The Divine Plan


It will take some real genius or some real denial to refute the ideas offered in this video. At about 10 minutes the physicist asks: 'if we are a simulation, who is the programmer and where is the computer?' The mystics of old have always asserted that what we deem reality is ultimately an illusion. Yet, the fine print of this understanding reveals an entire model of existence 'within' what we deem objective reality. It essentially holds that not only is the universe multi-dimensional (not the same as parallel universe theory), we too are multidimensional. This is so because, although paradoxical, we are it experiencing itself, yet we experience it individually and it is also greater than the sum of its parts. This is another way of saying transcendent.


What the ancients say is that there are dimensions beyond duality which are the source of duality, yet which are not dualistic. Below these, there is a dimension called the “The Causal Plane”. It is metaphorically referred to as ‘the mind of God’. It is also the dimension where the notion of ‘The Plan’ emerges and it is directly linked to the blueprint, which is also referred to as the ‘building blocks’ and as the ‘archetypes.’ Superficially, some assert that archetypes reference personality types like a king, prince, thief, prostitute… These are a feature of an outer level of the archetypal plan but not the core blueprint. More essentially, archetypes can be understood as shapes and this is where sacred geometry comes to the fore. More essentially, archetypes are ideas or the themes of the divine plot.

Astrology works by virtue of the Causal Plane and the signs and planets are a form of archetypal language. Not the only language, but a very powerful one. At denser levels or what might be described as lower dimensions, we enter more fully into the Mental, Emotional or Astral and the Etheric dimensions. The Astral is like the emotional and imagination layers of this ‘Mind of God’. It is what psychics and channels who channel disembodied spirits and agglomerated thought-forms tap. It is also generally understood to be a dimension of illusion and trickery. We are susceptible to this but it is also a necessity for the relativity of perception and interpretation.

All metaphysical maps such as Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Eye, Ear, Tongue, and Feet… maps are an expression of the archetypal blueprint/plan of the Causal Plane. I have and continue to study them all. Astrology is the most powerful, but they all reveal valid and valuable information that can be applied to many ends. One of the reasons Astrology is so powerful is because it is dynamic and works like clockwork. When someone understands this language well, and how to read it, the results are nothing short of awesome. When practiced with integrity, this power is used to empower people with knowledge of their nature and destiny.

So, it both reveals people as wholes, souls embodied at a specific time and place ‘on purpose’ and it measures when certain experiences will occur. Within this framework, we do have free will. Yet it does not mean you can simply be, have and o anything you want, but it does mean that you can learn to exercise your co-creative divinely ‘ordained’ gift of free will. After all you, I, we… are it experiencing itself. Yet, it operates by rules and laws which manifest as probabilities. This all together can be understood as ‘the game’. It is a very real and purposeful game, designed so that we as souls can both experience and learn through the manifest dimensions. Yet, it is also ultimately an illusion. Welcome to reality.


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