Jupiter in Capricorn - 2020

The BIG news in Astrology today (December 2, 2019) is the entry of Jupiter into Capricorn (from Dec. 2, 2019 to Dec 19, 2020).

Jupiter is generally regarded as symbolic of expansion, risk, faith, fortune, and opportunity. Negatively however, it can prove excessive in one manner or another, larger than life, or bombastic.

Capricorn is a sign of tradition, duty, responsibility, authority, career and public reputation or social status and of sober, practical thinking backed by ambition for power and authority linked to governance. Negatively, Capricorn is symbolic of the pursuit of power for its own sake.

Jupiter joins Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Juno, and the Lunar South Node already in Capricorn so it will prove to inflate the themes and principles they represent. Power and conservative attitudes thinking is the main theme.

Yet, the South Node suggests that the centralization of power in the hands of established authority has been diminished as the masses rise in power to 'educate' one another of knowledge that historically was the reserve of the ruling class. So, this will add to increased power in what may be described as tug-of-wars occurring all over the world between the collective and the establishment.

Jupiter is in its sign of 'fall' in Capricorn, which means where it is inhibited in light of its usual mode of behavior and expression. Expansion and risk combined with sobriety and duty is... complicated.

Yet positively, it can produce positive results by way of restraint and focus, like water under pressure directed by a hose.

While there are many ways of interpreting any planet in any sign, the moment of entry offers an initial tone. To gain the whole perspective, the whole chart must be considered. That the Sun is in Sagittarius, which is the sign Jupiter 'rules', is what initially comes to my mind. This lends an added measure of fuel to the expansion principle, even if it is under contraction. In short, it is loaded and charged with power and potential.

The Sun at 10 Sagittarius brings in Mars which is in Scorpio, its own sign, and so is in honor. This produces high energy and very passionate, powerful and ambitious influence, as well. In this 'solar chart' Mars is in the 12th House,

which can, admittedly, prove to reduce its potency somewhat, yet also can prove to activate courage and resolve to, among other things, confront one's demons and seek to

purge them. This could occur on a collective level as well so we could see a lot of people coming forward revealing secrets.

Mercury also in Scorpio is suggestive of the desire by some to keep the secrets, secret. Yet, the Moon in Aquarius suggests a revolutionary mood among the masses. Still, it too reveals a twist of Scorpio suggesting that a lot of effort will go into keeping as many things hidden and secret as possible. Uranus in Taurus reveals that this could turn into a real bullfight between those who want to know and those who do not want others to know.

As ever, how Jupiter will influence any given country, province, state, city, company, legal organization or individual person is relative to their destinies as indicated in their respective ‘Birth Charts’. This provides some initial insights and what we can generally expect over the coming 12.5 months. We can also anticipate an increase in these themes when the Lunar Node axis enters Gemini and Sagittarius on May 4, 2020.

In my Weekly Horoscope, I bring attention to it for each sign and will do so throughout the year. Sign-up is FREE on my website here.

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