Numerology & Tarot Perspective on 2019

When added, the numbers in 2019 = 12 & 1+2 = 3, Making it a Universal 3-Year. Number 3 in Numerology is usually symbolically associated with Jupiter. Since it is in its own sign of Sagittarius this year, it is quite apt. 3 is the number of sensitivity and especially about the spontaneous and authentic expression of ones’ feelings, which ideally and often amounts to some form of artistry. When 1 is the Sun or male and 2 is the Moon or female, 3 is the child, the offspring of their union. Jupiter can and often does appear as the brightest planet in the sky and it most certainly is the largest planet. In fact, Jupiter is larger than all the planets, moons, comets, asteroids and any other body in the entire solar system, added together. So, like Jupiter and like a child, the energetic expression can be understood to be BIG.

3 is the Empress in the Tarot, which holds close association with Venus. In some respects, motherliness is involved. Yet Arcana 3 is more fully about the beauty of the feminine in all her beauty, fullness, abundance and splendor. The expression of both lover and mother expresses the Empress best. She has the ability to bring forth life and this thereby reveals her inherent power and her spiritual

connection. Yet, she is about manifest beauty. This is not to say it is solely about physical beauty. Rather, it is a weave of the physical and spiritual and thereby reveals beauty that comes from within and is expressed outwardly. When this occurs, revealing a deep blend of awareness, wholeness, balance and harmony, such beauty is undeniable and a blessing to behold.

Procreation and offspring are the purpose and function of the physical, manifest universe. They can be understood as the spirit made manifest for the purpose of fulfilling the great ‘Plan’, which can be understood as divinity experiencing itself with all receptors operative and the senses fully activated with which to engage and share with others, who can also be understood as other expressions of the one SELF.

Negatively, the influence of # 3 can manifest as indecision born of a lack of discernment, self-doubt and unclear priorities or, ironically, of too many options. This can manifest as worry, confusion, depression, heaviness, brooding, distrust, sorrow, of doom and gloom and even of despair which can lead to rash choices and action justified as desperate measures based on desperate feelings.

3 can be understood as a theme of completion, as well. This theme will be further elaborated below when I outline the emphasis on Capricorn which will be very strong in 2019, below.

This theme of completions can be made clearer by the fact that 3 x 3 is the basis of 9, the official number of endings and graduations. Thus we have 3 wishes, 3 strikes, and more archetypally, 3 sides of the triangle which when expressed in 3-D, manifests as the tetrahedron or the basis of crystalline structures from which all things in existence share a commonality.

Decisiveness and discipline are the keys to overcoming this negative condition. When we realize that every problem contains its own solution and when we engage our thoughts in processes of creative thinking and brain-storming for example, we quickly see how despair can be understood as a lack of clear thinking or a lack of imagination.

Thus, many will be challenged in 2019 to assume an attitude of deciphering how to make wise choices and decisions by a thorough examination of the possibilities available. Fortunately, we live in a time when there are more options available probably than any other time in history. This realization can prove to be a saving grace in the months to come.

Yet, it remains important to consider that 2019 = 12 In the Tarot, Major Arcana 12 is the proverbial “Hanged Man”. Sometimes by force, while at other times by choice, we can find ourselves hanging upside down thereby seeing the world as with new ideas. Obviously, making the choice to do so is ideal, yet it is not always so simple and easy to do.

Yet, to elaborate more fully, this surrender is not necessarily about defeat, rather it is about surrendering to change and the inevitable need to adapt to it, and so it includes the intention and determination to choose to see ones’ self and the world and ones’ self in the world in new ways. Pisces is the 12th and last sign of the Zodiac and thereby is symbolic of this principle of endings linked to 3.

The following sign, Aries, which represents the beginning of a new cycle and of pioneering initiatives, lends a hint at what must occur. In short, the willingness to surrender the old ways and patterns of behavior, stale ideologies, narrow-mindedness and dogmatic beliefs, perceptions and attitudes that no longer serve, in order to incorporate new ones, is what # 12 is symbolically about.

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