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2 Types of Rewards & Bonus Packages Available:

1. Referral Coupons 

2. Group Rate Packages     

1. Referral Coupons

Remind your friends to inform me that you referred them!

Each Referral = 1 Coupon and 7 Coupons = a FREE 1-Hour Reading or      Gift Certificate   

or   each Coupon = 15% Discount which you can use right away or accumulate.



To Refer Friends and Earn Rewards,

Send me an Email by Clicking Here

* Just  "CC" your friend in this email  and tell them to simply FORWARD it on to me, informing them that you will receive a 15% referral coupon!

Your Coupon will be sent you by email, once payment is received.

2. Group Rate Package

Show your family & friends just how much you care and earn votes of appreciation.

Organize a group of  5  and each person gets $25 off their 1-Hour Reading

or $37.50 off their 1.5-Hour Reading.

To get started or for more details...

Just send me an email  by clicking here.

Tell Friends and Everyone Saves!


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