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There are many types of questions you can ask and usually several in a Reading session.

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Natal Chart
Keys to Your Personal Power
Deciphering Directions to Success
Pin Point Your Purpose
Live with Passion
Your Driving Forces
What's Driving You?
Probabilities, Choices and Karmic Indicators
Time of First Breath
Your Time of Birth Can Be Determined
Past Life Indicators
Karma and Current Patterns
Life Overview
The Big Picture: Past, Present, Future
Life Changing Insights
Transformational Self-Awareness
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Your Relationships

Your Significant Other
Dynamics, Destiny, Karma
Family Relationships
Understanding, Respect, Harmony, Love
Know Your Child
Newborn, Teen or Adult
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Time Cycles and Forecasts 

Life Changes and Timing
Navigate the Crossroads and Turns
12 - Month Forecast
Themes, Directions, Opportunities
Solar Return
Your Personal Year
Saturn Return
Long-Term Cycles
5 - Year Plan
Overview of Influences
Travel and Relocation
When, where and why?
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When Matters 

Big Event Date
Plan for Successful Events
Real Estate Timing
Improve Your ROI
When to Sign & When Not
Strategy for Success
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