Sun Sign Spotlight on Leo

The Sun is in hot Leo and the 5th Sign of the Zodiac is hot in more ways than one. Passion, drama, romance, performance, ego-expression, ego-centrism, play, sex and children running from dusk ‘til dawn sketches a picture for Leo energy. That Leo is the sign ruled by the Sun in Astrology should come as no big surprise. Leo time begins on about July 22 and ends on August 22 or 23rd in both cases depending on where you live in the world. It is an interesting and passionate and playful and dramatic time of year. Whether it is passion or play, courage or pride, romance or jealousy, and the archetypal list goes on, the life-giving energies of the Sun and the thematic principles of the sign of Leo spell drama.

The word 'drama' may seem to be a negative, as in ‘keep the drama mellow’, or 'Drama Queen' but it is life in its full spectrum, fully embodied and not plastic and conservative as ‘normal’ people might want it. We are all inexorably involved in the drama of life. Astrology brings light and insight to these themes in our lives and, in addition, to who, what, where, how and when. With such knowledge, we can become more conscious participators versus spectators or passive victims.

Psychologically Leo is strongly linked to the concept of ego. In traditional spiritual lore, specifically that of Eastern religions, the ego was to be overcome, annihilated due to its tendencies towards self-aggrandizement, superiority, and separation. Yet, this orientation also produces its own imbalances. It may be said that it is ideal is to learn to recognize that we ‘have an ego’, just as we have thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and perceptions, yet we are not the ego, nor are we our sense perceptions, beliefs, and interpretations.

This is more than a mode of perception, it is a state of being and has been described as witnessing, of ‘being aware of being aware’ and is considered to be a golden key to cultivating a healthy balance. But, it is even better understood as achieving the state of being ‘heart-centered’ which is actually a synonym for being ‘soul centered’ In short, it means: “I am a soul and I have an ego!” How perfect is that? From this state of being, we become authentic, joyful and abundant purely because we are. Yet it also implies enjoying the full spectrum of life, which is another way of say, abundant.

Leo is not simply a creative sign, it is THE creative sign. But, we are each all the signs, so it is not simply a ‘Sun Sign’ designation. After all, the Sun is the ruling STAR not a planet for Leo and the Sun is the given of life, in the material sense. Yet, there is more to the Sun than this material reduction consciousness. The notion that the Sun is ‘an object in the sky’ is more definitely an egocentric statement.

The fact is that the Sun we see is the nucleus and the expanded body of the Sun extends out 3 times the distance of Pluto. Thus, we literally live in the body of the Sun. Meditate on that! As a creative, divine force, the Sun says: “If you want to love the creator, love the creation and if you want to be like the creator, create!” We are all creative because life demands it. Then there are categories of creative expression that certainly extends into art, but the word creative is not limited to art, as the usage of the term can incline us to think.

The awareness that we are embodied souls with an ego is liberating and it allows us to be in the world, to enjoy the game and the play, yet to not be ‘of it’, not taking it or ourselves too seriously. Doing so again indicates ego-centrism and manifests as an instinctual reaction versus intuitive response. When this is the case, which unfortunately is quite common, it constitutes a basis of functioning from the low vibration of fear as opposed to the high vibration of love and also manifests as greed, excess competition, megalomania, justified aggression and violence denial, resistance to change and any other negative, low vibration state.

The heart is the organ and the chakra and the spine is the part of the body ruled by Leo. From these features, we see the themes of strength, courage and spiritual and creative power, and of leadership too. The Sun is symbolic of a person’s spirit on the higher and deeper levels and of the ego-personality on the outer, surface levels.

Astrology is a symbolic language and just like language, there are many rules and principles as in the spelling, grammar, punctuation etcetera. Anyway, the Sun sign approach may be elementary but it is also valid because the Sun is the most important factor in Astrology. The second and third most important factors are the Moon and the Earth. Yet, in some respects, the Earth is the most important because this is where we are, the souls in bodies and, therefore, the manifestations of the divine purpose. The phase of the Moon is determined by its orbit around the Earth and the amount of sunlight that the phase of the orbit contains. Of course, the Moon does not cast its own light, it simply reflects that of the Sun. The keyword here is light.

The light of the Sun is very significant and powerful. Not just the heat and the radiation that it emits, which is, of course, important. The light itself is the basis of spiritual thinking. You know how people are always talking about 'the light'. Whether they know it or not they are referring to the sunlight, initially, and to the inner light from inner dimensions from which our sun finds its source, as well, but subconsciously, unless they are spiritually awake, which is available to us all. As in, if you weren’t a moment ago, you are now, awake… again…

Astrology centers on the Sun just as all the planets in the solar system do. There is much more to this fact than outer phenomenological events, something mystical, magical, spiritual and scientific too. Yes, there is a link between science and magic, as long as both hemispheres of the brain are included in the interpretation. Everything on earth is intrinsically liked to the Sun so all science is, indirectly at least, the science of the Sun.

Spirituality, in turn, is the science of the Sun which is by extension, the science of the heart. Remember the Sun, heart, Leo link? The heart Chakra is a portal, a portal to the soul which exists in inner, higher dimensions. Now, many people believe that the Earth, our beloved planet, is a being and her name is Gaia. Others may use other names, it does not so much matter; she is a living being. Do you believe that? Of course, numerous living beings live on and beneath her surface and waters and can rightly refer to her as their mother – Mother Earth. If you perceive the Earth as a being beyond merely poetic reference, then what do you imagine the Sun is? In the rank of this perception, the Sun is a greater being, the source or parent of Earth? As a being our Earth is a citizen of Sol’s realm, or of the Solar system. From a cosmic perspective, the Sun is a citizen of the Galaxy and the galaxy is a citizen of the universe. Just as the Sun is the source of life on Earth, all of existence is alive, from the cosmic to the molecular and back again. This is a reflection of the science of the mystery, magic, and spirit of the Sun.

As you can see, any reference to a Zodiac Sign must include the ‘planet’ that rules it, In the case of Leo, it is not a planet, it is a star! The Sun and moon are the ‘Luminaries’ in Astrology, but are generally grouped with and referred to as planets, but they are not. Leo is the 5th sign and 5 is the number of magic and of experiential, experimental, 5 sensory, sensual, full-bodied experience and expression. What we are mean to express, fundamentally, is our truth.

Out truth is not exactly ‘the truth’ but it includes it. Social conditioning that obscures our authenticity and expression of our personal truth can be understood to be a lie or a body of lies. Truth in its purest sense is the 'knowing' that we are all ultimately connected the human family. So, truth does not do harm. Yet, we have ego’s and we live in duality and the drama includes lessons and this tends to manifest as separation and division and so we end up hurting one another even though we know it is wrong and this is where the drama gets really hot and heavy, but that is life. Yet, it remains that our common goal is to awaken to the relative illusion of the ego and the body and the manifest realm yet also to accept and embrace it too. Yes, this is a paradox which is a core feature of the polar opposite sign to Leo which I Aquarius. Read more about it in my recent newsletter. In the meantime, be true and be you! Isn’t Leo…, isn’t life fun?

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