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  1. Life Destiny Reading - In-depth and thorough examination of your Birth Chart + Destiny + Transits, Progressions, Returns.

  2. The Usual - Thorough look at Transits, Progressions and Returns Reaching years into the future. (Natal Chart already done.)

  3. General Readings -  Focus such as on career, relocation, relationships, timing...

  4. Relationship - Package Special - Focus Together to Create Greater Mutual Understanding, Harmony, Love & Respect.

  5. Know Your Child - Regardless of their age, it can always prove inspiring and helpful to understand them better.

Under the sub-menu:  

There are Many Types of Questions You can Ask:

  1. Natal Chart - The foundation upon which all subsequent questions are based. The ideal way to begin your journey.

  2. Deciphering your time of birth. Many insights can be gained from this Q&A of key events and dates down memory lane.

  3. Career Reading - Specifically looks at your aptitudes and timing.

  4. Pin-Point Your Purpose. This takes the focus on career one big step further and deeply emphasizes destiny themes.

  5. When to Sign & Launch (Electional Astrology) When you sign matters. Legal contracts, business launch, major purchases...

  6. Relationship Insight. Get quick answers about your most important relationships - destiny, timing, options...

  7. Family Affair. Devote a session to gaining insights on all the members of your family.

  8. Past Lives and Karmic Patterns. Understand the deeper reaches of your destiny and karma & what you can do about it.

  9. Health. Gain insight into your overall constitution and health concerns and possible strategies to be healthier.

  10. travel and Relocation. - When is the best time to move or travel and where is the best place to go?

  11. Life Changes and Timing - Experiencing shifts and changes and would like some insight into the deeper implications?

  12. Forecast for Coming 12 Months. What major themes of destiny and their timing are destined for the next 12 months?

  13. Solar Return. Each year on our birthday the Sun Returns and this reveals major themes for your personal year.

  14. Saturn Return. Understanding the deep and powerful background themes of your destiny offer insight into long cycles.

  15. 5-Year Plan. This Reading provides an overview of themes of destiny that can support strategic thinking and action.


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