Pin Point Your Purpose

Whether you have a purpose or know it or not, you can identify it and I can help. True purpose usually always reflects an area of focus where we are destined to have key experiences to learn and grow. In other words, purpose is a feature of your destiny as an evolving soul. Yet, your purpose invariably, or at least often, changes over time. Whether you are seeking a new purpose or your next key focus for your life, with the help of astrology I can help you to decipher what it is and the deeper implications and timing of it as well.

Do you feel like your life lacks purpose? Or do you feel like your life does have purpose yet it remains somewhat vague and unclear? Perhaps you are close to defining it, yet every time you sit down to do it, the exact words elude you.

Or perhaps your life feels full and you do already feel purposeful and in a variety of ways, yet something is missing. As a consequence, you feel uneasy or a bit depressed but you are not quite sure why and this lingering disturbance is itself a drain on your ability to feel as happy, healthy and fulfilled as you would like or feel you should. Does this sound like you?

With the penetrating lenses of Astrology and Numerology, which can reveal what constitutes your life purpose beyond the obvious, I can help you to know it clearly and understand it deeply too.

Often, one's sense of purpose is linked to business and career, but it can also refer taking up a meaningful hobby and getting involved with a charity organization and so on.... As well, sometimes we arrive at a stage of our journey where we once had a clear and strong sense of purpose but now we do not.

"I have successfully listened to your recording and have a BIG smile on my you are gifted!....your observations and insights about me feel so comfortably mine, as you put into words my feelings and wishes that I have not been able to give words to....I appreciate you in my Life and thank you for sharing your gifts with me and the world." G Treherne

Life is in on purpose and so your life also has a purpose. The fine print on this is that you have to make the effort to fill in the blanks about what it is. Invariably, your circumstances and immediate outer realities can tell you what your purpose is such as if you are a parent, for example.

With the tools of Astrology and Numerology, I can help you understand the subtler details beyond the obvious regarding your life purpose and evolutionary need, beyond career or parenthood, for example. This may manifest as many job changes as well, so gaining insight into the timing of these can help a lot too.

Based on your Birth Chart and the many techniques Astrology hosts, I can help you to clarify and define, to pinpoint the ideas and the key words that weave who you are with what you do.

There are many types of people, lessons and life rhythms and, therefore, styles of approach in life. Sometimes we ourselves do not understand this very well while at other times it is other people in our life who project their conditioned beliefs and interpretations upon us. Sadly and tragically even, this often leads to misunderstandings and conflicts.

Pursuing a specific life path is a feature of every person's destiny. For some, the path is straight and narrow while for others winding and undulating and both are meaningful. The deeper understanding of this is that your unique path and purpose is the way in which you are meant to personally grow and evolve.

If your life that is more varied this way, you may suffer from low self-esteem, confusion, depression, loneliness, addiction and other such negative reactions.

Coming to understand the deeper purpose behind this life path as opposed to seeking assistance that does not have the tools to see deeply into a wide array of lifestyle rhythms and patterns can possibly make matters worse.

Realizing a sense of purpose for your life is a key to personal power and success. Doing so ignites vision and breeds enthusiasm, passion, confidence, determination and stamina.

Don't go through life with only a vague notion of your purpose, of what constitutes your deeper reason for living.

I can help you to clarify your dreams, goals and deeper sense of purpose and often this can occur in just one Reading session.

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