The 3 Rivers of Relationships and the 12 Signs of the Zodiac



The focus of this article is one-to-one relationships. The principles can be expanded to larger groups as well, yet this focus is based on one-to-one involvements, primarily.

The 3 Rivers

  1. The river you are on… (with all its various rocks and boulders, currents and eddies, turns and bends, rapids, flats, deep pools, shallow parts, wide stretches, tributaries, waterfalls and where it pours into, whether it is a lake, a sea, the open ocean or perhaps into an underground cistern of nature).

  2. The river the person you are in relationship with is on.

  3. The river that two people create together; the confluence created by the synthesis of you both.


The river we each are on can be described as the first 6 ‘personal signs’

of the Zodiac, Aries through Virgo.


Synastry is a commonly used technique in astrology that compares the

two rivers point by point, and reveals where there are connections. These

can be quite surprising.

For example, one person’s shallow may intersect another person’s

waterfall…. With a little imagination, you may soon realize how

complicated or contradictory the interaction may be.

Synastry can be described by the sign Libra, which seeks to achieve

harmony and balance based on mutual recognition and respect.


Composite is the other main technique which produces a synthesis of both charts to become one chart. There are two techniques regarding composites. The more traditional is based in a chart cast which literally produces a chart based on the mid-points between every same point in each chart, such as the Moon to Moon, for example.

The other more modern technique of casting Composites is based on a discovery made by Ronald C. Davison and is generally referred to as the Davison technique. It deciphers the mid-point based on time and space such as to decipher both the mid-points of the exact date and time, and the longitude and latitude of each person. Among the advantages of this approach is that it also produces a birthdate.

The Composite Chart, regardless of which technique is used, can be described by the principles and themes of the sign of Scorpio.


Another step is to apply the Synastry technique to the Composite for each person involved. This higher octave perspective reveals how each person relates to the relationship itself and essentially involves the Natal chart of each person compared to the composite chart. This ‘big picture’ perspective can prove useful when an otherwise healthy or harmonious relationship dynamic does not seem to flow. This may be described as a good fit, yet a clash of destinies or paradigms. This expanded step can be described by the sign of Sagittarius.


Both Composite techniques can also be progressed. The traditional mid-point composite requires that both charts be progressed first, then the mid-points deciphered.

The Davison Composite requires that the Composite Chart is created, then saved as its own independent chart and then progressed.

Progressing the Composite chart can be described by the sign of Capricorn.


The Davison Composite chart can also be used for the application of the full range of techniques as one might with a Natal Chart. For example, it can be relocated and can also be used to Returns and any other technique applied to a Natal chart.

In this regard, the Davison Composite affords much more range of application and, even on its own, it produces insights that many astrologers recognize to be superior to that of the traditional approach. This is the technique I use and I no longer use the traditional technique.

This full range of application of the Davison Composite Chart can be described by the sign of Aquarius.


Another factor to be considered, regardless of the quality or the challenges any two people may have linked to their Synastry and Composite charts, (beyond the various details of the respective charts considered), is the spiritual level of development that each is experiencing. This factor is very important and even despite otherwise harmonious and promising connections and composites, people operating at different soul levels will experience another level of complication.

It has been said, that the level of soul development cannot be ascertained in a chart. This is not true, actually. While this is not the place to enter into a deeper analysis of what factors determine the soul level of expression, it can be determined. While the soul itself may be timeless, the level of soul expression is linked to the incarnation and is revealed by the chart. Young souls, very young souls, old souls and the levels in between provide a valuable distinction of insight into a chart analysis.

Specifically, I have found that the Michael Teachings, a rather extensive model that examines soul levels and types, is very effective as a tool and I have come to believe that the indicators are actually measurable. I have had quite a lot of success in doing Readings where the question of soul type and level arises.

In short, if two people are embodying rather different soul level expressions, challenges are sure to arise or at least are very likely. I compare it to being in different schools, such as one partner in elementary while the other is in high school. The developmental needs of each are simply different.

This level of consideration can be described by the sign of Pisces.

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