Overview Forecast for 2019

2019 will take off early in a rather dramatically due to the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 6th and the Lunar Eclipse two weeks later under a Super Full Moon. This tempo will remain high to mid-February then quiet down due to a strong Pisces influence. In April the momentum will rise steadily through May, plateau, then peak again in July calming a bit in mid-August through September.

Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune all year, and Mars in Aries (Jan 1 – Feb 14) are each in the sign they rule placing each in a status of honor. When there is more than one planet in honor, they tend to compete for attention possibly disrupting clear decisions and focused action. Giving each their due is the key.

Mars in Aries will activate 2019 like a gunshot conjunct Uranus at critical 29 Aries in early to mid-February will prove revolutionary and momentous. January 6 and 20 host a Solar and Lunar Eclipse, in Capricorn and Leo, respectively activating new strides of leadership. Neptune in Pisces is calling us all to seek peace, listen within and commune with your soul. Saturn in Capricorn encourages patient diligence to advance your personal power. Jupiter in Sagittarius says see a bigger picture, take a few risks and have faith in the grand plan.

Jupiter Square Neptune, each in their own ruling signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, respectively, will give rise to a whole new round of debates about ethics and truth, religion and humanism, philosophy and spirituality. Not all of these conflicts suggested by this hard aspect will be fought with civility. Yet, while violence is not a certainty, it is very likely, unfortunately. The 3rd of 3 exact square alignments will occur on September 21, just hours prior to the Last Quarter Moon.

While each year should be regarded as its own whole, 2019 can be understood as the launch pad for decade three of the new millennium. 2020 added equals 4 - symbolic of foundations, stability, momentum and speed, as with the principle of 4 legged animals - will prove to be an extra powerful and momentous and 2019 will be the lead-up to it.

The Year of the Fire Boar begins on February 4th/5th 2019(depending on what time zone you are in) indicated by the New Moon in Aquarius. While usually peaceful, the ‘fire in the boar’ can be understood as when it is in angry defense, which can certainly manifest as aggressive offence.

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