Making the effort to know yourself better is a major step towards standing in your power and is a cornerstone feature of astrology.

Power is something we all want and need. Power can be described as strength, physical, emotional, intellectual or otherwise and it might be interpreted as control or leverage. The simple fact is that there are many aspects to power.

Regarding ‘personal’ power, the foundation begins with self-awareness.

We all have various levels of self-awareness but are there more? Knowing your name and where you live, what you do for a living or what stage of life you’re are at etc. is a start. Yet, you can come to increasingly deeper understandings of who you are. Comparing yourself to others is common and natural but it only goes so far.

There are many psychological tests one can do to gain insight about who they are and these can help. The main difference between these and astrology is that astrology is based on a much more holistic foundation. Imagine that based on the year, month, day, time and place you were born, the information it affords with astrology can not only tell you all about your personality, strengths challenges, but it can also tell you about deeper themes of your life as well.

It shows what kind of relationship you have with your parents, together and individually, and about sibling dynamics and how you are likely to get along with friends; and it tells you about deeper psychological themes that reveal that life is not merely random and circumstantial, even though it often seems that way. The list goes on providing insights about timing, ideal career directions and the educational paths you can best take to pursue them , major turning points, potential health issues that you can prevent, and it even provides remarkable insights about past lives and karmic patterns.

Astrology offers insight to all of this and does not require multiple personality tests.

What makes it most exciting is that the information is a reflection of an intrinsic relationship we have with existence, with nature and space and time. And the information it provides can be understood to be holistic. In other words, the many types and level of information it can provide reveal an intricate web of connections.

Each aspect of our life is connected to every other. The main problem with most psychological tests is that they provide random pieces of information, but never a whole picture that synthesizes all the various parts in to a greater whole. That this whole understanding is also revealed as directly related to the timing of our life and provides valuable insights about deep and important destiny themes and when and even how they are likely to unfold, altogether constitutes a body of knowledge that can truly support you to stand in your power in a way that nothing else quite compares.

This kind of power based in this quality of deep self-awareness can support you to stand in your power authentically.

Meaning, prior tendencies to compare yourself to others begin to fade. The knowledge and insight provided supports you to be you, and to get clear on what constitute your personal life story so that you can focus on it and not find yourself lost in the crowd, confused and insecure.

This kind of power can also help you to recognize that every person must learn to stand in their power their own way, and we can thereby learn to be more supportive of one another to do so and less competitively.

Regarding the important issue of timing, astrology can help immensely to support the ‘when’ factor of your life. In addition to knowing yourself more deeply and having a clear and strong sense of what constitutes your strengths and proclivities regarding career and relationships and so on, it also helps you to live more fully according to your own rhythms and timing according to the unique time cycles unfolding in your life.


The main point, here, is that astrology can help immensely to empower you to stand fully in YOUR power.

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Stand In Your Power


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