Natal Chart - Keys to Your Personal Power

Are you ready to establish the foundation of your journey of having clear, authentic self-awareness?

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Not Sure of Your Time of Birth? 

You do NOT need to know your time of birth to get relevant, accurate insights. Yet, the prospect of deciphering it is itself a Reading providing insight about you plus a life review.  Revealing and fascinating

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Career Guidance 

             Are you wondering about your best career path or are wondering if and when to change careers?

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Pin-Point Your Purpose

Do you feel that you were born with a greater purpose but can't quite define what it is? I can help!

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Your Driving Forces

Would you like to learn more about the driving forces of your evolutionary purpose featured in your destiny?

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Do you have the need, interest or desire to explore what your chart reveals about your health,

your current situation or karmic patterns and timing involved?

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Past Lives and Karmic Patterns

Do you wonder what karmic patterns are revealed in your chart and how they are influencing this life?

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Lifetime Overview

Interested to know all the major turning points and endings and beginnings of new cycles and their destined meaning and purpose of your life?  Whether you want to go down memory lane or look ahead, this approach can prove illuminating, healing, inspiring and, especially as you look ahead, empowering.

It could take 3-4 hours but it will truly be a journey of your lifetime!

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Your Relationships

Relationship Insight

Curious about your relationship dynamics, destiny and karma in general or, more specifically,

would you like insight about certain relationships?

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Family Affair

Would you like to gain insight about family members to understand them better and/or to resolve conflicts?

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Know Your Child

Would you like to know your child better or have and share a peek at the chart of your newborn? Makes a  great gift!

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Time Cycles and When

Life Changes and Timing

Undergoing changes or are at a crossroads and want insight into the timing and deeper implications?

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Planning a Special Event?

Timing is of the essence and choosing when to host your event matters.

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Travel and Relocation

 When is the best time to move or travel and where is the best place to go? The answers could be worth a lot

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When to Sign & Launch

Do you wonder why people and businesses sometimes fail? Have you noticed it is often due to

timing or who is involved? Are you entering into an expensive contract, partnership or merger

and would like some guidance about the timing or whether it is a good time at all?

This small investment can save you and your partner's lot of time and money.

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Investing & Real Estate Buy and Sell - Timing

When is the best time to sell or invest in real estate? This small investment could save or earn you a bundle.

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Updates, Forecasts, & Predictions 

The Future is Probable But it is Not Certain.

You Have Free Will and You C0-Create Your Life.

Knowing Probably What and When Will Support You to

Make Better Choices.

12-Month Forecast

           Curious about what major themes of destiny and their timing are destined for the next 12 months?

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Solar Return

What does your personal year from birthday to birthday have in store for you?

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Saturn Return

Saturn Return occurs when you are about 28-29 and 58-59 and reveals significant long-term cycles of destiny..., are you curious?

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5-Year Plan

What is in store for you in the bigger picture?

     This overview can be expanded to encompass larger time frames as well...

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There are many types of questions you can ask.

"Thank you so much for your absolutely brilliant reading. Your reading has given me the most helpful and healing insight into my complex and challenging relationship with my husband. This was much more than I was expecting.  Your ability to help me understand what is going on in our lives without judgement and with compassion at a higher perspective is everything I needed. This was like having years of therapy but the healing I need came in one session with you. I was distraught and confused for a long time and after your Reading, I woke up this morning with a sense of peace and clarity that I’ve haven’t had until now."

"Thank you for your wonderful reading. I felt I came to know my purpose, my soul’s purpose better. My perspective is now larger, and I feel at home in it.  True wizards work transformation. 

By your work, I have been blessed."

"Hi, Micheal! I just thought to send you an update to let you know how helpful your reading was last spring. Many of the things you shared with me manifested. I further explored many of the suggestions you provided me. They were very helpful. A whole new world of opportunities is opening up for me and it is extremely gratifying.


See Pricing Menu Below

 The average duration of a Reading is 90-minutes.

A general guideline is to allow 30-minutes per question, on average. So, if you have 4 or 5 areas of interest or your questions are more complex and include relationship involvements, you may need 120-minutes or perhaps more.

Closer follow-up sessions are also available.

 Answers and insights shared are holistic - providing context for the sake of deep and true understanding, as opposed to one-dimensional, yes or no answers.  

60-minute sessions are usually best for Gift Certificates, and more specific questions. and Update Readings, unless it has been years since your previous Reading, or if this is your first time having a Reading with me.  


* I keep my rates lower to support you to invest in more time so the insights and guidance provided are deeper and more thoroughly understood.

More Testimonials

Payment can also be made by cheque, money order of International Wire

Please contact me by email if this is your preference.

For International Wire, OFX is an affordable option.

         90 Minutes = $150  (+ 5% GST)


(Add 5% GST)

           60 Minutes = $100  (+ 5% GST)


(Add 5% GST)

Life Destiny Reading

Are you ready to have an in-depth and thorough Reading to look at your life and destiny, core motivations, and timing of future probabilities and possibilities?

        12o Minutes = $200  (+5% GST)


(Add 5% GST)

Relationship Package Special

*($ 50 Discount)*

Would You and Your Significant Other Like Some Insight About Your Relationship Dynamics & Karma?

         240 Minutes = $350   (+ 5% GST) 


(Add 5% GST)

Reading Series Package Special

*($ 50 Discount )*

A Readings Series facilitates a self-awareness-building-process supporting even more depth and insight!

    240 Minutes = $350    (+ 5% GST)


(Add 5% GST)

* Another main advantage of this package is that I can be that much more consistently available to

help you through difficult time periods and processes. 

Sessions can also be shorter even such as 15-minutes for quick yes or no questions. And it saves you time.

Follow-up / Mini Reading


30 Minutes = $50 (+ 5% GST)

For Mini Reading, Quick Questions, Follow-ups & Gift Certificates.


(Add 5% GST)

Open Amount

For Subscriber Discounts & Adjusted Rates - Contact Michael Prior to Purchase


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