Overview and Astrological Theme Emphasis For the Year – 2020

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2020 begins with a bang and ends with one too. This is a turning point year for a variety of reasons. Among these is the fact that it is the beginning of a new decade. 2020 added equals 4 - symbolic of foundations, stability, momentum, and speed, as with the principle of 4 legged animals or 4 wheels on a vehicle. Yet, there is much more in store that makes it a powerful year.

Overview of Core Collective Themes & Events

The Influence of 7 Eclipses

4 MAJOR Conjunctions

Lunar Nodes Change Signs

ALL Planets Retrograde

In 2019 both Jupiter and Saturn were in their own ruling signs, respectively. As of December 2nd, 2019, Jupiter exited its own ruling sign and entered Capricorn, ‘joining forces’ with Saturn and Pluto. Saturn is the ruling planet for Capricorn, thus serves to boost the Capricorn factor. Yet, there is some complexity in this combination as Jupiter expands while Saturn contracts. It is like bodybuilding with an emphasis on Mr. Universe-like BIG and powerful, regarding Jupiter, yet Saturn seeks integral strength that can ‘get the job done’ and not just look good.

The 2020 New Year Chart

Yet, due to other factors, there are also some ‘other curve balls’ to contend with for us all. When the clocks ticked down to New Year, a lot of gravity from shaker planet Uranus ‘stationary’ in the early degree of Taurus which means it will have a lot of potency at the launch of the year which means it will leave its mark on the entire year, as well.

Uranus in the early degrees of Taurus, the sign of foundations and of construction, sounds promising. Yet, Uranus is a ‘shaker’ and can be understood as having the effect of machines clearing the forest before the construction begins. This naturally implies a process of destruction. Although this destruction is not meant to imply anything conclusive, ‘per se’, in the initial process of it, it can seem or be interpreted that way, by some.

Other noteworthy planetary influences in the New Year 2020 Chart includes Venus in Aquarius, which in this chart is symbolic of the HEART OF THE PEOPLE and plays a mysterious role since it is ‘un-aspected’ (No Aspects), This stands to manifest as continued division among the masses due to factors such as being simply unaware, uninterested, oblivious or in denial… Yet, positively, in its deeper reaches it indicates a theme of compassion.

This theme in both its extremes of scattered perspectives and of unified appeals of compassion is further revealed by the fact that at the exact stroke of midnight in Greenwich U.K., which is a location chosen to provide the ‘global perspective’ due to the fact that it represents the ‘0 Hour’, in regards to the Time Zones linked to the official time linked to a precise relationship between Earth and Sun, the Moon was in Pisces and exactly conjunct Neptune at 16 degrees Pisces. Looking more deeply into this conjunction, it reveals a foreshadow of themes linked to personal intuitions and inspirations leading to collective efforts and events.

‘The more people focused on any single event, the more powerful it becomes both in the moment and over time, as with a seedling of what will become a mighty oak.’

Other major factors in this chart include Mars in Scorpio. Mars plays a major role in 2020 both by virtue of the fact that the year is launched while it is in Scorpio and that by late June it will enter its own sign of Aries where it will remain for over 6 months, due to it turning retrograde in early September.

Mars in Scorpio is one of its most POTENT sign placements. Mars co-rules Scorpio with Pluto and in this sign of deep power can be basically understood to be passionate, obsessive and even ruthless. The devastating fires in Australia present the most obvious outer synchronicity, but should not be regarded as the only one…

Sign Emphasis In 2020

* Aries * Scorpio * Capricorn * Aquarius * Pisces

*New Beginnings




*Mass Spiritual Alignment and/or Mass Denial & Deception


This 18-month cycle is not very rare but it is noteworthy. Jupiter especially will play a more important role when the South Node is in Sagittarius. Watch for the synchronicities of this emphasis.

The Moon’s North Node Symbolizes important features of DESTINY. Currently, it is in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, which is symbolic of the PEOPLE, the masses.

(Nov. 6, 2018 – May 5, 2020)


Lunar Nodes will EXIT Cancer / Capricorn & ENTER Gemini / Sagittarius

(May 5, 2020 – January 18, 2022)


The 7 Eclipses Influencing Us All in 2020

2020 begins in the waxing light of a SOLAR Eclipse that occurred on December 25, 2019 or 26 – 4 Capricorn 06

2 Solar & 4 Lunar Eclipses

January 10 - LUNAR – 20 Cancer 00

June 5 – LUNAR – 15 Sagittarius 34

June 21 (Summer Solstice) – SOLAR – 0 Cancer 21

July 5 – LUNAR – 13 Capricorn 38

November 30 – LUNAR – 8 Gemini 38

December 14 – SOLAR - 23 Sagittarius 08

On Christmas Day 2019 (Dec 26 in the east) there was a Solar Eclipse at 4 Capricorn 06 which culminates two weeks later on January 10 as a Lunar Eclipse at 20 Cancer 00. So, the year begins with yet another shaker factor which is actually closely connected to stationary Uranus. The influence of an eclipse is generally 6 months, unless it activates a special theme of destiny for you, in which case the repercussions have a lifetime influence. Understanding what this might mean is something you can explore in a Reading with me.

Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse at 0 Cancer 21

As important as all of these eclipse events stand to be, it is the Solar Eclipse that occurs on Summer Solstice, June 21, 2020, that is the most significant of all. This is because it occurs on solstice and at 0 degrees Cancer.

O degrees of any sign is one of the two ‘anaretic degrees’ otherwise generally referred to a ‘critical degrees’ Where 0 can be understood as the ‘alpha degree’, 29 would be the ‘omega degree’. In this regard, 0 or alpha represents energy patterns that are young, fresh, raw, green, inexperienced, yet altogether powerful and FULL OF POTENTIAL FOR SIGNIFICANT CHANGE.

ALTHOUGH NOT OFFICIALLY, THE Summer Solstice Solar eclipse can be regarded as among the most important and powerful

CONJUNCTIONS (= new cycles) of 2020.

The Capricorn Influence in 2020

All 3 of these planets are in Capricorn now and will be until late December 2020:

Jupiter = Expansion

Saturn = Contraction

Pluto = Transformation

Pluto in Capricorn:

November 2008 – March 2023


* Society * Economy * Government *

* All Traditional Institutions + Structures *

Saturn in Capricorn:

(December 20, 2017 – December 17, 2020)

= Traditional Power Structures PREVAIL

* Ambitious * Worldly * Authoritative * Organized * Practical * Realistic * Disciplined

Jupiter in Capricorn:

(December 2, 2019 – December 19, 2020)


* Ruthless Drive for Power * Corrupting Influence of Power *

* LETTER OF THE LAW Over the Spirit *

(Dogmatic attitudes, fundamentalism…)

3 Major Conjunctions of 2020

Conjunctions = New Cycles

Planets Conjunct Manifest in 3 Basic Ways:

1. As Outer Event(s) Affecting Us All

2. As Activations of Personal Destiny Themes

3. As the Beginning of a New Cycle

1) Saturn Conjunct Pluto

January 12 - 22 Capricorn 46

2) Jupiter Conjunct Pluto

April 5 + June 29 (Rx) + November 12

24 Capricorn 53 + 24 Capricorn 08 + 22 Capricorn 51

(Triple conjunction process = EMPHASIZED THEME)

3) Jupiter Conjunct Saturn – 0 Aquarius 29 (Dec. 21)

On January 12 there will be a major and quite rare conjunction between Saturn and Pluto at 22 Capricorn 46. This powerful aspect occurs only once every 34-40 years, or so. The last time was Nov. 8, 1982. This is a very powerful and potentially destructive and upsetting conjunction marking a new power cycle which will last until Feb. 2, 2054… Yet, it can also give birth to new forms and approaches that are very positive. As ever, it depends on how it like any planet or planetary configuration aspects one’s Birth Chart.

The Saturn Conjunct Pluto chart reveals themes of social relationships and with the environment itself and the inherited attitude of unchecked ambition to lay claim to the land itself and to its resources.

This powerful aspect occurs only once every 34-40 years, or so.

Last time was Nov. 8 1982

Very powerful and potentially destructive and upsetting…

But, also giving birth to new forms…

• First CD player sold.

• Times man of The Year: THE COMPUTER.

• Major recession hits the United States.

Until May 5, 2020, the Lunar South Node remains in Capricorn. This implies the loosening grip of power linked to established authority. As well, as we approach this date, The Lunar South Node will close-in on a trine with Uranus in Taurus. This will have the creative effect of a bulldozer clearing land to build a skyscraper.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

Winter Solstice - December 21, 2020

Perhaps the most significant event of 2020. What all the other events lead up to.

20 -Year Economic Cycle

Probably what constitutes the most significant event in 2020 will actually occur at the end of the year exactly on Winter Solstice, December 21, 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn form an exact conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius marking the beginning of a new 20-year economic cycle.

Element Emphasis

Due to the fact that the last 8 of 9 conjunctions of Jupiter conjunct Saturn since 1840 occurred in EARTH Element Signs, and that 9 of the next 10 Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions will occur in AIR Element Signs, suggests that this is actually the

Dawning of a NEW ERA.

Earth Element (1840 – 2020)

* Money * Economy * Infrastructure * Science * Technology * Engineering

Air Element (2020 – 2220)

(Element theme emphasis begins December 21, 2020)

* Society * Intellectualism * Politics * Humanism * Justice *

* Social Dialogue / Debate * = Social Debates Abound

Fueled by Conflicting Interests and Media Spin

Age of Aquarius = Information & Ideology Wars

Global Warming Vs Global Cooling

Human Caused Vs Natural

Climate Change – Causes, Consequences, Actions to Take

3 Air Signs

Thus major themes of this new 200-Year ERA are...

Aquarius = Revolution * Humanism * Democracy

Gemini = Communications * Perceptions * Interpretations

Libra = Equality * Justice* Liberalism

Since Aquarius rules the internet, the indication that humanity will enter its next major phase of the World Wide Web establishing a truly fluid global economy is very likely indeed. Are you ready for this powerful, generational cycle? I can help you to be…

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