Know Your Child

It is natural to want to do anything and everything we can for our children to help them to be happy, healthy and empowered. Knowing who they are beyond our projections or what we would like to think and what cycles are at play beyond social norms, a.k.a. 'the box' can prove helpful both to them and you

and I can help.

Is there a new addition to your family who you would like to know better? Perhaps it is a close friend or relative who you would like to gift. Sometimes we wonder about or even experience challenges with children or suffer watching them go through trying times that we don’t understand as fully as we would like. Does this sound like you or anyone else you know and care about?

"Hi Michael – Thank you for your reading for our baby girl, Ariana. Her parents were very pleased- they listened to it over and over. Thank you so much."

Whether your child is a newborn or older, regardless of their age, it can always prove inspiring and helpful to understand them better using the lenses of Astrology and Numerology. Doing so can help you see, accept, embrace and generally support them in accordance with their own authentic sense of individuality.

The focus of this type of Reading can also be directed to better understanding the cycles of influence that were active in your own formative years, as well. In other words, the child you seek to understand better could also be you.

Creating a better relationship with yourself and with your children and/or supporting someone you love to do the same is a wise and fulfilling thing to do.

Whether it is your own child or you would like to give a family member or friend a Gift Certificate, the Know Your Child Reading focus is a popular option and I have done many over the years.

Contact Michael today to get deeper insights with an Astrology Reading or Life Coaching Package.



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