomes sound, or the sounding light and its primary manifestation are as shapes and the prime shape can be described as a single point which when expanded becomes a sphere. Represented on a two-dimensional plane, a sphere is illustrated as a circle which, in turn, is symbolic of a cycle and reveals the spirit too: without beginning or end. People often refer to archetypes as characters such as king or queen, priest or poet, and saint or villain... These are archetypes too, it is true, but can be better understood as ‘outer archetypes’ whereas shapes are primordial archetypes.

Now, as is life, we are each comprised of archetypes which collectively comprise the blueprint and the plan. So, regarding any given person, we can address them both on a personality level and on an archetypal level. In both cases, the reality of the soul is involved, yet represents the core inner self and individuality.

Returning to primordial archetypes, we can refer to the Zodiac as a whole, which is basically defined as the circle of life. Of course, the 12 Signs of the Zodiac represent a division of the circle first into two halves when crossed produces 4 quarter or seasons and each divided into 3 represents the beginning middle and end.

Now here is the really interesting thing about archetypes and specifically those linked to the divided circle that is seldom considered or understood. First, the Zodiac as a whole and according to each successive signs represents an overall philosophy, meaning, and purpose of life. Moving in closer, we learn than each segment in addition to symbolizing a key portion or stage of the larger philosophy, can be understood as containing within them inherent psychology.

Psychology is the child of philosophy, from the perspective of history. Yet, it was always there waiting to be discovered. As well, the root of the word psychology is psyche which is a Latin term which means soul. When soul and psychology are combined, we enter into the realm of spirituality, on one hand, and of holism on the other. Contained within this understanding is the divine intent and purpose are woven within manifestation, the material world, which can be understood as spirit made manifest or ‘in-form-ation’.

Within this understanding, you realize that in addition to the spiritual essence of the soul, everything in the manifest universe is itself inherently spiritual. Holism and spirituality indicate purpose and unity. Yet, to the lower, perceptual empirical mind, this unity is perceived as parts and unless a person is spiritually awake, the parts are seen as separate as opposed to operating in unison.

This unison does not solely refer to how all the material parts work together, but how the spiritual through the material and emotional and the etheric manifest as the material which is layered with the fore mentioned. With this understanding, you realize that all of existence and life on this planet more especially is an expression of this paradigm of holism or consciousness made manifest with purpose. Among the keywords that can be included here is law. Law means something deeply true and indisputable.

Returning to the archetypes of the Zodiac and the theme of cycles and time and combining the principle of light, which in the most manifest sense indicates that of the Sun, we can begin to more fully appreciate the inherent spiritual, philosophical and psychological essence of light. In turn, regarding the 12 Signs and time, we can understand how each year on any specific day, the sun’s light is as it was last year and the year before and will be next year and so on…

Yet, it is not just the physical light, it is the order and sequence which represents the philosophy, the psychology and the inherent character is woven into that time of year. Thus, returning to your archetypal self, you can see that you truly are spiritual and psychology a member of one of the 12 Signs, or tribes, if you like. Regardless of all other factors that combine to make you the distinctly unique person that you are, you are also a member of one of the 12.

Yes, this is a paradox and it does not make linear sense. But that, in a nutshell, is how and why horoscopes work. Of course, your experience and interpretation of the insights provided will be your own. Yet, it may come as a surprise to learn that others of your own sign, despite their intrinsic individuality, will be able to relate to their horoscope, if it is written by someone who understands the above. Of course, the above explanation is a summary and more detail could be offered. Horoscopes work because we are conscious beings living in s conscious universe that is intelligent and intention and works according to purpose which includes a plan which is comprised of archetypes which are manifestation of this divine purpose and plan and, thereby, defies linear logic because it incorporates many subtle dimensional layers which manifest as what we may interpret as natural cycles.

Cycles are not simply time periods that occur; they are the very fabric of both our individual and our collective experiences which are woven with archetypal significance that supports a divine plan that we also experience as our individual destiny. Due to the intrinsic power of archetypes, they transcend nationality, race, culture, language or beliefs and so on.

The Zodiac Signs are linked to the Sun’s light and are combined with the Houses. In Natal Astrology these are generally measured as two overlapping wheels but which do not overlay congruently, but they are for Horoscopes the foundation of which is called the ‘Solar Chart’ where the Sign and House are fused, as it were. In a way, this reinforces their respective strength. Yet, it remains that the real power is in the planets. These are ever in cyclic motion.

Due to the reality of the orbital cycles and rate of motion of the planets, the planets are NEVER in the same exact relationship. In other words, they are always changing their inter-dynamics. Yet, the Sign/House platform is fixed, so to speak. This produces a solid platform which is anchored by what can be understand as a Sun Sign wave principle.

Thus the planets in their individual and relational dynamic each represent an archetypal force. Ironically, however, this force is archetypal or metaphysical as opposed to physical, save for that of the Sun and Moon. Where the Sun energizes the Moon anchors these into the physical through the etheric. There is more to say about this but I will leave it there for now. The main point is that the planetary cycles activate archetypal themes and should not be understood as producing physical forces. This is where an appreciation of inner dimensions comes to the fore.

So, how and why horoscopes work invariably requires an appreciation of the metaphysical or transcendental nature of reality. In other words, the universe is less a mere spectrum of physical parts and forces and is more literally a factor of mind or consciousness linked to intention and purpose such as like a ‘grand plan’ which can be understood as archetypal forces. The planets are not the cause of these, per se, rather they reveal the archetypal essence and do not create it. Thinking so is an error of trying to apply physics to metaphysics which is the reverse order of reality, but is the paradigm of physics and that is why astronomers, physicists and material scientists in general don’t ‘believe’ astrology works.

Quite simply, they have it backwards, literally. The assumption is that parts ‘miraculously’ randomly converged together to create complex systems and life itself. This is what is meant by the word materialism and it is a grand delusion. Understanding this is also the key to understanding why there is so much confusion in the world. It can practically be understood as the result of a form of black magic: turn the truth inside out and in reverse order and watch what happens. What happens is that nothing really makes sense and highly educated people who buy the paradigm become the blind leading the blind.

As with light measured as both particles and waves, horoscopes reveal the wave principle of our otherwise individuated particle of individuality. It is this spiritual essence, purpose, and power woven within the very fabric of life, little old horoscopes work and in as such they reveal rhythms and patterns of destiny designed and intended by divine purpose to facilitate the evolution of the soul. Imagine, the simple fact that little old horoscopes work, and they do, but you can decide for yourself, reveals all this: the ancient knowing, the perennial philosophy.

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