Sun Sign Spotlight on Libra

Libra is an Air Sign of the Cardinal Mode. Ruler of the 7th House Cusp also, called the Descendant which marks the beginning of the houses of relationship, outer contacts and adversaries, whether in personal, professional or other social arenas, where we encounter and engage deeply with others. Venus co-rules Libra along with Taurus. Like Virgo and Scorpio which are the two neighboring signs, Libra is ruled by more than 1 planet. The asteroids Juno and Pallas also both share rulership of Libra. And there is another, but I will save that one for another day since you have to turn astrology inside and out to understand it… Symbolized by the weigh scales, Libra is the only sign of the Zodiac represented by an object. All the others are represented either by an animal totem or a person. The scales refer to balance and apply to every aspect of life both generally and personally and can, ironically, be best understood as a dynamic as opposed to a static process.

The Descendant in one’s Natal Chart offers a strong clue about the type of person and associations we seek in life. The position of Libra, Venus and Pallas Athene and the Earth itself tell us more about our relationship attractions and choices. The Earth, our planet that is and not the element, by the way is always 180 degrees from the Sun’s position in one’s Natal or Birth Chart. This 180 degree position from the Sun is our counter balancing point located in our polar opposite Sign. In a certain sense we can look to there being six signs each with two sides or ends of the pole equalling 12 in all.

People born with Sun in Libra are often noticeably attractive, intelligent, refined and much stronger than they appear, both physically and mentally. This is partly so because Libra’s polarity is Aries, which is where the Earth is positioned when the Sun is in Libra. The Earth, our planet, is always positioned exactly 180 degrees across from the sun, due to the fact that our experience of the solar system is geo-centric, or earth-centered. The Sun and the Earth in this 180 degree relationship is symbolic of the dynamic balance we all must maintain for the sake of health, happiness and success.

Libra is the sign most closely related to the principle of relationships. In this respect, Libra can be seen to be very romantic. On the other hand, Libra is also a very realistic sign; herein lies some of the mystery behind Libra. As much as Libra is all about love relationships, they are also soberly aware that maintaining balance and harmony in an ever changing status quo requires a realistic perspective. For this reason, balancing such seemingly opposite realities, Libra will often swing from one extreme to another and quickly. This can confuse others and frustrate Librans, who counter balance as a matter of course. Libra is an Air sign and in this respect, they are very interested in the relating principle. At deeper levels yet, a main interest surrounds the very real nature of the chemistry that two people share.

The Sun in Libra is a generally a time of both work and play, focusing for the sake of achievement and socializing. In Astrology, the Sun is said to be in its ‘Fall’ when in Libra. Note that we commonly refer to autumn as fall. Libra is also the six o’clock point on the Astrological dial, the time of the setting sun. Autumn season reveals its own special beauty. The changing colors of the trees is as poetic a spectacle is it needs to be to inspire writers, painters and song writers to capture its beauty. Strolling lovers often share even closer embrace where the early darkness invites the crackling fires wine and cozy romance. These are all Libra themes, the sign most sensitive to color, the sign of romantic love.

Life is all about relationships. Unless our attitude is that we share and create relationship verses ‘have’ relationships, is the extent to which we are likely to take others, our relationships in general, for granted. This is the beginning of many problems that subtly sneak in and take over our lives.

Libra is the sign more closely associated with the many themes associated with the reality of relationship. Beyond the relationships we have with our self, and then with others, we also share relationships with our home, neighbors and neighborhood, community, society, the environment and so on. But how often do we acknowledge that we are sharing relationship? The other keywords here are cooperation, respect and fairness and all of these can be understood as Libran terms.

To the extent that we are not sharing and cooperating fairly and respectfully, we are either giving or taking. Some give a lot and some take a lot. This is a rather complex theme but understanding it begins with recognizing how we identify how we relate to our self and the world. Because the relationship we share with our very own self is not so recognized, appreciated and consciously cultivated, the ones we have with others are often less clear and satisfying and, in fact, are often unbalanced and/or taken for granted.

Often in relationships, when things go wrong, the tendency is to blame the partner or one’s self. Blame is generally a bad attitude to take because it simply causes more confusion and problems. As important as our close relationships are to us and with all the efforts we make to fulfill our desires for love, affection, harmony and a suitable mate in general, most people continue to grope in the dark, take blind risks, operate on hopes and wishes for true love and harmonious companionship and often fail and give up on relationships entirely. Part of the reason is that people approach relationships from a purely emotional, sentimental and assumptive perspective. In other words, too often people fail to create a conscious relationship. Again, this includes having a clearer understanding of who we are as individuals as well as what we need in relationship and what would constitute a good match.

Another exciting feature of Astrology charts is that they clearly indicate the quality and types of relationships we are likely to experience in our lives. We can learn to see what constitutes one’s best match – the type of person that will complement their nature. It can also show the challenges one is likely to encounter along with the goodies we all see in a mate. Within this perspective we can also more clearly assess what is our responsibility in terms of our projections.

Yes, Libra is a very romantic sign. People generally understand Libra to be associated with relationships, harmony and beauty and this is usually quite evident. However, due to an inherent Aries theme woven into Libra, they can be both aggressive for and within relationships and may conceal a hidden self-centeredness beneath their outward charm. The main keyword, after that of balance, is relationships.

Balance is the key theme for Libra, the sign of the Scales. Assuming that the scales are ever in balance is erroneous. The fact is that they are in an almost constant state of shifting from side to side. This is because the balance point is dynamic. Another consideration is that since change is the law and material reality is very much a by product cycles, of cyclic movements. In order to remain balanced, we are challenged to stay in touch with the moving balance points and there is more than one. Just like the waxing and waning Moon, and the advancing and receding tides, the in and out of our breathing, the very rhythmic beat of our hearts and the flow of thoughts, blood and bio-electric chemical currents in our bodies, the flow of change is a constant. Just look at the changing weather and light in each passing day. Paying attention to these and recognizing the changing balance point is a reminder to that of the many subtle cycles that are ever active in our lives. These cycles are natural yet are not so fully recognized and celebrated for what they are.

The weigh scales are the symbol for Libra and as such represents the processes of attaining balance. The secret to achieving balance is movement and change versus stasis. This is so because everything in the phenomenal universe from the cosmic to the molecular is ever moving and cycling and is in a process of change. Kings as leaders are movers and shakers who lead others to create changes to stay in step with the evolutionary currents. This is also why people with the Sun in Libra, often especially the women, experiences progressive and often sudden mood changes as the balance and counter balance process ensues.

Libra is the archetypal principle of cultivating harmony, fairness, balance, and love in any relationship and these are directly linked to cooperation and mutual respect. Beyond our more personal romantic, familial, sibling, relative, friend, neighbor and so on relationships, even business relationships could, in the ideal, foster all of the above. Of course, cultivating a steady flow of such harmony requires ongoing effort and can well be deemed a true art. Invariably, due to the laws of change, this cultivation is a process and a diplomatic one at that. Any relationship therefore, between individuals as well as between larger entities like companies, institutions, cities, states, provinces and countries (each may deemed ‘persons’) implies a ‘political’ process. So, as romantically inclined as Librans tend to be, they are also very concerned with or involved with experiences and lessons linked to creating harmony based on fairness, respect and cooperation which can be understood as some of the most important words in the world.

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