Mercury in the Heart of the Sun

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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio (Oct.31 – Nov. 20) will make a rather rare transit conjunct the Sun on Monday, November 11. From our perspective here on Earth, it will ‘appear’, but will not be visible with the naked eye, to move directly across the face of the Sun. This occurs because the Sun and Mercury will be aligned at the same latitude from our perspective here on Earth.

While Mercury actually forms a conjunction with the Sun 3-times per year, it does so much less often at the same latitude, again from our perspective. It is also interesting to note that while Mercury literally orbits the Sun in a tidy 88 days, from our perspective here on Earth it takes about 1-year. Specifically, the aspect will last for about 5.5 hours starting at about 8 am Eastern.

Each planet including the Moon has an orbital variance of latitude compared with the ecliptic. This event occurs at what may be described as staggered intervals as opposed to occurring periodically, or at rhythmic intervals. The last time this occurred was 2016 which was the fourth event in a series that began in 1999 and this one is the 5th, but the next one will only occur in 2032.

Generally, the meaning of Mercury exactly conjunct or Cazimi the Sun represents a theme of increased vitality, acuity, creativity and focus. When it is exact, the conjunction is referred to as “Cazimi”, which translates to say: ’in the heart of the Sun’. The exact alignment, as long as it is within 15 minutes of arc, (or Cazimi), is considered auspicious and confers higher intelligence and objectivity. Yet, when it is close but not exact, it is called “Combust”. If this is the case, in a person’s Birth Chart, for example, it can be said that ‘one tends to be blinded by their own light’.

So, when Mercury is Combust, it tends to produce egoic tendencies or a higher level of subjectivity and, therefore, a lack of objectivity which can manifest as credulity regarding facts and also as a lack of empathy or appreciation of the point of view of others. So, this particular event is Cazimi and lends to it its special quality and the opportunity for greater objectivity.

This principle actually applies to a conjunction of any two planets. Briefly, any two planets exactly conjunct increases the power of the conjunction significantly as they come under the condition of ‘Cazimi’. Otherwise, the conjunction can be deemed Combust which generally suggests that if the slow planet is approaching exact conjunction, the issue of subjectivity is strong than if it is moving away from exact conjunction. These are all features indicative of where a soul is regarding the learning of specific lessons. A close Reading of your Natal Chart would reveal these possibilities and can prove very helpful in gaining greater self-awareness and awareness of others as well for the sake of greater harmony in relationships.

With Mercury Retrograde, which basically implies themes with words beginning with ’re' like review, revisit, revise, reconsider…, all suggestive of caution, the Scorpio influence lends an emphasis on research. Yet, Scorpio is actually a strong and favorable sign placement for Mercury to be retrograde. This degree of the Zodiac lends a mixed blend due to the background of Pisces, which tends to produce confusion and lack of focus, yet also Gemini which implies the mental acuity indicated above.

Given these influences, it might prove especially beneficial and opportune to be able to enter a meditative and intentional state of mind on Monday, November 11. At least get clear on how you would like to benefit, which perceptions and habits you would like to change. Due to the deeper implications of this exact degree, this transit occurring at 18 Scorpio 55 can manifest as an unraveling of old and outworn habits and self-concepts and provides an opportunity of renewal, or a reset of one’s habitual perceptions.

This aligns very well with the fact that 2019 is a Universal 12/3 year, which very much includes themes of unraveling, surrender and a willingness to be open, humble and flexible for the sake of breaking old habit patterns. Upon reflection, you may notice these them underway in your life now and over the past months. In this regard, this transit can be accurately understood to be a gift from the universe.

While awareness of the transit may not be required for these changes to occur, if they are a direct feature of one’s destiny, it may be said that with awareness anyone can at least harness some measure of this opportunity. Harmonious aspects to both Saturn and Neptune bring added advantages to this special event as well. Mars and Pluto, which together share rulership of Scorpio, form a powerful square in Cardinal Libra and Capricorn, respectively. Much can be said about this and will be in the coming months. Basically, it represents a powerful edge to reconcile how we express our will.

Further, this aspect between Scorpio's planets, lends a hint to some measure of social change which is further supported by Venus in Sagittarius. Looking ahead to 2020, this will become a major theme, especially when the Moon’s North Node enters Gemini on May 5 marking the start of that 18-month cycle which will like the current social commentary, belief, opinion, interpretation, debate theme on steroids…

This Cazimi Mercury transit of the Sun is an invitation for us all to become more open-minded, to become more ‘journalistic’ in our thinking, which implies keeping an open mind regarding conclusive thinking and making sincere efforts to see all sides of any debate. This quality is not shared by everyone as the urge for certainty, often for the sake of security, conscious or subconscious, can prove quite blinding to any other possibility, a common occurrence these days that plagues social media. Or as Gabor mate would say, ‘acting from unresolved traumas experienced in childhood’.

So, this transit of Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Cazimi or in the heart of the Sun, along with the larger backdrop of planetary energies involved, represents an opportunity to break old patterns of belief, thought, perception and behavior pattern, if embraced consciously and sincerely.

Michael O'Connor

Life Coach Astrologer

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