Understanding Pisces

Pisces time marks the transition between the end of winter and spring. If spring is symbolic of 6 am, which it is, Pisces can be understood as 4 am to 6 am. This is traditionally considered the best time to meditate. What is not commonly understood about Pisces is that it is the sign that is symbolic of the soul between lives. Where Aquarius symbolizes the elder or senior, and Aries the newborn, Pisces is in-between.


This bridge or link between dimensions can actually be understood by the way the glyph symbol is designed: 

This is also why Pisces is the most spiritual, mystical and psychic sign of the Zodiac. More generally, Pisces is linked to the subconscious and thereby to dreams, illusions, memories and the power of the imagination. What is so interesting about the subconscious is that we are literally ‘in’ it, as in it is our ‘auric field’ which both contains dimensional layers and pervades our entire physical body right down to the cells.


This influence of Pisces and of its ruling planet Neptune and the 12th House is one that leads us to retreat. Due to a high level of psychic activation, people with a lot of Pisces influencing their Natal Chart, or even by transit and progression, which represents an episode in one’s destiny more than a core feature of destiny, as when these factors are strongly indicated in the Natal Chart, tend to want to retreat or escape. This retreat is both to still and thereby clear the mind and to seek protection from the infusion of psychic debris picked up from others and to enter into a deep state of meditative silence so that we may feel and hear and intuit the guidance of our soul.

In another regard, the influence of Pisces will activate the urge to enter into deep meditation and to engage in mystical, spiritual activity which could include psychotropic 'medicine' or other means of inducing altered states. Negatively, it will lead to excess in terms of consumption of alcohol or other mind-altering drug and other such 'substances'. It may be said that these are not wrong, bad, negative or evil in and of themselves. Yet, addiction and other compulsive, excessive or irresponsible behavior patterns that are the result of one's reaction to the influence of Pisces can certainly be the cause of suffering and sorrow to self and others, which are examples of the negative influences of the mysterious 12th Sign of the Zodiac.


Gaining insights into the deeper reaches of our Birth Chart represents one form of this turning within to better understand our own mystery. Within the scope of all this mystical response is the fact that life is on purpose and we are born with a destiny.


Ironically, few people seem to truly understand this as a consequence of the social conditioning of our times, which has drawn materialistic conclusions about existence that reveal significant features of bias linked to empirical deductions. In this regard, people from almost every culture the world over have become very left brain dominant in their perceptions and orientations which implies a strong assertion of ego-will. Given the troubles of the world, it may be recognized that we need the integration of all the 12 Signs or archetypal principles that they represent and this includes the dreamy, imaginative, mystical characteristics and orientations of Pisces


Positively, a spiritual revolution is underway as many are steadily awakening to the realities of multi-dimensionality, which can actually be understood as the layers of reality 'hidden within' (esoteric) our perceptions and experiences of 3-D.


The deeper message of Pisces is one of tuning-in to your destiny, whether by way of meditation which nurtures intuitive access to our inner authority, or by way of tools like astrology. In this regard, we nurture an attitude of willingness to use our will power to fulfill our destiny.


Again, unless one is very advanced spiritually and, thereby, has a heightened intuition, understanding their destiny will ever remain murky and obscured. In fact, even advanced souls can and do look to astrology to consciously understand the finer details of their destiny.


Yet, coming full circle, astrology reveals that although we are spiritual beings having human experiences, we are supposed to be here, to live our material lives, fully, yet without undue attachment. When denied or misinterpreted, this can manifest as materialism, greed and ego-driven ambition beyond all need. In short, excess due to the fact that we are spiritually asleep and thereby become ego-centered, instinctual and survival oriented as opposed to soul-centered, intuition-oriented and personal and collective evolution-oriented. The human potential movement, at worst, reinforces this shallow pursuit. So people celebrate indulgent leisure as opposed to purposeful self-actualization as though eating dinner is all about having dessert.


Astrology is a science of destiny and spiritual growth and it measures the inner purposes, evolutionary lessons and the natural timing of our life. Science can be spiritual and spirituality can be regarded scientifically, as long as we can break free from the materialistic confines of our current paradigm that influences our interpretations. When we re-awaken to the fact that life in the physical is purposeful and constitutes the essential stage and means of our evolutionary journey, we can begin to co-create a civilization truly worthy of our incarnated souls.

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