Relationship Synastry Technique in Astrology


The technique of Synastry in astrology is one of comparing the respective planetary sign position of any two people and the aspects that exist between them. A relationship can be romantic, familial, professional, or casual, as in friendships. The aspects serve to highlight the interpersonal dynamics and the probable quality of relationship interactions that can be expected.


Aspects are based on 30 degree divisions of a circle and are an important feature of astrology. Depending on the planets involved, some more harmonious aspects will be even more so than others. For example, and the converse is also true as with challenging aspects which will be more difficult than others depending on the planets involved.


When reading through the Synastry aspects between you and the other person you are in relationship with, it is important to pay close attention to the challenges and not just focus on the easy and flowing aspects, because these are where the conflict and the pain is likely to be experienced and where the greatest amount of effort by both people involved is required. Of course, the harmonious aspects can be recognized to help overcome the challenging aspects. Yet, it should be at least equally understood that challenging aspects can also undermine the quality of relationship that the harmonious aspects indicate.


There are other techniques used in astrology to gain insight into our relationships, such as Composite Charts which reveal the purpose of the relationship. Composite charts can also be understood to ‘progress’ or change over time, sometimes taking turns for the better while at other times taking turns of destiny that are very challenging.


As well, to gain a more complete and whole understanding of your relationship, it is ideal, in fact it may be accurately deemed essential, that a thorough examination of Natal Charts or the respective individuals in the relationship be interpreted and understood. Further, because charts can be understood to progress over time, the changes that the progressions, transits and returns indicate should also be clearly considered.


The goal of any healthy relationship is mutual recognition, respect and support towards individual needs and fulfillment, as well as those of the relationship itself. When both are fully acknowledged and individual conduct is directed accordingly, the potential for greater harmony and success is significantly increased and even challenging interpersonal dynamics can be consciously addressed and even overcome.


The awareness that these interpretation steps provide can thereby contribute to the establishment of better communication and more mutual understanding. In turn, these approaches support how to negotiate creative win/win decisions, mutually fulfilling boundaries, and/or to know how and when to agree to disagree. 


It can also serve to support the realization of the possibility that trying to make some relationships work may require more effort than is necessary or needed, and cause more problems than are desired or which serve any constructive purpose.


In our rapidly changing and complex world, people are challenged to adapt. Among the many revolutions occurring in the world are gender and economic equality and opportunity. Ironically, these have served to contribute to a high divorce rate. While this can be regarded as negative, it may be better understood as humanity undergoing the revolutionary process of breaking free of old attitudes and traditions that can be recognized to contribute to imbalance and conflict where, for example, might is right.


Such attitudes may best be understood to have been justified by desperation and based on survival instincts. Still, all over the world many people suffer from abuse of many kinds in both their personal and professional relationships and domestic violence remains a major issue in every society. In such situations, everyone loses; both victims and perpetrators. While it is common for some to appeal for a return to the ‘old ways’ such attitudes can be understood as reactively rebellious, counter-productive and unrealistic in many ways and contrary to human evolution and social progress. 


In short, these astrological interpretation techniques serve to increase our objective awareness and support more conscious choices about where, how and even when to invest more deeply into our relationships. That the primary relationship is ever with one’s own self, one own body, mind heart and soul represents our first responsibility. As well, when the reality and importance of this primary relationship is acknowledged, it nurtures mutual respect, support and restraint in terms of natural tendencies of the ego to want to assert control over its environment as opposed to trying making efforts to empathize and thereby enter into creative discussions and negotiations that address the needs, concerns, interests and aspirations of everyone involved.


The insights that can be gained for astrology serve to help us to accept the natural differences that exist between each of us and the very real challenges that exist. When these challenges are recognized to produce unhealthy interactions, we can feel guided and supported to give serious consideration to the wisdom of letting go and moving on without unhealthy attachment and the confusion and casualty that it can and often does cause. Or, we can gain the clarity we need to make the efforts required to create healthy, mutually satisfying and beneficial relationships patterns which are the common basis for happiness.

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