Planets in Signs and Key Aspects in 2019

What is extra interesting about 2019 is that Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are each in the sign they rule. Planets rule signs and when they transit through them they take on a status of honor. However, when there is more than one planet in honor, they each tend to vie for attention and this can produce something of a stalemate. In other words, it can prove more difficult to make clear decisions that emphasize focused action.

This is quite evident when it is present in ones’ Birth Chart. The same principle applies at the other end of the pole when no planet is in honor, but can be understood to have less overall potency.

Mars holds the distinction of being both one of the ‘personal planets’ including Mercury, Venus Sun and Moon, and is the first of the outer planets. Mars is very much about action and can be understood as the “verb” in the equation. Over the course of 2019, Mars will transit through 9 signs, Aries through Scorpio, thus spending an average of six weeks in each sign. Thus, it begins the year in honor in its own sign and ends the year in honor in the sign it co-rules, Scorpio. This can be interpreted to be both auspicious but also somewhat dire as it is very assertive and even aggressive and violent in these signs.

Among the more interesting aspects over the course of the year is Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries in mid-February at the 29th degree. Although Mars conjunct Uranus is not very rare, occurring ever few years or so, that the conjunction occurs at the 29th degree, does shed an extra special light upon it. Also, it so happens, Chiron will simultaneously be at the 29th degree of Pisces. While Mars will be at this critical degree for just 1-day, Uranus will be there for 1-month from February 6th to March 6th.

Jupiter in Sagittarius began in early November 2018 and continues until early December 2019. It is quite fortunate that this honorable Fire Element planet and sign combination lasts so long. Jupiter in Sagittarius will inspire many to greatness, to take risks and reach for the stars. Where it is situated for each of us is where we will experience expansion, optimism and opportunity. Given all of the rather heavy Capricorn energy, it is a blessing to have Jupiter in its own sign this year. Negatively, it is likely to manifest as righteousness and fanaticism even.

Chiron meanwhile will be at 29 Pisces from January 28 to February 18th, or 20-days. This can be interpreted as the need to push through inertia, apathy and confusion regarding the need to address the indication of the ill and lost soul which lurks so prevalently in the world, as indicated by Chiron. The 29th degree represents themes of loneliness and the need to persevere to overcome what can otherwise be understood as neglected areas of focus. 29 Pisces is literally the last degree of the entire Zodiac cycle, so it carries with it the added weight of all of the 11 previous signs.

It is also significant that Uranus in the late degree of Aries begins the year at the apex or mid-point of the Lunar North and South Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn, respectively. A planet at the apex in this regard takes on added emphasis suggesting that we are heading into 2019 with some measure of charge. So, we can expect that 2019 will also reveal a measurable degree of revolutionary energy, especially early on in the year.

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