Lunar Nodes and Planet Aspects to them in 2019

The Nodes specifically in Cancer and Capricorn refers to an evolutionary process of activating a collective reach for emotional intelligence and the value of seeing the humor amidst all the dramas of life. The pull of Capricorn at the South Node will prove especially strong with Saturn and Pluto there mixing it up over the course of the entire year, suggests that achieving the objectives of the Cancer North Node will may prove harder than it might otherwise. Although a feminine sign, Capricorn and Saturn are linked to father and, by extension, to the patriarchy.

Planets conjunct the South Node have a magnetic effect, but it can be interpreted as negative, like water draining from a loose plug in an otherwise perfect hot bath of water. Or, it can be seen as unwanted water coming in through a hole in the boat. Either way, although there are some exceptions at particular or odd moments, planets at the South Node are generally unfavorable. They represent energy forcibly going where it is undesired.

The Lunar North Node in Cancer collaborates with the Empress. While the Moon can be better understood as the High Priestess in the Tarot, it represents both the mother and the deeper mysteries as we see with Sophia in the gnostic tradition. It is the root of the feminine principle whereas the Empress can be understood as the expression and even assertion of the female force.

The archetype of the Moon can be understood as a process of giving birth, which can certainly be painful. Yet, it is the beauty and glory of new life that is emphasized. So,if you find yourself busily and perhaps arduously 'giving birth' to something new in your life, then you can be sure that the current status of the Moon's Nodes are strongly activated in your Natal Chart. This fact is easily measurable, if you can read an astrology chart.

It is also about cultivating innocence and the spontaneous spirit of the child. The playful and light-hearted atmosphere of children with their parents where the child infectiously evokes the child within the parent to let go of worldly duties and responsibilities for a while to engage in the healing gifts of being fully present in the moment where all worries and concerns are subdued by the magic of the moment. This is a qualitative moment in time and does not need to endure endlessly because the quality is such that it counters the quantity of all the other aspects of life such that a spirit of child-like laughter and play are ever-present and ready to re-emerge quickly and easily even if for short bouts.

Also, because the sign of Cancer is ruled by the fast-moving Moon, which is why it is directly, linked to our ever-changing moods or to moodiness, we are oriented towards balance over the course of the day which implies that our activities do and ideally should, therefore, be varied. Too much of anything begins to produce its opposite and here again we are reminded of the importance of variety and the principle of quality over quantity.

The North Node in Cancer reminds us that we are souls incarnate and that ultimately, life is a game, an illusion, an invitation to play and to be creative and to enjoy the full spectrum of flavors and sensual appetites that the otherwise heavy and painful reality of the physical dimension is and can be, especially when compared to other, less dense dimensions. After all, the Moon is about emotions and feelings. It is this very contrast that makes it so special and why keeping the child alive in our hearts and minds, regardless of our age is a gift we give to ourselves and others too.

Specifically, the most significant set of aspects of the year occurs between the Lunar South Nodes, Pluto and Saturn all in Capricorn. As Saturn approaches Pluto from one side the South Node approaches from the other, as 2019 gets underway. The impact of this will begin to be felt as early as February and outer synchronicities will become increasingly evident by Spring Equinox.

The South Node and Pluto will be exactly conjunct on April 4th. The South Node and Saturn will then be exactly conjunct on April 24th and it so happens the Moon by transit will conjunct them both at that very time. Moreover, due to Saturn turning retrograde it and the South Node and Pluto will all hover in close proximity all the way through to and into October.

Then Saturn will begin to move towards Pluto again and while it will come within 1 degree by late 2019, it will take until the beginning of the 3rd decade or the millennium or January 12th, 2020, to be exact, before they actually form a conjunction.

As dramatic as these aspects are likely to be, especially manifesting along the lines of the themes outlined above linked to the numbers 3 and 12, this reveals that 2019 will prepare the ground for a much more pivotal and assertive year in 2020.

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